Hiring From Outside The Organization – “Advantages”


Hiring From Outside The Organization.

Hiring from outside the organization is on the rise right now. As executives take a look at internal talent and decide to recruit from the outside a few housekeeping issues need to be understood.

1. Job Description needs to be created.

2. Realize recruiting is a process.

3. Busy executives need to be aware that time needs to be made for interviews.

4. Onboarding may need to be part of the equation for certain levels. Either way, new employees need to have some sort of training and orientation.

What does all this mean! Someone from within the organization needs to be part of the process. Even if you outsource recruiting and onboarding.

Anyway I am getting off topic. Hiring from outside the organization has its advantages and disadvantages. Today we will discuss the advantages.

1. New People – New Ideas – Force the company to look at and possibly rethink the way things are being done internally.

2. Not a lot of training may be needed. Should be talented!

3. No political ties. Can actually stir the pot. Get internal team energized, more competitive, on their toes…..

4. Opportunity to hire from the competition. If this is done you have access to the “inside scoop” and have talent that could truly benefit your company!

5. If a sales role is being filled, sales could increase right away! Bring a book of business with them. Definitely these people have contacts and are great networkers.

6. Talk about networking. New hires can lead to other hires who these professionals know! Reduce cost to hire too!

7. Could potentially rid the company of lesser talent.

Again these are my thoughts! Feel free to pass  yours along to us too. Stay tuned for the disadvantages of hiring from outside the organization.

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