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Stay Ahead Of The Rising Demand For Talent

Stay Ahead Of The Rising Demand For Talent

Be Ready To Make The Hire When The Right Talent Is Presented

Don’t Let Talent Slip Away

recruiting Needs To Be continuous

Keep networking. Keep the process moving forward.


People on the Move


We read it, hear about it and of course live it…. the war for talent is on. We are at the point where companies need to make hiring decisions fast and or faster than they have been accustomed to in order to compete for talent. Companies need to be in a position to make quick hiring decisions while making sure the hiring decisions are smart ones. The unfortunate part for those who act slowly, can result in watching the world-class talent  slip away go to the competition or simply become unengaged.

Hiring should not be stressful, or minimized by busy hiring leaders. Unfortunately sometimes hiring may take a back seat due to busy schedules, business obligations, the need to meet business goals and objectives. But none-the-less, as of late, we are seeing many hiring managers becoming fully engaged. When they are, the process couldn’t be better.

We all recognize that recruiting is not just about the recruiting process or recruiting strategy but really about hiring the right talent that will help position a company to compete and achieve positive results. Therefore when a search for a new employee is launched, it needs to be the focus of all involved. Otherwise it may result in an unsuccessful pursuit or loss of world-class talent.

Good luck to all.

Sheila Greco

Don’t Lose Best In Class Talent To The Competition – Candidates Will Have Options – Recruiting Efforts Will Need To Be Stepped Up


Recruiting Will Be Competitive This Year

Candidates Will Have Options

Best In Class Talent Will Be A Hot Commodity

Recruiting Will Need To Be Proactive

……..Reactive Recruiting Is So Yesterday


According to the Kiplinger Report, the job market in 2014 saw an increase of 2.953 million jobs with 2015 shaping up to do even more. It also reported that unemployment should fall to 5.3% by the end of 2015. Therefore, for many, especially recruiters, there is an enormous amount of positives to look forward to this year.

All of the industry indicators confirm that recruiting top talent will be competitive this year creating a marketplace where candidates will have options. With job openings expected to be on the rise, companies need to be aggressive with their recruiting efforts and recruiters need to be ready to perform in order to meet the market demands. It is all about the candidate this year and winning the war for talent. 

If you want to be a Recruiting Rock Star in 2015 you had better step your recruiting game.  Recruiters who want to succeed and exceed, must pay close attention to this year’s trends, the economy and every other detail that affects finding superior talent. In 2015, Best-in-Class recruiters have the opportunity to separate themselves from the pack by demonstrating tenacity and their creative approach to achieve the goal of winning the war for talent.  This year presents an opportunity for great recruiters to set the bar and establish themselves as recruiting geniuses and strategically position themselves as experts providing stellar candidates.

Rock star recruiting will require a proactive approach. Foresight and strategic planning will take center stage. Lazy recruiting tactics will no longer net even baseline results.  This year, unlike the past few years, will be the year where recruiters will need to identify, connect, vet and present qualified candidates quickly. Successful recruiters must focus their efforts on Proactive Recruiting.  Gone are the days of posting, waiting and hoping. I caution those slow to make the change, to be prepared to fall short of recruiting expectations.

Corporate executives and hiring managers will need to be mindful of timing and potential candidate options. It will be imperative for companies to react quickly and commit to qualified candidates before the competition does. Companies slow to hire in 2015 may find themselves losing top talent to their competitors which may have devastating effects on their competitive edge. Additionally, it should be noted, that by waiting, pausing or delaying talent acquisition, companies may unintentionally increase their costs for recruiting not to mention job vacancies being open a bit longer.

This is truly the year where timing is everything – Proactive recruiting, smart recruiting and aggressive hiring will ensure companies are securing best in class talent and not risking the loss of such talent to their competition.

Winning the war for talent in 2015 could reach insanity! Don’t let best in class talent slip away or for that matter, not be found. Step out of the comfort zone and aggressively seek the talent you want. Don’t find yourself competing with talent that is easy to find – the candidates everyone else is calling and those that are easily accessible. This is certainly the time to seek out the talent you want from the companies you want and recruit them! Find, Connect and Entice top talent! Tell them your story and how they may succeed at the organization you are recruiting for. Lastly, don’t forget to stay connected with them. Be sure to establish meaningful business relationships with these professionals. You just never know who will be your next hire…..

