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data has a purpose in recruiting top talent and is truly an asset necessary to recruit priority talent to include diversity

Research data plays a big role in building a competitive team

Research data creates recruiting efficiency

Research data is the pathway to recruiting superstars

March Madness is here so let the fun begin. As an avid college basketball fan, mother of a college basketball athlete, coach, mentor and leader, I can say with certainty that talent wins games and makes teams competitive. That said, just as coaches use data to choose players, recruiters too need data to ensure the best talent is chosen for the team.

Data driven recruiting strategies start with identifying an accurate, on target talent pool, filled with relevant contact and profile information. This data is then used to compare the professionals who are part of the pool so that only the superstars, the ideal candidates make the cut. This part of the recruiting process is one of the most crucial step since it is the feeder to the candidate pipeline and ultimate recruit. Without a doubt, data has a purpose in recruiting top talent and is truly an asset necessary to recruit priority talent to include diversity. This research data takes the guess work out of talent availability, showing who is part of the talent pool and who is not.

When building competitive teams, it is all about first knowing who you need; (the job specification), who you know, (who is in the talent pool), the identification of the super stars (recruiting vetting) and presenting the most qualified for the role (those who can make an immediate positive impact to the team).

Whether you are a college coach or a recruiter looking for the best talent, data provides the competitive advantages and an unbeatable edge. From the court to the corporate office, having access to the right talent pool is the pathway to success. Net, net, research data has its place in the recruiting process and is proven to create recruiting efficiency.

Example of Research Data Used To Recruit Top Talent

Example of Data Research Showing Diversity


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Recruiting It’s All About Your Networks & Creating Strong Engaging Talent Communities

From the desk of Sheila Greco, Chief Executive Officer SGA Talent

As a talent advisor, networking needs to be part of your long-term success strategy.  It needs to be an activity that is part of your total recruiting effort. Just like creating a talent pool and reaching out to potential recruits to build strong candidate pipelines, asking professionals to be part of your networks or talent communities should be part of what you do too. I traditionally ask people to join my network in my initial outreach because I believe it is a nice way to end a message or note. You too can try that.  But if they don’t connect right away, and you really want them to be part of your talent communities/networks, circle back later, after the hire is made, letting them know your interest in them being part of your network. Also, as you build your talent communities be sure to choose your connections carefully, requesting only those who make sense as well as those who you believe will see the value of the connection. Please take note that building strong networks takes time—- some take weeks, months or years. But, whatever the timeframe, the time to start is now. Long term, if you want to be successful in our industry, it’s all about who you know and who knows you.

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No Use November! Use November As The Month To Pick Up The Telephone To Source And Identify Candidates – Please Sharpen Your Telephone Skills & Techniques

Costa frog

No shave November!

No use November!

What is No Use November? It is simple. It is my way to introduce or build awareness around stealth research and the benefits of using the telephone to map out the potential talent pool. What better way to grow awareness around this talent and lost art than by using the internet to spread the news. However this of course it not the only way I do this since I still call people. So get off the internet, start mapping and use the telephone……PLEASE!

Recruiting is more than just using tools. It is scary to think recruiting has come to this. I may be old fashion but stealth research and mapping the potential talent pool is a must when recruiting mission critical talent. Truly stealth research needs to be part of every recruiters tool bag as does the use of the telephone.

No use November means giving up time spent with research tools, shaving the time spent on the internet and use the freed up time on the telephone! You will not be disappointed.

I challenge the many recruiters who solely recruit by using tools and the internet to source/recruit to stop or slow down such efforts this month. I want all of you to learn how to use the telephone for accurate research and name generation. If you haven’t been taught how to do it call me and I will try to help. Better yet I can train you if you wish. Please, try it!

No Use November is your time to focus on enhancing your mining talents by using the telephone to map out the potential talent pool. And of course to connect with potential candidates. Try not to rely solely on technology and sources that you may think are the end all be all. By using the telephone and mapping methods you will quickly discover, I promise increased efficiency and quicker results.

Join the many recruiters and sourcers who use the telephone to accurately map out the potential talent pool. Let me be the first to shout it out, the trend is to map it, org it learn it, and use this data to recruit from it. It is fun, exciting, rewarding and it keeps you learning!

You need the telephone so at least try it this month, No Use November!

Just saying…..

