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data has a purpose in recruiting top talent and is truly an asset necessary to recruit priority talent to include diversity

Research data plays a big role in building a competitive team

Research data creates recruiting efficiency

Research data is the pathway to recruiting superstars

March Madness is here so let the fun begin. As an avid college basketball fan, mother of a college basketball athlete, coach, mentor and leader, I can say with certainty that talent wins games and makes teams competitive. That said, just as coaches use data to choose players, recruiters too need data to ensure the best talent is chosen for the team.

Data driven recruiting strategies start with identifying an accurate, on target talent pool, filled with relevant contact and profile information. This data is then used to compare the professionals who are part of the pool so that only the superstars, the ideal candidates make the cut. This part of the recruiting process is one of the most crucial step since it is the feeder to the candidate pipeline and ultimate recruit. Without a doubt, data has a purpose in recruiting top talent and is truly an asset necessary to recruit priority talent to include diversity. This research data takes the guess work out of talent availability, showing who is part of the talent pool and who is not.

When building competitive teams, it is all about first knowing who you need; (the job specification), who you know, (who is in the talent pool), the identification of the super stars (recruiting vetting) and presenting the most qualified for the role (those who can make an immediate positive impact to the team).

Whether you are a college coach or a recruiter looking for the best talent, data provides the competitive advantages and an unbeatable edge. From the court to the corporate office, having access to the right talent pool is the pathway to success. Net, net, research data has its place in the recruiting process and is proven to create recruiting efficiency.

Example of Research Data Used To Recruit Top Talent

Example of Data Research Showing Diversity


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Recruitment Research – The other recruiting alternative hiring teams are talking about

Recruitment Research – The other recruiting alternative hiring teams are getting excited about

Recruitment Research– The right hiring solution for the times


The power of recruitment research ……..

What is recruitment research? It isn’t just a name? It isn’t just a profile. It is a methodical approach to uncovering specific talent to quickly fill the candidate pipeline at costs far below the industry norm. Recruitment research is the “other recruiting alternative”.

As our partners use recruitment research for their recruiting efforts they quickly see the added value the solution provides. In addition to a strong qualified pipeline of candidates, the hiring team is given all the data collected during the process to include intelligence, the entire talent pool with names, contact information, profiles as well the data analytics associated with the role(s).

The right recruiting solution for the times………

As the economy begins to recover, and companies begin to hire there will be a focus on keeping recruiting costs at a minimum. That said, recruitment research is the answer for the times. The process is results driven, cost effective with an average cost per hire ranging between 5-11% of the successful hire’s base salary.


To learn more about the power of using recruitment research, join us September 24, 4PM EST to see how recruitment research can increase recruiting efficiency and reduce recruiting costs. Register for Webinar

We look forward to having you join us. Here for you yesterday, here for you today and of course tomorrow.


Sheila Greco

Recruiting It’s All About Your Networks & Creating Strong Engaging Talent Communities

From the desk of Sheila Greco, Chief Executive Officer SGA Talent

As a talent advisor, networking needs to be part of your long-term success strategy.  It needs to be an activity that is part of your total recruiting effort. Just like creating a talent pool and reaching out to potential recruits to build strong candidate pipelines, asking professionals to be part of your networks or talent communities should be part of what you do too. I traditionally ask people to join my network in my initial outreach because I believe it is a nice way to end a message or note. You too can try that.  But if they don’t connect right away, and you really want them to be part of your talent communities/networks, circle back later, after the hire is made, letting them know your interest in them being part of your network. Also, as you build your talent communities be sure to choose your connections carefully, requesting only those who make sense as well as those who you believe will see the value of the connection. Please take note that building strong networks takes time—- some take weeks, months or years. But, whatever the timeframe, the time to start is now. Long term, if you want to be successful in our industry, it’s all about who you know and who knows you.