Want to win? Then step up your game! As the demand for talent heats up, it causes the supply to cool down. Unfortunately, this can mean that the process to recruit the best and the brightest talent may become a constant and costly battle. This is the year of change. It is a candidate-driven marketplace. Candidates will have options. Please do not limit recruiting efforts to reactive recruiting. This is the year that recruiting strategies will need to employ proactive recruiting strategies to limit candidates’ options and recruit them before the competition does!

Now, go get the best in class talent before your competition does. Candidates will have options.

Just saying!!

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


Tips for Recruiting Top Talent….Use The Right Recruiting Email Subject Line!

Identify, Connect, Vet and Present!

Recruiting is all about connecting!

Recruiters need both a great message and a strong recruiting email subject line in order to be successful.

Recruiters have found success using emails to connect with potential candidates. I am sure the results are directly related to having a recruiting email subject line that wants the potential candidate to read more.

As always I like to share email subject lines that have been successful for me. Please note these are the ones I used while recruiting a Vice President of Marketing.


1. Subject line: We have identified you as a marketing expert. I want to learn more about you, your career and possibly next steps.

2. Subject line: We have identified you as being one of the most talented in your space, lets network.

3. Subject line: As a marketing expert, I am interested in networking with you regarding a role we are working on.

Again be sure each email is personalized and has enough information regarding the role and the responsibilities. Having this information helps the professional with making the decision to learn more, refer or decline. If they decide to move forward and schedules a call, I make it a practice to send along the job specification and ask for their resume or biography prior to the upcoming discussion. I believe this results in having a productive conversation for both parties.

What recruiting email and recruiting email subject line works for you? Please share with us so we may use it too.



Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco


It’s No Secret – Recruiting Requires The Use Of The 3 T’s – Telephone, Tools & Technology

These 3 T’s  offer the powerful solution to identify, connect and recruit mission critical talent!

Boston City Flow

Once again we are setting the bar high for the industry. If you are not using the 3 T’s to create the potential talent pool, provide ways to connect with these folks, offer biographical information and of course presenting qualified candidates that are needed by your clients, then in my opinion you have not reached your full potential.


Telephone – It almost always ensures completeness. It provides such information as direct dials, emails, reporting relationships and current titles. It is accurate! This method also builds organization structure around professionals of interest and is certainly used to connect with potential candidates.

Tools – Recruiters love tools and as we all know there are many benefits associated with using tools. Such tools are SGA ExecutiveTracker, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. So be sure you are using the ones appropriate for each assignment but do not rely only on these tools to recruit.

Technology – The computer, the telephone (smart phone) and any other device that can help with identifying, connecting and recruiting the candidates.

Recruiting requires results and the 3 T’s can and do help with producing results.

Recruiting requires knowing the potential talent pool.

Recruiting requires the ability to have a number of ways to connect with people and knowing you need to use all of them.

Recruiting requires someone who believes that time is of the essence and knowing that you can never stop recruiting until the hire is made. No one said this job but it can be very rewarding!

Use the 3 T’s because recruiting requires it!

By using the 3 T’s there is no limit that can’t be reached. Check out an example of our research deliverable that produces a strong pipeline of candidates. example



Happy Hunting!


Sheila Greco


Join Us May 9th for a Free Webinar! SGA ExecutiveTracker the Other Great Recruiting Tool

Not Who You Know - Its Who We Know
Recruiting successes comes from proactive recruiting using name generation/passive candidate research & other tools to assist with getting to the right candidates. On May 9th, we will be offering  (3) free webinars that will show how we and our customers use SGA ExecutiveTracker as a resource. Thought we would share with you the wonders of SGA ExecutiveTracker because it seems to be a tool of choice amongst the customer base that is giving us a 93% renewal rate year over year.

We will also be showing examples of recruiting emails as well as effective voicemail messages, examples of research, tricks on how to do research, the value of passive candidate research and the value of quality data. Our goal is to help you, help your clients.

May 9 9:00

May 9 1:00

May 9 4:00

Sign up today at a time convenient for you.

Remember as recruiters, proactive ones, it is important that we use every channel available to reach out and connect with  potential candidates. Hope to have you join us.


SGA ExecutiveTracker – offering names not found on the internet.





What’s In Your Recruiting Bag?

