Recruitment Research A Recruiting Alternative To Executive Search and Contingency

Recruitment research is a research first, methodical recruiting solution used as an alternative to executive search.  It is a recruiting strategy that combines both research and recruiting, offered as a bundled solution that can be scaled as well as priced accordingly.  In addition to cost savings, this solution creates recruiting efficiency, provides real time intelligence, focuses on diversity and offers the ability to compare/contrast potential candidates ensuring only the most qualified candidates are presented. Recruitment research doesn’t stop at just recruiting, it also supports candidate pipelining and succession planning projects.

In our 32nd year, we are proud to say that in 1989, our team at Sheila Greco Associates LLC, now SGA Talent wrote the research playbook and today we are writing the recruitment research playbook explaining how recruitment research is the winning talent solution that empowers any recruiting team. Recruitment Research, the other recruiting alternative.

Recruitment Research is:

Fast – Because we typically present 3-6 candidates within the first two weeks from the launch date.

Cost Effective – The average cost per hire is between 5-11% of a hires’s base salary. In case you didn’t know, there is never a success fee attached to each hire.

SGA Talent’s Research team provides real time, actionable data to ensure recruiting efficiency. This information provides data so that the recruiter can proactively recruit by calling, texting, emailing, inviting, connecting and inMailing potential candidates quickly.


The above is an example of SGA Talent recruiting activity showing the current candidate pipeline that is shared weekly with the client.

To see more on recruitment research, we invite you to download September 24 Webinar video.

SGA Talent, we help our clients build better teams without the big fees

Case Studies

Medical Device Client 

A leading medical device company was expanding their sales teams and needed our help. In a short period of time our research team created a talent pool of over 700 potential candidates and our recruiters presented 42 candidates and were responsible for 37 hires. The average cost per hire was $5300.00

Chemical Manufacturer 

Our client sought Production Managers for three of their manufacturing plants. At the request of our client we researched 20 competitors to build a strong talent pool that resulted in 3 fast hires. Cost per hire $6400.00

Professional Services Client 

Our client is looking to increase the number of female partners for their firm and asked our team to assist their talent acquisition team with candidate pipelining. As the example below shows, our research team identified a talent pool of 751 professionals to include 150 female partners. Once the research was completed our team was tasked with building an engaged talent community of female partners and present interested qualified candidates. Total cost for research was $10,000. As of September 2020, SGA Talent is on a monthly retainer to continue our candidate pipeline efforts. To date, the cost per hire has been less than 7% of the Partner’s base salary.


Insurance Client

Our client is a leader in the insurance industry and was facing a talent crunch at the executive levels.  Our role was to create organization charts of the C-Suite and four levels down at 12 competitor companies. This information was used for both current and future hiring. The average cost per hire has never exceeded 9% of the hire’s base salary.

In addition to providing candidates, we also provide all the data that is gathered during the process. This includes research. A few example are below.

Organization Chart Example

Excel Recruitment Research Example 


Diversity Recruitment Research