Calling, emailing, texting potential candidates

What came first the chicken or the egg! We know calling came first….but as a recruiter what do you do first? Call or email?? I prefer to email then call. How about you? But I must say finding emails and email formulas can be sometimes challenging. AND email formulas do not always work, but can be worth the try.
Recruiters do agree that by using both emails and calling potential candidates as part of the recruiting process can and does result in a winning solution.

If you are looking for email formulas (again sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but worth the try!)…. search SGA ExecutiveTracker for free!!!!

It’s a little-known fact that searching for email formulas on SGA ExecutiveTracker is entirely free! (S(5efiz545c10b2abij1eqh545))/UserLogin.aspx

If you see a company we don’t have a formula for and you do, please forward it on to us and we will test it and post it when it works!!! Call me or email me privately if you wish at 518 843-4611 ext 221 or sgreco@sheila

So do you like to call first or email first. Love to learn about what you do and why!!!

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