The war for talent…

The war for talent…we are all feeling this effect. Corporations and search firms alike are seeking the best, most talented professionals when conducting search assignments. After speaking with 20 professionals in this space, all stated that a majority of their hires are coming from the results produced while speaking with professionals in the industry  and doing direct sourcing. Many corporations are building up their internal search teams and hiring telephone direct sourcing recruiters. How powerful and meaningful it is to the team when a  potential candidate is uncovered from a targeted list of companies and names produced either internally or externally. In order to stay ahead of the competition, driven producers still pick up the phone and recruit. Research is needed for this type of work, and can be done in a variety ways to include research tools, the Internet, associations, using an internal database etc.

As the conversations continued, a few began to say that they believe within the next 5-10 years a true research analyst will be hard to find. Wow….do you think this is true? I began to think about this, wow! Anyway, just food for thought. But for now we move on and continue using research in a variety of ways. We use the Internet, many firms have Internet researcher, which is very valuable too, but so is finding the untapped professionals. Those who use both can say that they are really looking at the entire universe of candidates, each complements the other.

Remember, recruiting is a process and every step is important. Research is very important and we should thank the ones producing the names and the candidates. So don’t forget to say thanks to the team when a hire is made!!! And when it is not, it is not just the little guy/gal on the totem pole’s fault. Team work is where it is at!!! Things to take away from this…..there is a talent shortage, maybe soon in our world too;search is a process that needs to be carefully executed, by using all the tools available to you, pick up the phone and search out the candidates and find the potential candidates together, as a team.

Until next time….

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