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Women You Need To Know From The Leading Online Trading Platforms & Stock Research Companies

SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Team Would Like To Acknowledge The Women Leaders You Need To Know In The Industry


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SGA Talent Introduces The Women In The Medical Device Industry You Need To Know


Since inception, SGA Talent has been helping organizations build more inclusive work places by continuously promoting and emphasizing the need to require both talent pools and candidate pipelines include diversity. We believe part of our responsibility to our partners is to continuously remind them that workplace diversity starts with hiring and the importance of including diversity as part of their overall recruiting strategy. That said, as we continue with our mission we carry on with building and maintaining engaged talent communities that include diversity. Part of doing this includes building our knowledge base of industry leading companies and the talent in the many industries in which we compete, always highlighting women. Part of our strategy is to create monthly industry reports to help with achieving our goals. This month’s report focuses on the Medical Device Industry and will be released next week so stay tuned.

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