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco

Oops We Did Not Connect Recruiting Email!

Recruiting emails can be very effective when looking to connect with potential candidates and networking resources. It is also a great way to send a message to say, I  missed connecting with you!



Over the years I have had great success connecting via email during the recruiting process. As a proven vehicle used to reach out to  potential candidates and networking resources, it can also be used to close the loop with those who you did not connect with!

As recruiters we usually try to reach out to potential candidates and others at least 4 times during the recruiting cycle and if there is no response, it would be safe to say there may not be. There could be a number of reasons for not connecting to include but not limited to timing,  the opportunity may not right, the professionals are very busy, and possibly can’t think of anyone to refer. Therefore as mindful recruiters it is okay to move on, while at the same time let everyone know you are doing so. One way I like to do this is with the, “We Did Not Connect Recruiting Email.” If you prefer to call, that is fine too, but I do recommend closing the loop. Below are a few examples of the emails I have used.

Subject line examples:

Subject line example #1: Still looking to network with you on the Vice President/General Manager role.

Subject line example #2: Still looking to connect regarding the Senior Buyer role.

Subject line example #3: We are still looking for the Talent Acquisition Director and I was hoping to connect.

Subject line example #4:  As a thought leader in the HR Industry  I was hoping to connect, but maybe next time.

First Paragraph examples:

1. Good afternoon Andrew, I tried reaching out a few times, however with no success. If you wish to connect that would be wonderful, otherwise I understand you are very busy and just not interested in networking at this time. However, there is always next time. Lastly, please note that if there is ever anything I can do for you, don’t ever hesitate to ask. I would welcome it! The opportunity I am speaking about remains open, see below for details.

Good afternoon Andrew, sorry we didn’t connect this time regarding the Talent Acquisition Director role. Please keep my information on file for future reference and feel free to reach out to me at any time. As you are aware, I recruit in your space and would be very interested in learning more about you, your career and ultimately your future career aspirations. Look forward to connecting when the time is right for you.

Good afternoon Andrew, hope all is well with you. I tried reaching out several times regarding the Director of Tax position, but without success. As you can see we recruit in your area of expertise and would be interested in learning more about you when you are ready. Please keep my information for the future!!

Good afternoon Andrew I was hoping to connect with you regarding the Vice President/General Manager role, but was unsuccessful. I did want you to know that as an industry expert I am hopeful to connect with you next time, even just to network. If you ever need me or would like to just chat, please feel free to call or email and I will make every effort to get back to you in a timely fashion. Have a great day and look forward to future conversations.

Again these are just a few examples of recruiting emails used to close the loop on potential candidates and networking professionals. Feel free to use them!

Have a great day everyone and happy hunting!

Sheila Greco

Be That Athlete The Hiring Managers Desire. Train like an Olympian!

I can’t remember hearing, ” recruit us an Olympian!”


But I often do  hear I want an athlete for this job!

Are you  training  to be that athlete?


Becoming an Olympian takes a lot of hard work, much more than the average hard-working athlete. It is about dedication, the desire to be the best, passion and a lot of sacrifice! Do you want to be the athlete recruiters and hiring managers are seeking? You have to train today and every day!

Each athlete has a specific training program designed exclusively for them and their sport. As a “business professional athlete” are you training for your next big event? The next promotion? Does your career path show you have what it takes to make the first string? Make the Olympic Team? Your training program is your job specification, the expectations that have been set for you by the company, your manager and the goals you have set for yourself.

Your corporate experiences, and accomplishments actually show what you have done to date and will be used when you are up for the next promotion or job consideration.  Do you like what you see?  Take control of your career. Work hard, give it your all, train like a champion and you will perform like a one. As you prepare to climb up the corporate ladder you have to be prepared to do whatever needs to be done to get there.  Just as an Olympian does, you need to have the desire, the passion, make the commitment, be ready to make sacrifices and work harder than the average athlete.

In 2012 is has been proven, and we have seen it first hand, that companies are focusing on their first string. The powerhouses!  Their athletes. The Dream Team. Companies, managers and leaders alike  are coming to realize that  it takes a long commitment to make the team better by challenging the best players and working with them to improve constantly. Strong teams, make strong companies and have what it takes to win. So if you want to be part of the first string, you better be training for it!

