SGA Talent Acknowledges These Highly Accomplished Women Leaders In Artificial Intelligence

As we prepare to release our latest study, “SGA Talent Takes A Look Inside the Top 46 Artificial Intelligence Companies”, we wish to acknowledge the very talented women leaders who were identified during our research efforts.

As with all our studies, the information gathered includes industry leaders, key players, specific company information to include management teams, live links to profiles, as well as other valuable information. This particular report contains all the above as well as, investor information, top 7 industries using Artificial Intelligence, hottest jobs, highest paying roles, and stock reports of the companies which are traded.

We invite you to click on the link below the map to download a copy of the report. Enjoy!

Download a copy of this report by clicking on this link.

Now it is time to say Congrats to the following women leaders and professionals that are highlighted in our AI Industry report. We wish you continued success!

Milan Lee: Chief Strategy Officer – AIBrain

Milan Lee: Chief Strategy Officer – AIBrain

Amy Holtzman: Senior Vice President, Marketing – AlphaSense

Jenna Heasley: Head of Talent Acquisition – AlphaSense

Beth Galetti: Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Amazon

Laura Safdie: Chief Operations Officer – Casetext

ML Maco: Chief Revenue Officer – Cognitive Scale

Jennifer Crowe: Chief Financial Officer – Cognitive Scale

Patricia Prince Taggart: General Counsel – Cognitive Scale

Kendall Collier: Vice President, People – Cognitive Scale

Yinglian Xie: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer – DataVisor

Fang Yu: Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer – DataVisor

Priya Rajan: Vice President, Marketing – DataVisor

Kathleen Avery: Head of Talent – DataVisor

Lila Ibrahim: Chief Operating Officer – DeepMind

Abigail Bates: Head of People & Culture – DeepMind

Ruth Porat: Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer – Google

Eileen Naughton: Vice President, People Operations – Google

Lorraine Twohill: Chief Marketing Officer – Google

Sally Mortimore Doherty: Vice President, Marketing – Graphcore

Ingrid Burton: Chief Marketing Officer – H20.AI

Virginia Rometty: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – IBM

Michele Browdy: Senior Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, General Counsel – IBM

Diane Gherson: Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer – IBM

Michelle Peluso: Senior Vice President, Digital Sales, & Chief Marketing Officer – IBM

Claire Dixon: Corporate Vice President, Chief Communications Officer – Intel

Michelle Johnston Holthaus: Executive Vice President, General Manager, Sales, Marketing & Communications – Intel

Sandra Rivera: Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer – Intel

Anita Schjøll Brede: Chief Executive Officer – Iris.AI

Maria Ritola: CCO – Iris.AI

Olga Egorsheva: Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder – Lobster

Maria Iontseva: Design Director & Co-Founder – Lobster

Kathleen Hogan: Executive Vice President, Human Resources – Microsoft

Amy Hood: Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – Microsoft

Cassidy Shield: Vice President, Marketing – Narrative Science

Jennifer Haroon: Chief Operating Officer – Nauto

Heather Ames: Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer – Neurala

Tanya Miller: Vice President, Research & Delivery – NextIt

Jen Snell: Vice President, Product Strategy & Marketing – NextIt

Jane O’Donnell: Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources Officer – NextIt

Colette Kress: Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – Nvidia

Jamie Strnisha: Director of Operations & Customer Success – One Model

Victoria Peppiatt: Chief Operating Officer – Phrasee

Michelle Davies: Vice President, People – Phrasee

Marianne Slamich: Head of Marketing – Pointr

Amy Weaver: President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, General Counsel & Secretary – Salesforce

Barbara Humpton: Chief Executive Officer – Siemens

Ann Fairchild: General Counsel & Secretary – Siemens

Liz Kozinski: Vice President, People Operations – Sift

Chi-Chi Liang: Vice President, Marketing – Sift

Karen Cambray: Chief Financial Officer – Tamr

Melissa Campbell: Chief Revenue Officer – Tamr

Colette Freeman: Chief People Officer – Tempus

Vanessa Rollings: Chief Financial Officer – Tempus

Audra Evans: Vice President, Marketing – Tempus

Jane Xu: Director, Human Resources & Operations – Tencent

Karyn Smith: General Counsel & Corporate Secretary – Twilio

Sara Varni: Chief Marketing Officer – Twilio

Jasmine Phua: Director, Human Resources, Visenze 

Judy Ho: Business & Finance Controller, Visenze 

Liying Iris Wang: Chief Operating Officer – X.AI

Einat Eckstien: Vice President, Human Resources – Zebra Medical Vision

Shari Salomon: Vice President, Products – Zebra Medical Vision

Aicha Evans: Chief Executive Officer – Zoox

Judy Gilbert: Chief People Officer – Zymergen

Enakshi Singh: Vice President of Finance – Zymergen

Again congratulations to each of you on your success and journey!

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