SGA Talent Presents The Top Leaders in Workday You Need To Know

Since inception, SGA Talent has been helping organizations build more inclusive work places by continuously promoting and emphasizing the need to require both talent pools and candidate pipelines to include diversity. We believe part of our responsibility to our partners is to continuously remind them that workplace diversity starts with hiring and the importance of including diversity as part of their overall recruiting strategy. That said, as we continue with our mission we carry on with building and maintaining engaged talent communities that include diversity.

Today we would like to introduce the highly-accomplished women you need to know in Workday. If you click on their name, it will take you to their public profile. Thanks to all of you for paving the way for the women coming up the ranks behind you.

Robynne Sisco: Co-President and Chief Financial Officer

Leighanne Levensaler: Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Ashley Goldsmith: Chief People Officer

Emily McEvilly: Chief Customer Officer

Sheri Rhodes: Chief Information Officer

Carrie Varoquires: Vice President, Global Impact and President, Workday Foundation

Karen Minicozzi: Vice President, Presales

Barbara Cosgrove: Vice President, Chief of Privacy

Julie Sweet: Chief Executive Officer

Amy Fuller: Chief Marketing Officer & Communications Officer

KC McClure: Chief Financial Officer

Ellyn Shook: Chief Leadership & Human Resource Officer

Lisa Schuder: Managing Director, Workday Global and US Lead Alliance

Kathy Karich: Workday Higher Education Practice Leader

Cathy Milazzo: Principal, Higher Education, Workday Leader

Virginia M. (Ginni) Rometty: Executive Chairman

Michelle Browdy: Senior Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, and General Counsel

Diane Gherson: Senior Vice President and CHRO

Christina Montgomery: Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer

Michelle Peluso: Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Bridget van Kralingen: Senior Vice President, Global Markets

Wendy Nieto: Chief Financial Officer

Heather Cola: Vice President, Human Resources

Carole Hall:Vice President, Talent Development

Kelly Brunsman: Senior Director, Strategy & Execution

Christy Malone: Director, Consulting Services

Carole Ferrand: Chief Financial Officer

Livia Taylor:  Manager, Lead Workday Solution Architect

Susan Guerra: Executive Vice President, Global Portfolio

Bonnie Dowler: Chief People Officer

Antonia Plazibat: General Counsel

Danielle White: Vice President, Global Customer Engagement

Amy Bjarnason: Chief Operating Officer

Amy Seibel: Chief Financial Officer

Liz Immel: Partner, Workday Financials

Nicole Ortiz: Associate Director, Workday Advisory Services Practice Leader

Carla Christofferson: Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Mary E. Finch: Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Vickie Carvajal: Practice Principal

Tricia Myton: Managing Director

Maria Smith: Chief Financial Officer

Lynnmarie Mann: Principal – ERP Strategy & Delivery Director

Debbie Ricci: Chief Financial Officer 

Lynne Doughtie: Chairman and CEO

Martine Ferland: President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercer. Vice Chair, Marsh & McLennan Companies

Gail Evans: Chief Digital Officer

Jackie Marks: Chief Financial Officer

Rian Miller: Vice President and General Counsel

Melissa Prusher: Vice President, Global Marketing

Rebecca Workman: Vice President, Operations

Beth Maxim: Executive Director, Operational Excellence

Kerri Perusse: Executive Director, Finance and Administration 

Jennifer Soloway: Director

Jill Sandberg: Director, HCM Services

Cailun (McCarty) Suarez: Workday Senior Manager

Rachel (Doctor) Evers: Workday Senior Manager

Cay Gliebe: SVP, Marketing and Product Development 

Jane Huston: SVP, Human Resources

Diane Youden: Global HR Technology Leader – Workday, PwC US

Jodi V. Kudelko: Workday Engagement Delivery Lead

McKenna Kozeny:Human Capital Consultant II

Katie Rooney: Chief Financial Officer

Maria Yao: Chief Operations Officer

Andrea Armstrong: Chief of Staff

Jennifer Phariss: Workday Data Solutions Practice Area Lead

Congrats to all who made the list! We look forward to being here for all of you!


Sheila Greco

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