Using The Telephone To Recruit Can Be Well Worth The Call


















Using The Telephone To Recruit Can Be Well Worth The Call

Using the Telephone To Connect and Recruit Can Be Very Effective When Making Important Decisions

Using The Telephone Is A Traditional, Easy, Relevant Way To Recruit

Using The Telephone Typically Produces Immediate Results

Use The Telephone To Recruit And You Will See Its Many Benefits


The telephone is not just a vehicle used to connect and recruit professionals, but also a great resource used to make important recruiting decisions. Someone’s voice, demeanor and how well someone communicates can either help or hurt a potential candidate’s candidacy. Therefore when you use the telephone to recruit, be sure to listen to what the person is saying and how they are saying it.

When using the telephone to recruit it can be a great resource to learn about a potential candidate’s wants, needs, desires as well as an understanding of their long-term and short-term goals. Communicating via the telephone¬†evokes an immediate personal response allowing a potential candidate to express emotions through their voice while being interactive and of course confidential. It is one of the easiest ways to build a relationship through speaking rather than an email or in mail. ¬†Recruiters can use a resume or profile as a door opener, but a conversation reveals a lot more about the person. Therefore using the telephone to recruit is a proven resource that should be used when recruiting and seeking out rock stars.

As you use the telephone to recruit let me provide you with a few suggestions:

  • Answer a returned call promptly – keep to the 24 hour rule
  • Be sure to use the person’s name whenever practical but don’t overuse it
  • Allow your smile and friendliness to come through the phone – be personable
  • Since everyone’s time is valuable be sure be mindful of this – don’t be afraid to ask the question; is now a good time for you to speak?
  • If someone is interested or you are very interested in them, be sure to use this time to get to know them and they get to know the role you are recruiting for
  • Have your list of questions ready so the call can be productive for all parties involved
  • Listen-potential candidates have lots of questions
  • Be sure to promptly follow-up to any correspondence, stay connected and engaged
  • Provide timely feedback whether it is good or bad, just be honest these candidates could be your next client
  • Keep your conversations confidential for you should be a recruits trusted professional partner

Good luck using the telephone to recruit. Now go call and connect with future candidates before your competition does.


Sheila Greco


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