Continuing on…..first string players do get the nod. This is true when hiring managers and leaders are recruiting. It is true that Top performers merit the attention of managers, leaders and the executive teams. So if you are looking for attention and want to be the one being asked to take a promotion you need to be training for it.  Success doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of hard work.

As recruiters we are being asked to find the best athletes in a company. Compare and contrast talent of those who are part of the candidate pipeline. The best athlete isn’t always looking, active or out there, so in order to find them we need to identify the dream team, those who are considered the first string. Happy Hunting!

Be That Athlete The Hiring Managers Desire. Train like an Olympian! Go for the Gold!



Would You Survive The Recall Race For Your Position Within Your Company? Sheila Greco wants to know…

Do you have what it takes to survive the recall race?

Do you have supporters?  Those who believe in you and your abilities?


You are being evaluated every day. In order to survive the recall race, you need to first know your role in the organization, understand expectations of the role and how it plays out within the organization. Once you know this, you can help yourself thrive and survive the recall race within your organization.

For your self-evaluation of where you could possibly stand today, you may want to start asking yourself of few of these questions.

  • Have you recently been promoted?
  • Have you been given a salary increase lately?
  • Have you survived the company’s downsizing or right sizing activities?
  • Have you been asked to be part of a winning team?
  • Have you won a big or new account lately?
  • Have you exceeded company expectations as well as your individual ones?
  • Are you on the company’s “A”  list, known as a star amongst your peers, subordinates, company decision makers and executives?
  • Do you have the knowledge and skill sets needed to survive in your current role? How about the next role?
  • Were you passed on for a recent promotion opportunity?
  • Are you considered a “solid”employee, and not an exceptional one?
  • Have you taken a salary decrease due to poor performance or because you are not part of the “A’ Team or on the company’s “A” list?
  • Are  you considered a doer, not a leader?

Be honest with yourself. Would you survive the recall race?

Big Question; Would you hire yourself for the role you are in now? Do you have what it takes to fill the role you are currently sitting in? Do you possess the talent, skill sets and knowledge required for your role? Do you have what it takes to be exceptional in your role?

Who are you? Are you a good employee or a valuable one? Compare yourself to your peers. Others probably are. How are you perceived within the organization? Perception is reality. Isn’t it? Do you have a positive and winning attitude? Are you trustworthy? Able to get the job done when asked and when not asked? Are you considered a leader? Possess leadership skills? Are you a team player looking for the next challenge? How are you at team building and building relationships internally and externally? Are  you a passionate about your job? These are in my opinion a few key factors that are used when considering who can survive the recall race? Ask yourself, would my boss, team,  peers, subordinates support me in the role I am currently in or would they choose the other guy/gal?

Be honest with yourself. Learn how to survive the recall race. Re-evaluate what you are doing, how you are doing it, how you are perceived by others and do you really have the votes to survive the recall race? If you think you do, then great. If you think you may need to work on a few things then do. If you truly believe you may not win the recall race then try to change, but only if you want to. You can almost always take charge of your success or failure. It is never to late!

Additionally, the truth is that if you have any doubt about not surviving the recall race, others may be thinking the same about you therefore winning the recall race may become a concern of yours some day.

Helpful tips on how to survive the recall race.

  • Know your role and expectations of the role. Don’t just survive, thrive, go beyond and exceed expectations.
  • Remember your behavior, results, attitude and successes count.
  • It is advised to learn how to build relationships both internally and externally. You always need supporters.
  • Your success can and does affect the company’s success.
  • It is important that the powers that be, at all levels like what you do, stand for,want to be on your team and want to be like you.
  • Be a leader or at least act like one. Be the best you can. Be known as an expert or as the expert of knowing how to get to the answers.
  • Inspire others, show passion, show the need and desire to succeed. Be able to make tough decisions.
  • Be a great listener. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is widely accepted these days to ask for help if you do not understand something. When you do ask the questions, know who to go to. Go to the expert and learn.
  • Learn from successful people. Choose a mentor who is knowledgeable, has what it takes to be the best. Begin to emulate their behaviors, attitudes and values. Often times these are the ones who could be helping you survive the recall race. These could be your supporters.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to your comments.


Sheila Greco


Looking for Retail Talent? Take a look inside of SGA ExecutiveTracker




SGA ExecutiveTracker has many strengths to include retail talent. Our retail clients have hired hundreds of buyers, merchandisers, store managers, store operations, planners and corporate management professionals.

