wonderful time speaking at’s Online Recruitment Conference & Expo

I had such a wonderful time speaking at’s Online Recruitment Conference & Expo last Tuesday, September 9th in Chicago!

A standing room only crowd made it a great place to speak. That attendance was a great testimonial to the high level of interest in the market regarding Traditional Research, and the great job done by the Onrec team in attracting the right attendees. The audience reaction kept me thinking about how we need to share with everyone the importance of using Traditional Research as part of a strong recruiting and search process.

We also were a sponsor of the event, having an exhibit on the floor enabling myself and SGA executive team members Mary Maines, Peter Malamas, and Joe Morse, to meet with attendees to advise them on SGA products and services.

My phone has been ringing off the hook since the event, by folks wanting to learn more about the use of Traditional Research and of course I am always happy to helpl Keep the calls coming and register here if you are interested in a copy of my Onrec presentation.

The venue itself was a wonderful one and the entire speaking list was impressive. All attendees that I spoke with gave the event a thumbs up! Great job Tim Hartrich  and RD Whitney at Onrec!

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