Not all jobs are created equal.  Not all tactics or methods are created equal.  Building relationships and talent pipelines are still critical to reaching out to passive candidates and engaging them effectively.
Building talent pipelines, conducting research and sourcing will not be disappearing any time soon, due to social networking or utilization of the Internet. Technology along with tools that utilize smart technology is not replacing people or high touch recruiting techniques. SGA Talent believes there are limitations to all of these and a mixture of the resources produce the best results.

And yes certain methods and tools work better for some roles while others not so much.  Make sure you track and know which sourcing strategy and tactics will get you the best talent in the most efficient way. We agree some roles are in multiples and transaction oriented while others require a personal touch and require building relationships while networking. Know the difference and choose the method that is most successful to complete the task.

Data remains king.  There are many methodologies on how to collect and access data.  Data can also create blocks as time is of the essence and sometimes sorting through too much data slows the process.

SGA Talent clients utilize a number of our solutions to assist with their sourcing strategy, which include products that are not part of SGA Talent!  We agree LinkedIn, Sendouts, social media connections and networks are key to any sourcing strategy.  Including your own ATS  But the personal touch and effective communication still is a key role for any recruiter.

Therefore, don’t take to heart some of the recent articles/writings indicating that sourcing and research is no longer needed.

What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow but identifying talent utilizing all sourcing strategies (remember employee referrals!!)are still on the mind of our clients.The goal remains the same:  identify, engage, communicate, market, sell, assess objections and close the talent.  It’s a journey.

Happy Hunting and I look forward to your comments.

Best regards,

Sheila Greco




Sheila Greco Associates LLC is Now SGA Talent


Sheila Greco Associates, LLC is Now SGA Talent
Sheila Greco Associates LLC gets a New Name due to growth and commitment to provide new solutions to clients


Amsterdam, New York – Sheila Greco Associates LLC, one of the original recruiting/ research organizations changed its name to SGA Talent effective immediately.

“The reason we have changed our name is to better describe our continued client services growth to provide more solutions to secure talent in today’s market. We have been described as the most innovative talent finders in our industry, and continue to provide full service research and recruiting related services with the same commitment we have since 1989.” said Sheila Greco, President/CEO.

The move consolidates the company’s brand into a single cohesive global presence where all of the company’s services involve finding the right talent; Passive Candidate Research (also known as Name Generation, Talent Mapping, Organization Chart Development), Recruiting, Customized Competitive Intelligence, SGA ExecutiveTracker (the only compiled and verified B2B contact database), SGA Live and SGA HR Talent and SGA Retail Talent.

About SGA Talent:

The company’s unique business model addresses many needs constantly facing hiring managers. Our team consists of experienced team members with most having on average a minimum of 14 years with the company. The Company’s services map out the potential talent pool allowing the recruiting efforts to be focused, efficient and cost-effective. The proprietary technology of SGA ExecutiveTracker is a proven resource which provides recruiters with a name generation tool that provides emails, direct dials, and biographies of potential candidates and networking contacts.


Contacts: Sheila Greco, 518 843-4611, Ext. 221 –

Tere Masters, (518) 843-4611, Ext. 226 –

What is Trending in Recruiting?

What is Trending In Recruiting?



The latest game changers in recruiting are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many will say these resources or as I call them tools have revolutionized recruiting! So what lies ahead? “What Is Trending In Recruiting?”  It may only be for the moment, the day, the month and may or may not make the list next time.

Years ago there were limited options when it came to recruiting talent. Today there are many choices and resources so try to make it a point to explore the different choices and choose the ones that best fit our needs.

So, what is Trending  in Recruiting now?  Yes literally right now? Because Times They are a-Changin. Click on it, Bob Dylan’s YouTube Song….

So what Is Trending In Recruiting?

1. Corporate internal recruiting functions are growing.  These teams are often led by seasoned, ex-Executive Search professionals.  Year over year these teams are becoming more sophisticated, efficient and cost-effective.

2. Executive Search firms are experiencing a year-on-year fall in revenues of a -6% from Q2 2011 to Q2 2012, the quarter-on-quarter data highlighted an upward trend (+8.6%) for the first time since June last year.

3.  Recruiting from the competition is stronger than everStealth research is needed to do this.  Many agree that although social networks have proven to be great resources, a limitation is their ability to show a complete picture of the potential talent pool without further investigation. Traditional research is mostly used for this method of identifying the players at the competition.

