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Retrain Your Brain – Don’t Just Post & Hope – Take A Look At The Value of Recruiting With Organization Charts


Win the race for talent……

Understand there is more to recruiting then just key word searching and posting on social networks

I am suggesting it may be worth your time to learn how having access to clearly defined organization charts can prove to be a huge benefit and real asset to your recruiter toolbox.


Finding the right candidates requires training, dedication and hard work. In order to be a successful recruiter it is important to know how to gain access to the potential talent pool, understand the importance of building solid networks, the importance of engagement, the need to communicate the good and the bad, and be ready to find/hunt/search/proactively recruit the best candidates each and every time.

Be that recruiter who desires to be #1. Set yourself apart of the competition. Retrain your brain and get trained on how to do more to enhance your recruiting skill sets. A great start would be to truly understand the value of recruiting with organization charts. In the beginning don’t worry if you cannot create one yourself, but long-term set the goal to learn. Having this skill set will help your career long-term. It certainly can’t hurt.  

When starting a new search, try to resist going right to the internet or to the other tools that you may be comfortable using. Retrain the brain, step out of your comfort zone and try to create and build organization charts at the companies of interest around the targeted talent requested. (If you are not quite there yet,  find someone who has the talent to do so.)  The more you do it and use it, your comfort level with building and recruiting with organization charts will increase and its value will be revealed.

Please recognize that organization charts are mainly used to tap into the potential talent pool at the onset of a search and such results need to be exploited during the actual recruiting process to fully realize the value.

The message here is to have recruiters at least become of aware of the value associated with recruiting with organization charts. These charts offer a clear definition of a team, the talent, the reporting relationships at the target companies, while also taking the guessing out as to who needs to be contacted for the open position or contacted as a networking lead. This data helps with the messaging of the email and the call. Offering another advantage to those recruiting.

Obviously charts have so much more value compared to just a name, a title, or a public profile that is created by an individual. Again be reminded that many research tools and recruiting resources have limitations and should not be the only resource a recruiter uses. Again relying solely on the tools that require key word searching can and does cause recruiters to miss and overlook qualified candidates because of what is listed on a public profile or provided in a title. Again, resulting in the possibility of missing a candidate.Enough said, now just review the option of recruiting with organization charts and let me know your thoughts.

At the end of the day, a serious recruiter want to be #1, “the go to recruiter!” Step out of the comfort zone, create your own list of talent to connect with, build the best potential talent pool, be in control of your efforts and be proud to show them off to the hiring manager.

Sometimes we fail to understand or don’t want to believe that using only tools is the only way to recruit. Try not to think that tools are it! Social network are it! Yes they are part of it, but not all of it. By no means am I saying don’t use any of these tools, I am suggesting that recruiters need to if they are not all ready, become familiar with the benefits of recruiting with organization charts.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons that recruiting with organization charts has its benefits

1. Creates access to the potential talent pool while providing direct dials, emails and telephone numbers for ease of connecting. It is the foundation of the search process and important to the overall success.

2. Assists with filling the candidate pipelines for current and future assignment. This robust information also adds additional value by helping the recruiter with candidate tracking while building solid networks with professionals that will long-term create recruiting efficiency.

3. You, the recruiter is now the expert. You now have in your possession the potential talent pool that has been requested by the hiring manager. Such knowledge is priceless.

4. Having such priceless information helps the recruiter compare and contrast the interested and qualified talent who will ultimately be part of the candidate pipeline.

5. It confirms the fact that every stone was unturned. The desired were identified and reached out to. As were those who were referred to by the network of professionals housed in this space.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of information out there that recruiters can use to recruit solid candidates. But recruiting with organization charts creates efficiency, provides knowledge and can be used over and over again to recruit, track and build long-term relationships.

Don’t be that recruiter who limits their recruiting efforts to just tools.
Be that recruiter who has the ability to create organization charts, exploit what was obtained and build a pipeline of top talent. Increase your skill sets and set the goal to learn how to build and create organization charts. It can be very rewarding…….


Happy hunting, creating and successfully recruiting!

