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Is There A Disconnect Between Your Candidate Pipeline & The Potential Talent Pool?

Could be if you are limiting your research and recruiting efforts to just big data, free data, technology and social media.

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Look beyond these restrictive and limiting resources.

It is time to train and retrain the brain. Recruiters seek intelligence that assists with creating exceptional candidate pipelines their hiring managers much deserve.

Business Talks


Looking for a great potential talent pool for your next search? I am sure you. Try not to just limit your efforts to the internet, social media and free or paid research/recruiting tools. I understand this may be a habit for many successful recruiters, however when you limit your efforts to just these resources, your are obviously limiting your search for talent. Wouldn’t you agree? Recruiting requires linking intelligence with talent. This will provide the potential talent pool necessary for conducting a comprehensive search for talent.

No one can dispute the fact that there is plenty of data out there. However much of it has been found to be inaccurate, incomplete and at times borderline a waste of time! However good recruiters who have time, can weed through such data to find viable candidates. Yet, the process of doing so, can be exhaustive, time-consuming, inefficient and at times yield little results. Therefore time to retrain the brain. Look to linking intelligence with the talent you need to recruit.

Train the brain into believing that it is unrealistic to think that by simply posting, tweeting and using social media the best of breed will come. Long term, it is not a strategy that should be focused upon. Recruiting efforts need to be linking intelligence with talent to ensure a solid pipeline of candidates.

Linking intelligence with talent is much different then just having access to a limited, inaccurate, talent pool. Intelligence not only links a recruiter to specific potential talent but offers other benefits that save time and money. Intelligence provides relevant contacts, exact titles, reporting relationships, otherwise known as organization charts, direct dials, emails, and profiles. But more importantly, as this information is exploited, it suddenly creates an ideal candidate pipeline, compared to a candidate pipeline which is the result of such limiting efforts as an ad, a post, a tweet or from a social media outlet.
In simple terms, intelligence establishes a more focused recruiting process so that recruiters can deliver candidates to the hiring manager who have been carefully sought out, recruited and selected by both traditional recruiting efforts and the latest ones. No one can dispute the fact that limiting any recruiting efforts to a limited, closed network will of course hamper the search for qualified candidates. Not to exclude the fact that such efforts have been known to have delivered a limited, sub par slate of candidates who simply have responded to a “shout out!” or found amongst the limited talent pool and network the recruiter may only has access to. Huge difference, don’t you think?

Don’t have a disconnect between your candidate pipeline and the potential talent pool out there. Look to use intelligence to uncover the complete potential talent pool. Recruiters deserve to have access to such intelligence and more importantly, the hiring managers deserve it.

It’s not too late to change or retrain the brain. Maybe it is time to  reassess your research and recruiting methods. Don’t limit yourself to only what is “available” to you, go beyond and you will see the difference.

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


Trending Today….The Importance of Having Access To External Talent and Intelligence



Is your team exploiting the benefits of having access to external talent and external Intelligence?

Or are you part of the group that only recruits talent and is not interested in Intelligence?

In 2014 all involved with talent acquisition, talent management and human resources will realize the importance of linking talent and intelligence.

This year is all ready starting out to be an interesting and an exciting year. It is the year where the economy is expected to grow, employees become more interested in exploring new opportunities outside of their current organizations thus causing all involved with recruiting, talent management and human resources in general, to be able to react and perform accordingly and successfully.

This improved economy also means corporations will be hiring, investing in their employees and comparing internal talent to external talent. The importance of doing all three should result in the creation of building strong internal talent with the ability to successfully compete in a variety of ways and levels. In order to do this task, the company and the players involved with this exercise will need to have access to both external talent and intelligence. It will also require having a strong talent acquisition strategy and results driven recruiting process that delivers.

So as I see what is trending today and this year is to have access to external talent and intelligence. It has been done and continues to be done by many of the best of breed companies as well as many industry leaders. For human resources the need to have access to organization charts to include diversity information and salary information will be a necessity.

Of course it is all about the team that is pulled together to do monumental, yet important task. Just as important will be the fact that there is a strong leader in place who can handle this. He/She must be ready to manage, set goals for each player, and have the ability to arm the team with information and tools necessary to succeed.

From a recruiting standpoint there needs to be strong engagement between human resources, recruiting teams and the hiring managers, but just as important is having access to the talent that no one else may have. Once this data is compiled and available to both the talent management and talent acquisition team this invaluable information will prove to provide differing benefits specific to each. The data should not be limited to just mapping and producing organization charts of the companies of interest but have additional intelligence as direct dials, emails, profiles and salaries. Brilliant and powerful!


Org Chart Example


External Talent and Intelligence…….

Every corporation needs it!

Every human resources professional needs it too.

It’s logical, it is a necessity!


Sheila Greco



Sheila’s Top 10 Qualities Results Driven Recruiters Should Possess


Sheila Greco’s Top 10 List 

As a recruiter, do you possess these qualities?

Ask yourself, are you a proven results driven recruiter?



Having quality talent compared to the competition makes a big difference for any corporation and for that matter its leaders. It can greatly impact a company and a team’s overall success, competitiveness, sustainability and growth. Therefore having a strong recruiting team or partner is very important long-term. Yes, it is important to have the right recruiting team in place and it is just as important to have results driven recruiters who can and do recruit the right talent needed for each and every role.

