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Let Us Help You Win The War For Talent


For over 26 Years SGA Talent- Sheila Greco Associates LLC Has Been Providing Recruitment Research And Strategic Talent  Recruiting  Solutions. 


As the war for talent shifts and we approach full employment, the ability to identify, recruit and hire world-class talent can be very challenging for many companies. With hiring demands on the rise, many companies are turning to partners to outsource recruiting research mapping and recruiting solutions. We at SGA Talent can help you to win the war for talent. For over 26 years we have continued to assist our clients recruit talent by offering recruiting solutions that produce results and of course are cost-effective. We want to help you win the war for talent.

Our Service Offerings Include:

Recruitment Research

Recruiting Solutions

Talent Intelligence

Customized Competitive Intelligence

SGA ExecutiveTracker

Ready to outsource research, recruiting or both? We are ready when you are. Here for you when you need us. We understand that companies are constantly being faced with making  the decision to outsource or not. However, the good news is that in our industry, the decision to outsource research and recruiting services is not an all or nothing decision. Outsourcing these services can be undertaken to varying degrees. Outsourcing research and recruiting services can range from total outsourcing to selective outsourcing. Whereby selective outsourcing may only target a single task or a few.  By offering a number of research and recruiting services we make a company’s decision a little easier. We offer options that assist companies with meeting their recruiting and hiring demands.

Call us today to discuss the potential recruiting solutions options we offer. Let us help you win the war for talent. We look forward to it.

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