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Talent Intelligence & Teamwork Wins the War for Talent – Sheila Greco

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. – Michael Jordan

Talent Intelligence & Teamwork Wins the War for Talent – Sheila Greco

Recruiting is a process that requires teamwork to win the war for talent and it starts with talent intelligence. I believe talent intelligence-recruitment research first recruiting strategy is the winning recruiting strategy that should be used each time a recruiting project is launched.  Having access to talent intelligence not only acts as a roadmap for recruiting success, but also is an important resource/tool used to make informed recruiting decisions.  Couple this data with a strong team of recruiters who have mastered the art of proactively recruiting, I believe forms a championship team that without a doubt wins the war for talent.

Having a robust talent pool of potential candidates commonly referred to as talent intelligence is one of the key steps of the recruiting process that directly affects a recruiter’s success and ultimately the quality of a pipeline of candidates.  I believe that to recruit like a champion there needs to be a championship team player on the team who has the skills necessary to carefully craft a robust talent pool of potential candidates who meet the requirements provided by the hiring managers and/or talent acquisition team. Recruiting truly is a team sport that is made up of players with strengths that complement each other and allows the others to do what they do best! Not every recruiter is a great recruitment research professional and not every recruitment research professional is a great recruiter so why not work together, as a championship team to meet recruiting goals.

Recruiting is a process and when a recruiting assignment is launched it should be all about the team, the plan and how the goal is going to be met. The recruiting plan needs to start with recruitment research first strategy. “Go big or go home” is often a phrase used around the office as the team creates talent pools used by our recruiters and our clients. With today’s talent crunch affecting all recruiting efforts, it has become necessary to go beyond just research tools. Most recruiters have discovered that limiting talent intelligence efforts to just sorting through brief and overstated profiles that everyone else has access to is not part of a winning recruiting strategy or used by championship teams. True champions look for the edge to be better than the others and having access to quality talent intelligence has proven to give top performing recruiters the edge. Think about talent intelligence experts as star point guards on the basketball team who make the assist by giving the recruiting teammates the edge, the recruiting edge needed to succeed to win the war for talent. Talent intelligence professionals on the team are often the “X” factors recruiters have come to rely on.

Lastly, with the war for talent at center court, recruiter’s activities need to be proactive and process driven. Recruiters need to work hard, stay focused and constantly fill the pipeline of candidates with solid “A Players” until the hire is made.  Recruiters need to spend time recruiting, networking, vetting and presenting, not countless hours looking at profiles hoping to find the right people to recruit. Recruiters who are part of a team are often more successful and spend their time doing what they do best, recruit. So, as you look to make your next hire, think about the team you want to use to help you win the war for talent.

I truly believe recruiting successes and being part of a championship recruiting team offers amazing privileges of not only being part of something bigger than oneself but to recruit the best talent each hiring manager deserves.


Talent Intelligence & Teamwork Wins the War for Talent – Sheila Greco


Happy Hunting

Sheila Greco





Are You A Fully Engaged Recruiter?

Not All Recruiters Are Fully Engaged Recruiters

Fully Engaged Recruiters Tend to Be Door Openers To Passive Candidates & The “Welcome Mat” For The Active Ones

Fully Engaged Recruiters Know The Importance Of Utilizing As Many Recruiting Solutions As Possible While Keeping Their Recruiting Efforts Continuous


Recruiting is not an easy task. It is a recruitment process that requires hard work, dedication, commitment, integrity, honesty and having the ability to be a great networker. Fully engaged recruiters will win the war for talent in 2016. Fully engaged recruiters are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to identify, recruit, vet and present the best possible candidates for each and every role.

Fully engaged recruiters are creative, out of box thinkers, producers and results driven. Fully engaged recruiters in 2016 will be expected to identify the potential talent pool of candidates (or partner with someone who does), use a number of recruiting solutions that include connecting via the telephone, in-mail, corporate email and send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. All 4 connecting vehicles will need to be used to be successful in 2016. Fully engaged recruiters, sometimes referred to as “stalkers” have a job to do and that is to get to  the passive pool of candidates before the competition does.

Game On! Be sure to be the fully engaged recruiter now!