4. Passive Candidates Only Need Apply! Still rearing its ugly head.

5. Transactional recruiting is on the rise. Can hires honestly be made without the human touch?

6.  Debates over the effectiveness of social networking recruiting continues and how ROI can be measured for such resources. LinkedIn is very very effective but the jury is still out with regards to Twitter and Facebook.

7. Not sure if the current corporate recruiting process can handle the upcoming demand.

8. The use of social media as part of the recruiting process will continue to be a trend for some time.   Recruiters and hiring managers use these tools for recruiting, researching, networking and verifying.

9. Too much data! Too many tools! When the demand for talent heats up will some of the social media tools survive? Ask yourself do the use of these tools actually help a lot, so-so or very little. Rate them now!

What are the trends you are seeing? We would be very interested.

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


The Value of Hiring Best-Of-Breed Talent!

Retailers Want Best-Of-Breed Talent!

The Importance of  Best-of-Breed Talent To the Retail Industry!


There is no question about it; there is a difference between good talent and best-of-breed talent.  My focus today is on the retail industry. Why?  Keep reading to find out! 

The retail industry as a whole is in the midst of a talent war.  Faced with high turnover, access to mediocre talent, the cost of training and trying to retain talent continues to rise thus negatively affecting the cost per hire for some retailers.  Similar to other industries, retailers are now finding it necessary to create a cohesive relationship between the talent management and talent acquisition teams. Many retailers now believe that In order to be successful on a long-term basis, recruiters need knowledge, access to best-of-breed talent and a process that allows the recruitment of these individuals to be in place. It has been proven that great companies are made up of great people; therefore it makes it very important to find and recruit best-of-breed talent at every level.

Where do recruiters get this knowledge?  They get it from the competition and companies who have hired previous employees from these firms.  The knowledge comes from knowing who the talent is and having access to that talent. The nice thing about knowledge like this is that it can be shared with  talent management professionals and used in a variety of ways.   Let me tell you that retailers who employ these strategies have very low-cost per hire numbers.   I know because we continue to help them.  This strategy does work.

For years my firm has assisted retail clients with identifying top talent.  As the assignments roll in, I continue to preach that there is talent and there is best-of-breed talent. What is the difference you ask?  Well, for starters qualified talent can do the job and perform its day-to-day tasks. Okay you may say.  Best-of-Breed talent is different! These professionals can excel within the organization and have high potential to grow and advance, as well as positively affect the productivity of their team(s) as a whole.  Hiring this type of talent can also lead to lower turnover if continued internal growth occurs.

Retailers have come to understand the importance of a process driven recruiting strategy and how critical it is to be sure there is a strong candidate pipeline of best-of-breed candidates to choose from.  Beyond contrary belief this is even occurring at a variety of levels to include store managers, buyers, not just manager levels and above.  The result is hiring “the right professionals” while hiring the “right candidates” who want to be part of a winning company.  This in turn can and will reduce employee turnover over time.  Retailers are not any different from other industries. In fact because most retailers do have such heavy turnover that maintaining and hiring the best talent can be at times more difficult. But now understanding the value of hiring best-of-breed talent at every level, will long-term have a positive impact throughout the company in a variety of ways.

Many believe turnover can be reduced by creating a work environment that offers career growth, continuous learning, development, having a career nurturing superior, team support, receiving recognition, respect and having a feeling of autonomy.  All of these things are true, however I continue to believe that none of these things matter if you don’t start with hiring the best-of-breed talent at every level. 

Don’t stop now! Each hire needs to be looked upon as a great hire, not just someone filling a role.  Great hiring also starts with having access to great people.  We advise our clients when hiring not to just focus on filling the current role, but to find future leaders, those who can be part of the company for a long time. As we all know, this strategy can positively affect the talent management needs too. It allows great talent to have continued growth within the organization. 

I believe that talent management is no longer a luxury to be focused on senior leaders and managers, but must be viewed as essential and integral part of corporate sustainability and long-term growth.

Why retail? The exciting news for everyone in the retail industry is that SGA Talent, A Sheila Greco Associates Company has created a private retail networking community where best-of-breed vetted out talent (passive candidates) can have access to opportunities as they become available before they even hit job boards. Over the next few months we will begin reaching out to many best-of-breed professionals to join our exclusive community.

If you would like more information on our invitation only retail network, please contact me at (518) 843-4611 ext 282 or via email at

Happy Head Hunting! 

Sheila Greco



Using the right recruiting email to recruit. Customize the recruiting email each and every time!