Sheila Greco


Are you ready to hire your next top performer? Don’t Ignore Personal Qualities


iStock_000027630618SmallSuccessful hires go beyond just looking for specific qualifications.

As you look to hire your next top performer, don’t ignore their qualities.

It makes sense to hire those who share the same qualities as you and your team’s top performers.

You obviously took the time to create a job specification, the needs, the wants and the desires. But just as important a leader needs to review, examine and understand the qualities of his/her own team’s top performers. As the list of qualities is created, it will become obvious the type of person you should be looking to hire. Taking the time to do this, does pay off as you look to hire your next top performer.

Generally speaking there are many qualities that make someone successful to include confidence, integrity, hardworking, knowledgeable, decisive, focused, positive attitude, strong communicator, team player,  the desire to learn, listen, results driven, loyal, organized among other qualities. Again, only you know which qualities you desire and will work for you and your team. So take the time to look at your team, select the qualities of your top performers and as you look to hire your next top performer, be sure to look for qualities that fit your team.

Additionally, as you interview don’t ignore the values of the team, you and of course your company. Good luck and remember as you hire your next top performer once they have accepted be sure to provide them with what they need to succeed.


Happy hunting.

Sheila Greco


SGA Talent – Sheila Greco Associates – Relationships Matter…..


SGA Talent – Sheila Greco Associates is celebrating 25 years this year. Part of the celebration includes sharing this milestone with current and future clients by hosting events across the United States. The first one was held in New York City in April, which of course was a great success. But it was also confirmation that creating and maintaining relationships matter. If you think about it, relationships are the building blocks of what we do, who we are and our successes.

Why? Because the relationships we have with our coworkers, business partners, and our business communities are the means for achieving our personal and team goals. We can agree that we certainly do not work in isolation: but work together, with others! All the more reasons to have strong meaningful relationships. Often times,   successes can be traced back to the relationships that have been created and with  individuals who have come to trust, support and respect each other.

So once again, relationships in our lives do matter. Relationships move us forward. Imagine a wheel in which you may be a hub or at the center and each spoke serves a relationship with another person. These relationships hold the wheel together which in turn helps move the wheel along. These spokes of relationships continue to move us, causing each of us to achieve many goals.

In our case, as with many successful businesses, relationships matter. Hats off to our team who have built and continue to build so many great relationships with our trusted clients. It helped us grow in a variety of ways because our clients continue to use us, refer and depend on us. As the relationships continue to build, grow and unfold, we need to be reminded that they need to be approached with integrity.

Relationships do take time and effort, but can be well worth it. It is always better to create relationships before there is a need so to speak. However, many long-term relationships started when there was a need. Often times this happens in business and relationships blossom as time goes on. Therefore it is now the time to thank all who have worked with us and continue to work with us. Your relationship with us matters!

Our recent event in New York was an example of how relationships matter. Although just 3 hours, the relationships that we either being sustained, created or enhanced were all meaningful ones. Personally it was an honor for me to be part of a group of very smart, high achieving, results driven, senior level talent acquisition and hiring managers. The many conversations were not just limited to general recruiting industry trends, but more about an individual’s successes, challenges and goals. Truly, an open and casual networking session. It was incredible.

Once again, relationships do matter. I know because it has helped us reach our 25 year milestone. My relationships with all our clients matters to me! As Harry S. Truman said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” To this I salute both the SGA team and our clients. Thank you!

Video Clip of New York Event

Testimonial Page

Take it from me, Sheila Greco, relationships matter…..
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Is There A Disconnect Between Your Candidate Pipeline & The Potential Talent Pool?

Could be if you are limiting your research and recruiting efforts to just big data, free data, technology and social media.

Look beyond these restrictive and limiting resources.

It is time to train and retrain the brain. Recruiters seek intelligence that assists with creating exceptional candidate pipelines their hiring managers much deserve.

Business Talks


Looking for a great potential talent pool for your next search? I am sure you. Try not to just limit your efforts to the internet, social media and free or paid research/recruiting tools. I understand this may be a habit for many successful recruiters, however when you limit your efforts to just these resources, your are obviously limiting your search for talent. Wouldn’t you agree? Recruiting requires linking intelligence with talent. This will provide the potential talent pool necessary for conducting a comprehensive search for talent.