Please take a look at my recent Retrain Your Recruiting Brain presentation regarding “Retrain Your Recruiting Brain” where I touch upon the importance of being a proactive, fully engaged recruiter. I am presenting all across the country so if you wish to learn more I would be happy to discuss this with you. Now go get the candidates before the competition does……..

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco

Recruiting Efforts Can Be Continuous Even When There Is Not An Immediate Opening









“Recruiting” efforts can be continuous even When there is not an immediate opening

Set a goal to continue to build your database and network with solid candidates who are engaged!


We learn early on that in order to be a strong recruiter, the need to continuously build relationships and networks is a must.  We also learn the importance of staying in touch with professionals we like, want to help and believe can help us. Recruiting efforts can be continuous even if there is NOT an immediate opening. It can easily be done if you make networking part of your daily routine.

Unfortunately many recruiters  fall prey to habits that focus only  on filling the pipeline, getting the hire and moving on. Why? Why should all of your recruiting efforts, relationships, conversations, fall by the way side, be forgotten, become lost in the black hole of an Reviews on a number of ATS systems? Instead, incorporate “staying in touch” and engaging techniques as a way to keep your recruiting efforts continuous. Allow yourself the ability to continuously build upon your Leverage your strong network of professionals. Learn to get engaged, be engaged and stay engaged with those professionals who you believe will someday be a great candidate and networker for you. 

Sounds difficult, somewhat time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be. Allow your ATS and other recruiting tools to become your friend beyond recruiting for the current job(s). Don’t let it just be a way to connect and stay organized for current roles. But allow these tools to help you stay connected after the roles are filled. 

5 Easy Steps To  Stay Connected & Engaged 

  • Start by sending an email or text to all you have spoken with regarding the successful completion of the assignment.
  • Create a 30-45 Day Letter – Send an email or text to those who you considered to be the “A” Players in this space. Those you connected with on prior engagements. The letter can simply include an interesting article about the industry or a trend. It must be something you found interesting and believe others will t00.
  • Create a 60 -90 Day Letter – Send an email or text regarding what you may be working on to see if they may know of someone. Let them know you have them on your radar screen. Tell them how you wish to stay engaged with them regarding opportunities since you recognize them as being talented and among the wanted.
  • Create a 90-120 Day Letter – send out an email or text wishing them a Happy Holiday, or something that states I hope you are enjoying the season. It can also be a great time to ask if there is anything YOU may be able to assist them with?
  • Be sure you are LinkedIn with everyone you want to stay engaged with.

SGA Talent Recruiting can be continuous with very little effort, once it becomes habit. I assure you these actions will pay off for you.

Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco


Providing Candidate Feedback Should Be A No Brainer

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Providing candidate feedback is a no brainer

As we know recruiting is a process. One in which is nonstop until the hire is made. This is a no brainer. But sometimes we forget about the candidates. Those who spent time speaking with us, updating their resumes, speaking with our clients, going on an interview and sometimes not. As recruiters we need to remember candidates are people who deserve feedback. Providing candidate feedback during the process and at the end of the search should be a no brainer.

When recruiters are handling multiple assignments getting back to candidates may not be easy or a priority. The challenge to simply provide candidate feedback has changed as a result of our fast-paced, 21st century recruiting activities. But that doesn’t mean we can’t care for the candidates. Candidate feedback not to mention providing a positive candidate experience should be a no brainer.

I truly understand how candidate feedback can easily get lost during the recruiting process. However, if you focus on this activity as part of the recruiting process, providing candidate feedback can be accomplished. Keeping this in mind, consider how you can change this.

1. Take the call – don’t ignore a candidate’s call or email. Provide candidate feedback during the course of the recruiting life-cycle.

2. Make the call – set aside time either in the morning or late afternoon to do so. Make it part of your day and recruiting process.

3. Stay connected – make them part of your network.

Simply put, we need to appreciate our candidates.

