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Recruiting women in technology and engineering is never an easy task. As we continue to identify, track and recruit talented women in these areas, we would like to acknowledge those professionals who are included in our recent report”SGA Talent Present’s Who’s Who From The Top Private Engineering & Top 20 Design Firms” That said, we invite you to download our full report by clicking on this link:

In the meantime, congrats to these highly-accomplished women leaders who made our report.

Britney Siefring: Business Development Manager Pendant Automation Inc

Deborah Everett: Head of HumanResources Aerospace Quality R&D

Karen Hierman: Director of Administration Communications Arora Engineers

Pennie Simmons: Director of Leadership Talent Development Arora Engineers

Sally Riker: Partner Director of Marketing Business Development Lowe Engineers 

Alison Chiocchi: Human Resources Generalist

Sandy Miller: Controller AE Works

Dawn Dubulis: Controller AE Works

Mary Davenport: CoChief Executive Officer, Fiscal Oversight RGD Consulting Engineers

Cori Easley: Director of Human Resources BB&E

Erica Tietz: Human Resources Officer McClure Engineering Company

Rose Gillen: Director of Operations  McClure Engineering Company

Maureen OBrien: CoFounder Chief Executive Officer  Oakman Aerospace

Valorie Loessin: President  Frank Surveying Co

Sharmin Siddique: Vice President, Regional Director South East Business Region M&J EngineeringP.C.

Wendy Shu: Chief Executive Officer Eravant

Tracy Williams: Director of Human Resources Eravant

Stacey Hill: Chief Executive Officer Hill Technical Solutions 

Kimberly Moore: President Founder KDM Engineering

Claire Williams: Executive Vice President KDM Engineering

Onega Ulanova: Cofounder LA New Product Development Team

Jessica Stevens: Project Manager LA New Product Development Team

Donna Hager: Chief Executive Officer President Macan Deve Engineers

Lin Simeti: Chief of Staff Macan Deve Engineers

Joanne Caruso: Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Administrative Officer Jacobs

Dawne Hickton: Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Critical Mission Solutions Jacobs

Madhuri Andrews: Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Information Officer Jacobs

Shelie Gustafson: Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer Jacobs

MariettaHannigan: SeniorVicePresident, ChiefStrategy&CommunicationsOfficerJacobs

Lara Poloni: President AECOM

Eileen Akerson: General Counsel KBRInc

Jenni Myles: Chief People Officer KBRInc

Leslie Shoemaker: President Tetra TechInc

Stephanie Cox: Chief Executive Officer, Americas WOOD

Sue MacDonald: Executive Vice President of People Organization WOOD

Nina Schofield: Executive Vice President of HSSEA WOOD

Laurie Roden: Field Services Group President HDR

Denise Turner Roth: President, US Advisory Services WSPUSA

Megan VanPelt: Chief Human Resources Officer WSPUSA

Theresa Jang: Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer Stantec Inc

Cath Schefer: Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer, Global Stantec Inc

Susan Walter: Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Stantec Inc

Chrissy Carr: Sales Marketing Director Burns&McDonnell

Renee Gartelos: Vice President, Human Resources Burns&McDonnell

Diane Hoskin: CoChief Executive Officer Gensler

Linda Havard: Chief Financial Officer Gensler

Janine Pesci: Chief People Officer, Principal Gensler

Cindy WallisLage: Executive Director, President, WaterBusiness Black&Veatch

Debra Fiori: Chief People Officer Parsons

Virginia Grebbien: ChiefCorporateAffairsOfficer Parsons

Lee Anne Lackey: Chief Financial Officer Golder

AnnaLenaObergHogsta: Regional Manager, Europe Middle East  Golder

Bonnie Daniels: Global Director of Human Resources Golder

Wendy Stoveland: Global Director of Communications Golder

Barbara Rusinko: President, Nuclear, Security Environmental Bechtel

Ailie Macadam: President, Mining&Metals Bechtel

Mary McLaughlin: Manager, EPC Functions Bechtel

LauraRamey: ChiefPeopleOfficerTRCCOS


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