The recruiting email!

There is the Direct Recruiting Email and A Networking Recruiting Email. They need to be different.

Who is receiving the email? Each message needs to be specific to that reader. In order to be successful when using email as part of the recruiting process you need to know who you are sending the letter to and the message that you believe will yield the most responses.  Yes portions of the letter can be the same, but it still needs to be customized.

Recruiters love to network and so do “smart” professionals. I love sending out recruiting emails because we have had much recruiting success using this type of method.   What I love most about it, is the fact that often times great referrals and candidates are the results of these efforts, as well as connecting with others who can potentially be future candidates and networking buddies!  Returned or forwarding recruiting emails are like presents to me! I can’t wait to see the goodies  inside!  In a recent study of our recruiters performances we discovered that on average 87% of our messages are answered within 24 hours. Wow staggering numbers that we all get excited about.

So obviously we are believers in this type of method. Although we are also believers in the fact that you answer any email within 24 hours as well.  Okay, Before we can begin our email recruiting efforts, we need to have superior data. Yes the information needs to be accurate. This includes having access to the right potential candidate pool with emails and direct dials to be used later, as well as having access to those we wish to network with.  You heard it here first folks, there is nothing worse than having a bounced email. I hate it!!! It slows me down and frustrates the heck out of me. Anyway, assuming we have the right contact and the right email associated with the contact the fun can begin! The following are a few email recruiting messages we use.  Enjoy!

Networking recruiting email subject line suggestions.

Subject line: As a thought leader in your industry I was hoping to network with you regarding a recruiting assignment we are embarking on.

Subject line: We are recruiting for a Vice President of Sales and I would very much like to network with you.

Subject line: I would very much like to network with you, as I have become aware of the fact that you are a well-regarded professional in your industry.

Subject line: We are recruiting best of breed professionals in your space, let’s connect and network!

Subject line: I am very interested in connecting with you to discuss an opportunity I am working on.

The Direct recruiting email subject line suggestions.

Subject line: We have come to recognize that you are a star amongst your peers. I am a recruiter and would like to connect with you.

Subject line: We are recruiting a sales superstar and we are interested in connecting with you.

Subject line: As a well-regarded professional in your space, I am interested in learning about you and your future goals.

Subject line: We have been asked by our client to find/recruit a superstar and we want to connect with you.

Email Examples. (Let’s assume we are recruiting a Regional Sales Manager for a Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing company located in Chicago. The recruiting email template that may be used:

Example of Networking Recruiting email.

Good morning Tom (always address the recipient), hope all is well with you. As a thought leader in your industry I was hoping to network with you regarding a recruiting assignment we are embarking on. ( I like to use what I stated in the subject line, but you don’t have to, I just prefer to). We have been asked by our client to identify a best of breed, super star sales person for the Midwest region and was hoping you may know of someone.

We are looking for a hunter, one who has a passion for selling, customer service, and is self motivated by the desire to exceed his/her own goals as well as the goals set by the company. The client is in the business intelligence and data warehousing space. (rarely do we say who the client is in this introduction email)

Realizing you are a busy person, would there be a date and time I may reach back out to you that may work? Otherwise please feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to it. Additionally, if you wish, you may also pass this email along to others you may think may have an interest. Again thank you and have a great day!

Example of Direct Recruiting email.

Good morning Tom (always address the recipient), hope all is well with you. We have been asked by our client to identify a best of breed, super star sales person for the Midwest region. We are looking for a hunter, someone who has a passion for selling, customer service, and is self motivated by the desire to exceed his/her own goals as well as the goals the company has set for them. Ideally this individual will have a minimum of 8 years experience as well as a bachelor’s degree. Our client is a highly regarded company in the business intelligence and data warehousing space.  (rarely do we say who the client is in this introduction email)

During the course of our research, we have identified you as being top amongst your peers and I would very much like to connect with you regarding this great opportunity. Not sure this may or may not be for you, due to timing or you may be doing very well  right where you are. Either way I would really like to connect with you to learn more about you and your career goals.

Realizing you are a busy person, would there be a date and time I may reach back out to you that may work? Otherwise please feel free to contact me directly at any time.  I look forward to our conversation. Additionally, if you wish, you may also pass this email along to others you may think may have an interest in this. Again thank you and have a great day!

That’s all for today folks but there is more if you want me to send them to you.

Happy Hunting!
Sheila Greco