SGA ExecutiveTracker is more than just a research & recruiting tool.   It is a compiled database of  names, titles, emails, biographies and direct dials.   It complements many Daas competitors and LinkedIn.

SGA ExecutiveTracker is not a technology company and does not use web scraping or data dumps to obtain contacts. All our contacts are verified  exclusively by one of   Sheila Greco Associates in-house research teams.

SGA ExecutiveTracker can be segmented by functions, industries, Fortune rank and has many frequent highlights as part of the solution. We track over 14,000 Companies that are part of such lists as  Fortune, Forbes,  Fastest Growing Companies and those that are leaders in their industries. We do not track every company, but many of major ones. We go deep into companies with information that is difficult to obtain and maintain!

In addition to SGA ExecutiveTracker retail strength, one of SGA’s  core strengths in the retail sector and our ability to map out many retailers top to bottom, (customized research).  Our clients have the opportunity to use this for recruiting, benchmarking and talent management.

Top Retailers – Let’s look inside SGA ExecutiveTracker

Wal-Mart, Kroger, Target, Walgreen, Home Depot, Costco, CVS Caremark, Lowes, Best Buy, Sears, Safeway. We cover corporate management and many, many levels below.

Below we highlighted some great merchandising talent that can be found in SGA ExecutiveTracker.

Linda Hefner Wal-Mart

Michael Donnelly Kroger

Kathryn Kathee Tesija   Target

Timothy L. Rose Costco

Grant Pill, & CVS Caremark News from

Bob Gfeller Lowes

Kelly Griffith Safeway

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you check out SGA ExecutiveTracker .

Sheila Greco

Fortune, Forbes, Best Of Breed Marketing Executives Featured Today by SGA ExecutiveTracker




SGA ExecutiveTracker is more than just a research & recruiting tool.   It is a compiled database of  names, titles, emails, biographies and direct dials.   It complements many Daas competitors and LinkedIn. It is not limited to just senior level executives either!

Hundreds of our clients have reaped the benefits of this powerful tool. Unlike many B2B contact competitors, SGA ExecutiveTracker’s claim to fame is if the information is wrong, it is corrected  at no additional cost! How is that for 100% client satisfaction?

SGA ExecutiveTracker is not a technology company and does not use web scraping or data dumps to obtain contacts. All our contacts are verified  exclusively by one of   Sheila Greco Associates in-house research teams.

SGA ExecutiveTracker can be segmented by functions, industries, Fortune rank and has many frequent highlights as part of the solution. We track over 14,000 Companies that are part of such lists as  Fortune, Forbes,  Fastest Growing Companies and those that are leaders in their industries. We do not track every company, but many of the major ones. We go deep into companies with information that is difficult to obtain and maintain!

For those clients who buy packages to our other services, SGA ExecutiveTracker  costs  as low as  $10.00 per day!  Check out  SGA ExecutiveTracker now.

Let’s take a look  inside  SGA ExecutiveTracker’s  senior level marketing executives from a few Fortune 100 Companies.

1. Stephen F. Quinn Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wal-Mart U.S.

2. A.J. (Alan) Kelly replaces Hal Cramer  as Hal retires, President Exxon Mobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialty Company.

3. Shariq Yosufzai, President, Global Marketing at  Chevron

4. W.C.W Chiang,  Senior Vice President, Refining, Marketing, Transportation and Commercial ConocoPhillips

5.  Kelli Parsons Senior Vice President Chief Communications Officer Fannie Mae

6. Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer General Electric

7. Berkshire Hathway Inc Marketing Done by Divisions

8.  Joel Ewanick   Vice President& Global Chief Marketing Officer General Motors

9. Anne Finucane,  Global Strategy & Marketing Office at Bank Of America

10. James D. Farley Jr.   Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales & Service Ford Motor Company

Lots of Executives In Between….Don’t Wait! Sign up today for SGA ExecutiveTracker to have access to all this great information!! Yes, depending on the package you buy, you could have access for as low as $10 per day! Call us 518 843-4611 ext 221 or email Sheila at

93.   Roger Starnes,  Vice President of Food Service Marketing Tyson Foods Inc

94.  Nancy Brennan Lund,  Senior Vice President Marketing Altria (Philip Morris Marketing is done by Division US Smokeless Tobacco Brian W.  Quigley.

