SGA Talent Presents The Highly Accomplished Women Leaders in the “World of Anaplan.” 

As a minority owned business, SGA Talent continues to a leader in both the recruitment research and recruiting industries with an expertise in the professional services. For quite some time our focus has been to identify, pipeline and recruit top talent with experience in Analplan, Workday, Hyperion, AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Google, Mulesoft and SAP. As we continue our efforts, we also continue to emphasize the importance of diversity in each talent pool and candidate pipeline. We are also proud to say we have been awarded by several of our partners as their #1 Diversity Recruitment Research and Recruiting Partner.

In keeping with our mission,  today we are excited to acknowledge the highly accomplished women leaders in the “World of Anaplan.” Congrats to all who made the list and thank you for paving the way for the many women you all continue to advise as well as mentor. For now we invite you to click on each of these highly successful professional’s name to learn about each of their journeys. Again congrats!

Ana Pinczuk: Chief Development Officer, Anaplan

Marilyn Miller: Chief People Officer, Anaplan

Klarissa Marenitch: Chief Information Officer, Anaplan

DeAndra Jean-Louis: Vice President Partner Strategy and Programs, Anaplan

Sue McKinney: Senior Vice President, Cloud Platform Engineering and Development Transformation, Anaplan

Linda Moss: Vice President, Anaplan Academy, Anaplan

Julie Sweet: Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

Amy Fuller: Chief Marketing Officer & Communications Officer, Accenture

KC McClure: Chief Financial Officer, Accenture

Ellyn Shook: Chief Leadership & Human Resource Officer, Accenture

Amy Cochran: Managing Director- North American Finance & Performance Analytics Lead, Accenture

Michelle Turner: Senior Manager-Finance & Enterprise Performance, Accenture

Michelle Parmelee: Chief People and Purpose Officer, Deloitte

Penny Stoker: Global Leader of HR Services, EY

Suzanne Bouhia: Americas Chief Communication Office, EY

Tony Clayton-Hine: Chief Marketing Officer, EY

Colleen Pietrobono: Principal, EY

Nicolina Saporito: Managing Director, EY

Julie Ziemer: Solution Leader, Akili

Joyce Sellers: Solution Leader, Akili

Sara Lee McLindon: Solution Architect, Akili

Tracey Baxter: Partner/Global Alliances Executive, Allitix

Kerry Veitch: Human Resources and Talent Management, Cervello

Susanna Lenox: Finance Director, Cervello

Barisa K. Johnson: Director, Cervello

Andrea Vaughn: Director, Cervello

Wendy Wen: Senior Manager, Impetus Consulting Group

Emily Salter: Director, Lionpoint Group

Lucy Hur: Chief People Officer, Slalom

Michele Bleser: VP, Information Technology, Slalom

Sarah Katz: Partner, Spaulding Ridge

Elizabeth Schaffer: Director, Spaulding Ridge

Jill King: Founder & Chief Financial Officer, Twelve Consulting Group

Elizabeth Ward: Director of Delivery, Twelve Consulting Group

Megan Henderson: Head of Internal Operations, Twelve Consulting Group

Aarial Ferguson-Henderson: Senior Business Solutions Consultant, Voiant

Patricia Hoerig: Senior Consultant, Accelytics

Monique Rupert: Vice President, Supply Chain Planning, Barkawi Management Consultants

Andrea Vaughn: Director, Barkawi Management Consultants

Michele Tezer: Principal, End to End Analytics

Marietta Harvey: Vice President & Global Head of Human Resources, Enquero

Heather White: Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Genpact

Stacy Simpson: Chief Marketing Officer, Genpact

Christine Lattanzio: Communications and Change Leader, PwC

Shannon Schuyler: Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer, PwC

If you are interested in downloading a copy of our latest report: “SGA Talent Presents Anaplan’s Partners & Leadership Teams, please click  here

As you know, we continue to be here for all of you.

Best regards,

Sheila Greco

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