No one can dispute the fact that there is plenty of data out there. However much of it has been found to be inaccurate, incomplete and at times borderline a waste of time! However good recruiters who have time, can weed through such data to find viable candidates. Yet, the process of doing so, can be exhaustive, time-consuming, inefficient and at times yield little results. Therefore time to retrain the brain. Look to linking intelligence with the talent you need to recruit.

Train the brain into believing that it is unrealistic to think that by simply posting, tweeting and using social media the best of breed will come. Long term, it is not a strategy that should be focused upon. Recruiting efforts need to be linking intelligence with talent to ensure a solid pipeline of candidates.

Linking intelligence with talent is much different then just having access to a limited, inaccurate, talent pool. Intelligence not only links a recruiter to specific potential talent but offers other benefits that save time and money. Intelligence provides relevant contacts, exact titles, reporting relationships, otherwise known as organization charts, direct dials, emails, and profiles. But more importantly, as this information is exploited, it suddenly creates an ideal candidate pipeline, compared to a candidate pipeline which is the result of such limiting efforts as an ad, a post, a tweet or from a social media outlet.
In simple terms, intelligence establishes a more focused recruiting process so that recruiters can deliver candidates to the hiring manager who have been carefully sought out, recruited and selected by both traditional recruiting efforts and the latest ones. No one can dispute the fact that limiting any recruiting efforts to a limited, closed network will of course hamper the search for qualified candidates. Not to exclude the fact that such efforts have been known to have delivered a limited, sub par slate of candidates who simply have responded to a “shout out!” or found amongst the limited talent pool and network the recruiter may only has access to. Huge difference, don’t you think?

Don’t have a disconnect between your candidate pipeline and the potential talent pool out there. Look to use intelligence to uncover the complete potential talent pool. Recruiters deserve to have access to such intelligence and more importantly, the hiring managers deserve it.

It’s not too late to change or retrain the brain. Maybe it is time to  reassess your research and recruiting methods. Don’t limit yourself to only what is “available” to you, go beyond and you will see the difference.

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


Trending Today….The Importance of Having Access To External Talent and Intelligence



Is your team exploiting the benefits of having access to external talent and external Intelligence?

Or are you part of the group that only recruits talent and is not interested in Intelligence?

In 2014 all involved with talent acquisition, talent management and human resources will realize the importance of linking talent and intelligence.

This year is all ready starting out to be an interesting and an exciting year. It is the year where the economy is expected to grow, employees become more interested in exploring new opportunities outside of their current organizations thus causing all involved with recruiting, talent management and human resources in general, to be able to react and perform accordingly and successfully.

This improved economy also means corporations will be hiring, investing in their employees and comparing internal talent to external talent. The importance of doing all three should result in the creation of building strong internal talent with the ability to successfully compete in a variety of ways and levels. In order to do this task, the company and the players involved with this exercise will need to have access to both external talent and intelligence. It will also require having a strong talent acquisition strategy and results driven recruiting process that delivers.

So as I see what is trending today and this year is to have access to external talent and intelligence. It has been done and continues to be done by many of the best of breed companies as well as many industry leaders. For human resources the need to have access to organization charts to include diversity information and salary information will be a necessity.

Of course it is all about the team that is pulled together to do monumental, yet important task. Just as important will be the fact that there is a strong leader in place who can handle this. He/She must be ready to manage, set goals for each player, and have the ability to arm the team with information and tools necessary to succeed.

From a recruiting standpoint there needs to be strong engagement between human resources, recruiting teams and the hiring managers, but just as important is having access to the talent that no one else may have. Once this data is compiled and available to both the talent management and talent acquisition team this invaluable information will prove to provide differing benefits specific to each. The data should not be limited to just mapping and producing organization charts of the companies of interest but have additional intelligence as direct dials, emails, profiles and salaries. Brilliant and powerful!


Org Chart Example


External Talent and Intelligence…….

Every corporation needs it!

Every human resources professional needs it too.

It’s logical, it is a necessity!


Sheila Greco