Just saying…

Sheila Greco




Recruiting Is Not A Static Event – Recruiting Efforts Need To Be Continuous

Recruiting Efforts Need To Be Continuous

Recruiting World Class Talent Requires Staying Connected

Recruiting Is Not A Static Event

Recruiting world-class talent requires having access to talent that is right for your organization. Leveraging talent intelligence/recruitment research can be the key to filling the pipeline with qualified and quality candidates but winning the war for talent goes beyond just the hire. In order to win the war for talent, I believe recruiting efforts need to be continuous. Recruiters need to network and stay connected will future potential hires.

Recruiters need to understand the importance of leveraging the data, talent intelligence/recruitment research that is obtained during the research phase of the recruiting process. As a recruiter with over 30 years of experience I believe successful recruiting is all about creating, maintaining and mastering the art of building relationships. It is all about who we know, right? So my advice is to get connected and stay connected with people and talent that could benefit your organization, not to mention you! It starts with the identification of talent and continues on for as long as you want it to.

Recruiting efforts need to be continuous. Winning recruiting strategies include the implementation of a recruiting process that starts with the identification of talent, employs proactive recruiting activities, focuses on vetting the qualified, presenting/filling the pipeline with interested world-class  candidates followed by staying connected with potential talent. Yes staying connected by creating professional networks and relationships that matter. I believe this forward thinking recruiting strategy will help companies win the war for talent going forward. Are you continuously creating, maintaining and nurturing relationships? I hope so.

Just saying… go get the talent you need before the competition does.

Sheila Greco



Don’t Lose Best In Class Talent To The Competition – Candidates Will Have Options – Recruiting Efforts Will Need To Be Stepped Up


Recruiting Will Be Competitive This Year

Candidates Will Have Options

Best In Class Talent Will Be A Hot Commodity

Recruiting Will Need To Be Proactive

……..Reactive Recruiting Is So Yesterday


According to the Kiplinger Report, the job market in 2014 saw an increase of 2.953 million jobs with 2015 shaping up to do even more. It also reported that unemployment should fall to 5.3% by the end of 2015. Therefore, for many, especially recruiters, there is an enormous amount of positives to look forward to this year.

All of the industry indicators confirm that recruiting top talent will be competitive this year creating a marketplace where candidates will have options. With job openings expected to be on the rise, companies need to be aggressive with their recruiting efforts and recruiters need to be ready to perform in order to meet the market demands. It is all about the candidate this year and winning the war for talent. 

If you want to be a Recruiting Rock Star in 2015 you had better step your recruiting game.  Recruiters who want to succeed and exceed, must pay close attention to this year’s trends, the economy and every other detail that affects finding superior talent. In 2015, Best-in-Class recruiters have the opportunity to separate themselves from the pack by demonstrating tenacity and their creative approach to achieve the goal of winning the war for talent.  This year presents an opportunity for great recruiters to set the bar and establish themselves as recruiting geniuses and strategically position themselves as experts providing stellar candidates.

Rock star recruiting will require a proactive approach. Foresight and strategic planning will take center stage. Lazy recruiting tactics will no longer net even baseline results.  This year, unlike the past few years, will be the year where recruiters will need to identify, connect, vet and present qualified candidates quickly. Successful recruiters must focus their efforts on Proactive Recruiting.  Gone are the days of posting, waiting and hoping. I caution those slow to make the change, to be prepared to fall short of recruiting expectations.

Corporate executives and hiring managers will need to be mindful of timing and potential candidate options. It will be imperative for companies to react quickly and commit to qualified candidates before the competition does. Companies slow to hire in 2015 may find themselves losing top talent to their competitors which may have devastating effects on their competitive edge. Additionally, it should be noted, that by waiting, pausing or delaying talent acquisition, companies may unintentionally increase their costs for recruiting not to mention job vacancies being open a bit longer.

This is truly the year where timing is everything – Proactive recruiting, smart recruiting and aggressive hiring will ensure companies are securing best in class talent and not risking the loss of such talent to their competition.

