Trending Today….The Importance of Having Access To External Talent and Intelligence

Is your team exploiting the benefits of having access to external talent and external Intelligence?

Or are you part of the group that only recruits talent and is not interested in Intelligence?

In 2014 all involved with talent acquisition, talent management and human resources will realize the importance of linking talent and intelligence.

This year is all ready starting out to be an interesting and an exciting year. It is the year where the economy is expected to grow, employees become more interested in exploring new opportunities outside of their current organizations thus causing all involved with recruiting, talent management and human resources in general, to be able to react and perform accordingly and successfully.

This improved economy also means corporations will be hiring, investing in their employees and comparing internal talent to external talent. The importance of doing all three should result in the creation of building strong internal talent with the ability to successfully compete in a variety of ways and levels. In order to do this task, the company and the players involved with this exercise will need to have access to both external talent and intelligence. It will also require having a strong talent acquisition strategy and results driven recruiting process that delivers.

So as I see what is trending today and this year is to have access to external talent and intelligence. It has been done and continues to be done by many of the best of breed companies as well as many industry leaders. For human resources the need to have access to organization charts to include diversity information and salary information will be a necessity.

Of course it is all about the team that is pulled together to do monumental, yet important task. Just as important will be the fact that there is a strong leader in place who can handle this. He/She must be ready to manage, set goals for each player, and have the ability to arm the team with information and tools necessary to succeed.

From a recruiting standpoint there needs to be strong engagement between human resources, recruiting teams and the hiring managers, but just as important is having access to the talent that no one else may have. Once this data is compiled and available to both the talent management and talent acquisition team this invaluable information will prove to provide differing benefits specific to each. The data should not be limited to just mapping and producing organization charts of the companies of interest but have additional intelligence as direct dials, emails, profiles and salaries. Brilliant and powerful!


Org Chart Example


External Talent and Intelligence…….

Every corporation needs it!

Every human resources professional needs it too.

It’s logical, it is a necessity!


Sheila Greco



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