Transparency Within An Organization Builds Trust

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As a leader of a small company I believe in transparency within an organization. I believe that the more my employees know, the more successful they will be and the company will be.  Being honest, transparent and upfront can and does create trust. I was once told by my Father that transparency is very important to any company ( he too  owned a few small businesses) because transparency  fosters trust and trust amongst the team ultimately creates success!

Trusting a leader, each other, believing in the same goals, being able to reach those goals as individuals and team players leads to success both short-term and long-term.  It’s the realization that one person cannot do anything as well as a cohesive, trusting team can do.  As a leader, I can say that  it is much easier to move a mountain with teams that  are “on-board” and  supportive of each team player’s abilities than to complete the goal alone.

Leaders need to be accessible, need to be open and honest with all the players. It is important that the team players are honest and open with each other and the leader. Leaders cannot be afraid to share with the team the overall strategy of the company, what is expected of each player, each project, the results desired and the importance and need to trust each other each and every time.

Overall, team players need to be on board with the decisions the leader has made.  Some decisions can be made as a team, while others need to be made by the leader themselves. Many successful team players are creative, willing to learn, not afraid to share amongst the team what they have learned and also willing to be open to tell. Each team player needs to be accessible, upfront and trust each other. To hold it all together each team member needs to behave in such a manner that displays passion, interest in succeeding and playing well in the sandbox while treating each other fairly.

Having a transparent team atmosphere has a tendency to show weaknesses within the team too. Displaying weakness within the team either allows one to change a team member’s position to something they are more suited for or it will make those decide that this isn’t for them and move on. This is okay long-term!

Transparency within an organization does not just happen. It takes time. It starts with the leaders implementing this strategy and it needs to be embraced by each team player. Sharing information amongst the team is a must for this to work. Not everyone feels comfortable openly sharing what they know, it may seem like one is going against what they have been taught but it becomes imperative that everyone be open for transparency to work. This is a learned behavior, I think.

If transparency exists within your organization hats off to you. If it does not, think about how you may want to introduce it.

Have a great day!

Sheila Greco

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