Flexible Recruiting Options

SGA Talent combines a continuum of recruiting services into a completely integrated solution that can be customized to meet each of your needs.

  • On-Demand Recruiting
  • Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Recruiting
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Flat Fees
  • Container Search  ($5,000 retainer)
  • Contingency
  • Diversity Candidate Pipelining

Our goal is to be an extension of your recruiting team and never to replace it. We select and combine from our continuum of services to develop the exact solution your recruiting challenge demands.

There is no need to lock into long-term contracts, commitments, or huge monetary agreements. Consider us your on-call recruiting resource, ready to step in with the timely and flexible solutions you need.

With every assignment, our proven process typically starts with recruitment research.  Our internal research team carefully creates a complete, robust talent pool of potential candidates, using methodologies beyond just social media and public sources.

Our approach ensures recruiting efficiency and enables us quickly to present qualified and interested candidates, along with all the data needed to make an informed hiring decision.

We don’t charge success or prohibitive project fees.   Instead, we charge only for the time we work. In almost all situations, our clients dramatically reduce cost per hire, paying on average between only 5% to 12% of the hire’s first-year total salary.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable team of experts, who believe that time is always of the essence, are cost conscious and results driven, then SGA Talent is the answer.  We look forward to creating a recruiting package that fits your needs.

On-Demand & Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Recruiting

SGA Talent’s On-Demand recruiting solution is designed to be very flexible, offering specific services for a defined period. Clients most often use this service for sourcing, pipeline development and/or full life cycle recruiting. With these services, our clients only pay for the hours worked and receive all the information that was developed during the recruiting process for each talent pool created. Analytics are always provided for these services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In most cases, our recruitment process outsourcing provides specific service that are designed to improve what our client is already doing for recruiting, or simply work with the internal recruiting team to do more. We do not replace any client’s recruiting team, we partner with them. Clients most often use this service for recruitment research, pipeline development, and full life cycle recruiting.

Container Search/Contingency

A Container Search is a hybrid recruiting service between two common models: contingency and retained. Our clients pay an upfront fee which acts as a deposit, to be used toward the success fee of 20%.

Flat Fees

Paying a flat fee, at an agreed upon cost, versus paying a percentage of a hire’s salary, is clearly more cost-effective, delivering great value for money. Generally speaking, flat fees are used when companies are recruiting for multiple candidates with similar skill sets, or are experiencing hiring spikes.

Opportunity Hiring/Diversity Candidate Pipelining

Depending upon our clients needs opportunity hiring and diversity candidate pipelining can be continuous or in anticipation of changing needs. Since inception, SGA Talent has been helping organizations build more inclusive work places by continuously promoting and emphasizing the need to require both talent pools and candidate pipelines include diversity. We believe part of our responsibility to our partners is to continuously remind them that workplace diversity starts with hiring and the importance of including diversity as part of their overall recruiting strategy. We look forward to helping you too!


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