95.  Jeffrey Hirsh, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Residential Services Time Warner

96. Judith Sim, Chief Marketing Officer   Oracle

97. Ian Hardgrove, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales   3M

98. Frances Emerson, Vice President,  Corporate Communications & Global Brand Marketing Deere & Company

SGA ExecutiveTracker, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who We Know!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco


Hiring From Outside The Organization – “Advantages”


Hiring From Outside The Organization.

Hiring from outside the organization is on the rise right now. As executives take a look at internal talent and decide to recruit from the outside a few housekeeping issues need to be understood.

1. Job Description needs to be created.

2. Realize recruiting is a process.

3. Busy executives need to be aware that time needs to be made for interviews.

4. Onboarding may need to be part of the equation for certain levels. Either way, new employees need to have some sort of training and orientation.

What does all this mean! Someone from within the organization needs to be part of the process. Even if you outsource recruiting and onboarding.

Anyway I am getting off topic. Hiring from outside the organization has its advantages and disadvantages. Today we will discuss the advantages.

1. New People – New Ideas – Force the company to look at and possibly rethink the way things are being done internally.

2. Not a lot of training may be needed. Should be talented!

3. No political ties. Can actually stir the pot. Get internal team energized, more competitive, on their toes…..

4. Opportunity to hire from the competition. If this is done you have access to the “inside scoop” and have talent that could truly benefit your company!

5. If a sales role is being filled, sales could increase right away! Bring a book of business with them. Definitely these people have contacts and are great networkers.

6. Talk about networking. New hires can lead to other hires who these professionals know! Reduce cost to hire too!

7. Could potentially rid the company of lesser talent.

Again these are my thoughts! Feel free to pass  yours along to us too. Stay tuned for the disadvantages of hiring from outside the organization.

Thanks for stopping by..

Sheila Greco



Are You Passionate About Your Work?

Are You Passionate About Your Work?

A Passionate Team is a Must for Managers.

Imagine a team of players with no passion for what they do.  Yikes – you may as well quit while you’re ahead if that’s the case. It is a proven fact that one bad egg can affect a team’s morale, results and ultimately affect the company and services the team provides.

With this in mind, when managers are taking a look at their next hire, one of the key questions should be “are you passionate about your work?”

Great teams are often comprised of people who are passionate about what they do.  These people don’t mind working hard, never feel entitled and respect and enjoy working with their teammates to create a cohesive/well-oiled machine.  Teams filled with passionate players feel a sense of success when the team wins and feels poorly together when the team fails. This is the type of team every manager dreams about.

I have been the proud owner of Sheila Greco Associates since 1989 and I am still passionate about what I do every day. I want to continue to create a strong work environment,  hire passionate team players and of course I want to surround myself with smart people who want to be part of our family and team.

I believe our success is because our players are driven by passion, the fear of failure and the desire to succeed.  Would I have done things differently as I built the business? Perhaps, but I must say the main reason our company is successful is because of the people I have on my team.

Below are a few tips that can either make you or your team more passionate and successful.

1.  First and foremost you must be self-motivated. If you are not, make yourself. You can do this! Passionate people whether doing something they love or not, can and do often succeed long-term!

2. Feel good about who you are, know your skill sets and be comfortable in your skin.

3. Don’t depend on everyone else, depend on yourself for success.

4.  Don’t be afraid to offer your 2 Cents in meetings. Participate, ask questions and offer suggestions.  Don’t just sit back, you can help create passion.

5. Try a new way of doing what you may consider redundant.  When it works tell your teammates about it.  Tweak it as a team and implement it. New ideas generate positive things.

6. Continue to learn something new everyday.

7. Find a piece of your job you enjoy the most and run with it.

Being passionate about your job can come to you if it doesn’t all ready exist.  We all definitely want to be able to say “I can’t wait to get to work. All I want to do is work, I love work” this may not be the case for everyone however passion is an emotion and emotions can be enhanced.

If you tried a few of my tips listed above and not feeling any better about your job, it might be time to reconsider what you are doing. If you love what you do, shout it out! Especially when you are asked by an internal manager or executive and of course if you are out interviewing!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sheila Greco