Winning the war for talent in 2015 could reach insanity! Don’t let best in class talent slip away or for that matter, not be found. Step out of the comfort zone and aggressively seek the talent you want. Don’t find yourself competing with talent that is easy to find – the candidates everyone else is calling and those that are easily accessible. This is certainly the time to seek out the talent you want from the companies you want and recruit them! Find, Connect and Entice top talent! Tell them your story and how they may succeed at the organization you are recruiting for. Lastly, don’t forget to stay connected with them. Be sure to establish meaningful business relationships with these professionals. You just never know who will be your next hire…..

Want to win? Then step up your game! As the demand for talent heats up, it causes the supply to cool down. Unfortunately, this can mean that the process to recruit the best and the brightest talent may become a constant and costly battle. This is the year of change. It is a candidate-driven marketplace. Candidates will have options. Please do not limit recruiting efforts to reactive recruiting. This is the year that recruiting strategies will need to employ proactive recruiting strategies to limit candidates’ options and recruit them before the competition does!

Now, go get the best in class talent before your competition does. Candidates will have options.

Just saying!!

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


SGA Talent Creates A Private Human Resources Community To Help Clients Find Talent


SGA Talent (Sheila Greco Associates LLC) integrates Work Market Platform into its company service offerings launching SGA HR Talent.  

Amsterdam, New York / New York, New York, May 15, 2013SGA Talent, a leading research, recruiting and data company announced today that it has partnered with Work Market to create an exclusive global on-demand network of premier contract recruiters and human resource professionals.

“My vision is to build premier Human Resource talent communities for both contractor and full-time professionals, so when clients need talent, they come to us for a rate that fits their budget and fees much lower then the average for full-time recruiting assignments. The contractor has the freedom to control their own workload and the full-time professional has the opportunity to review positions offered within the community. Unlike the job boards or other social communities, the talent will be prescreened ensuring quality candidates are part of the candidate pipeline. A bit of traditional recruiting and the use of new technology creates a successful recruiting process. Additionally by offering this type of service, it allows our client organizations access to a scalable network of contract and full-time resources”, said Sheila Greco, President and Chief Executive Officer of SGA Talent”

SGA Talent has worked extensively over the past six months to create this enhanced Work Market gateway that allows jobs, job status, job notes and ratings of the contractors and full-time professionals ensuring only the best talent is chosen each and every time.

Work Market co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wald added, “At Work Market we have built a market leading product that has shown its effectiveness in serving over 250 clients, including some of the country’s largest enterprises.  We are honored to collaborate with a market leader in human resource management like SGA Talent.  Sheila and her team will be able to utilize the Work Market Platform to manage an on-demand labor force and provide the right labor solution for their clients.  SGA joins market leaders like Omnicom, Lockheed Martin, NCR and Adecco as users of the most advanced contingent labor platform.”

“Work Market and SGA Talent both provide excellent solutions for employer and service business management, respectively.  Together these two companies are creating a labor platform with an “eBay type – name your rate” alternative for the employers.  Today’s economic conditions are creating change in the workforce and why not be the one’s innovating. This new service will help build efficiency and cost savings effecting bottom line for SGA’s clients”, said Sheila Greco.

SGA’s suite of products and services include Passive Candidate Research, Pre-Screening and Recruiting, Customized Competitive Intelligence, SGA ExecutiveTracker database and now SGA HR Talent.


About SGA Talent:  An industry leader for more than 23 years, SGA Talent takes great pride in partnering with our clients to provide them with data, research used for sourcing passive candidates and recruiting when needed.  SGA also provides a unique database (SGA ExecutiveTracker) for corporate and search firm clients to find talent within 15,000 top corporations starting with the C-Suite through individual contributors. It provides accurate direct dials, email and biographies, a great resource for anyone interested in quality, compiled information. To learn more about our suite of services, please visit us at

About Work Market:  Work Market is the leading enterprise-class freelance labor platform and marketplace. Businesses of all sizes use the Work Market platform to manage the complete life-cycle of their freelance labor, including the selection and hiring of contracted resources, the deployment and ongoing management of labor at scale and all associated payment and legal compliances. This allows businesses to increase labor productivity and enhance work quality while dramatically reducing costs. For more information, visit

To become part of these human resources communities go to