Do you need candidates yesterday?  Let our SGA Talent experts be deployed in a “pit crew” approach, to ensure your immediate needs are met quickly. Our promise is to deliver specific results within a locked in time frame and cost.

What is Recruiting On-Demand Express?

SGA Talent’s Recruiting On-Demand Express delivers a high quality targeted candidate pipeline in just 3 days. Often used when a qualified potential candidate pipeline is needed fast or additional candidates need to be added to an existing pipeline. It is designed for mid-level to junior level candidates, not executive level candidates.

How Recruiting On-Demand Express Works:

Recruiting requests can be submitted online or by calling us. If a request is submitted online we will still  follow up with a call from one of our team members within 24 hours of the request.  The call will be used as a project “kick-off call” to discuss your recruiting process, candidate requirements, musts, needs and wants.




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