Each company needs results driven recruiters. Goals can be set, matrix put in place but at the end of the day is each recruiter a performer? Are they effective? Do they possess the qualities that many results driven recruiters possess?

Hiring managers, staffing and talent acquisition leaders are you happy with your recruiting team? Their efforts put forth by the team and each recruiter? It may be time to access each individual on your team. In an effort to do so, feel free to review the qualities I believe results driven recruiters possess and use it as your guide.

Today I will be sharing with all of you the qualities I believe results driven recruiters must possess. Below are my top 10 qualities I look for when recruiting recruiters By no means are they in any specific order. Enjoy.

1. The need to have a clear understanding for who the client is seeking. A results driven recruiter wants a clear definition of the role, requires communications regarding the process, the needs, the wants and the soft skills the hiring manager is seeking.  Once this information is provided, the recruiter can then help build the recruiting strategy or the go-to-recruit plan that will deliver.

2. Creative, disciplined and prepared to be in a recruiter state of mind. Focus, focus, focus. I define the recruiter state of mind as putting your head down, going 90 miles per hour straight ahead and actively recruiting!  Only focus on identifying “A” Players not “B” Players who are interested. Once again focus on quality, not quantity.

3. Results driven recruiters are often organized, process driven, wonderfully savvy, always sharp, inquisitive and clever not to mention quick on their feet.

4. Great results driven recruiters tend to be very intelligent. Many great recruiters are naturally smart and have well-rounded, diverse knowledge.

5. Typically are solid citizens so to speak tending to choose the high road, instilling that throughout the team and with their recruits. Open, offering as much information as requested and able to provide. Thorough.

6. Performers! Results driven recruiters never give up until the successful hire is made.

7. Great listeners, willing to learn, determined to match the right individual to the right company, team and position. Look to recruit those professionals whose long and short-term goals match the company’s.

8. Flexible. Willing to work nights and weekends. Not afraid to do whatever it takes.

9. Aware of weaknesses and not afraid to go to the strongest team player to obtain additional information and if needed close the deal.

10. Dynamic, multi-talented and a cerebral thinker.

Not sure all your recruiters are results driven recruiters. Take a look around at your team, identify and then compare them to the others to see how each team player stacks up. People are a company’s greatest asset and those involved with bringing new recruits to your company must be “A” Players themselves.

Happy Hunting & Are your recruiters in the recruiter state of mind?

Sheila Greco


A Tribute To The Beatles Introduced February 9, 1964

The BeatlesMusic is heard in the halls of SGA Talent daily!

Today a Big Tribute to The Beatles…


February 9, 1964 Ed Sullivan introduces The Beatles. Decades later their memories live on! No one can deny that fact that they became an international phenomenon overnight. Releasing 13 original albums in only 7 years is unbelievable. I don’t think any other rock band has even come close to this. This very talented group changed the music world profoundly. Many years later their songs continue to be played over and over again. Will there ever be another band like The Beatles? Probably not!

Below I have listed a few of my favorite Beatles songs.

Enjoy and feel free to click-through to their lyrics and the songs themselves. Thank you John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr….thank you!

A Hard Days Night  Video & Song

Help!  Video & Song

Hey Jude

Let It Be Video & Song 

Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds  Song and interesting Video and of course my hero Elton John’s version in 1974 on the Cher show.

Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Strawberry Fields Forever

Their songs are timeless and incomparable.

Now on with the show, as Ed Sullivan would say. Second time on the show live video.

Time to get back to recruiting talent.

Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco


SGA Talent Continues To Evolve Through Innovation 7/25

Boston City Flow

SGA Talent believes in Innovation

Early on I decided that in order to stay ahead of the competition, innovation needed to be part of the plan.

Innovation, I believe assists with improving productivity, delivery of our services and is one of our competitive advantages.

Understanding you are only as good as your last project in our world, the idea of making the team more efficient ultimately will positively impact the services our firm delivers, not to mention become cost-effective for our clients. I believe innovation centered around technology and process is why we continue to have a competitive edge in the industry.

In 2004 we decided to create SGA ExecutiveTracker. With 93% renewal rate this recruiting tool has over 800,000 business contacts that continue to be compiled by our in-house staff, all telephone verified with over 400,000 biographies, 600,000 confirmed emails, (all companies have an email formula) 525,000 having direct dials and information regarding reporting structure. Today, 10 years later, it continues to prosper and spurred internal technology changes. It helps having an exceptional information technology specialist on staff who as well as the team believes in innovation. Since 2001, our team has been involved with the development of 7 internal databases (proprietary to our team) as well as many new and improved service offerings created almost yearly. Just this month we released an enhanced research service (see below) and we are in test market with something similar for recruiting.

This is an example of a part of our research spreadsheet obviously offering customized research as well as additional access to pubic profiles and biographies. (to learn more call us at 518 843-4611 today)




As one can see, we believe in innovation, creativity and the need to evolve. We embrace technology, are not afraid to think out the box and seek out better ways to do things. As Robert Iger said, “The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation.” I believe in this and our people at SGA Talent believe this too.

If you wish to learn more about SGA Talent, call us today.


Sheila Greco

SGA Talent