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SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Shows Consulting Companies Still Struggle to Close the Gender Gap

Women Partners Needed

SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Activities Uncovers The Real Stats




Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic right now for employers of all sizes. To achieve these goals, many are turning to recruitment research  activities to gather real time, actionable data and intelligence used for recruiting, talent management, succession planning as well as future candidate pipelining purposes.

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SGA Talent Presents The Highly Accomplished Women Leaders in the “World of Anaplan.” 

As a minority owned business, SGA Talent continues to a leader in both the recruitment research and recruiting industries with an expertise in the professional services. For quite some time our focus has been to identify, pipeline and recruit top talent with experience in Analplan, Workday, Hyperion, AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Google, Mulesoft and SAP. As we continue our efforts, we also continue to emphasize the importance of diversity in each talent pool and candidate pipeline. We are also proud to say we have been awarded by several of our partners as their #1 Diversity Recruitment Research and Recruiting Partner.

In keeping with our mission,  today we are excited to acknowledge the highly accomplished women leaders in the “World of Anaplan.” Congrats to all who made the list and thank you for paving the way for the many women you all continue to advise as well as mentor. For now we invite you to click on each of these highly successful professional’s name to learn about each of their journeys. Again congrats!

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