Traditional Research Still Rules! & the AESC Researcher Summit in NYC

What a nice show we had at the AESC Researchers and Associates Summit: Go for the Gold – Finding the Perfect Candidate in Today’s Market, held in Manhattan last Thursday Sept. 18. I really enjoyed it. Its nice to see old friends and meet new ones.

I especially enjoyed the panel discussion on Research methodologies and loved the statistics that were referenced. Like the panel members and much of the AESC members in the conference audience, I ALSO believe that the telephone is still the best way to do research and recruit. We absolutely need a foundation of traditional research to do our jobs most effectively! Direct contact and telephone networking (part of the traditional research methodologies that we employ at SGA) is still essential as an information gathering tool.

This year I am making a conscious effort to get THIS word out…

For many of the newer Professional Researchers just entering the field, especially for those younger professionals who have grown up in the
"post-Internet" age that are just entering the field of Professional
Research, there is a huge reliance ONLY on the internet as the primary source for candidate sourcing. The internet is an awesome and powerful tool for us as Research Professionals, BUT … it’s important to realize that traditional research techniques are still essential! NOT EVERYONE IS ON THE INTERNET!

Using Traditional Research as part of your recruiting process helps you build long term relationships with your clients. Let’s face it… our clients are not just looking for a transaction oriented recruiter, which is so "yesterday". Today, our clients want a strategic partner, a go-to person who is an expert. YOU NEED TO CONSTANTLY BE ADDING VALUE FOR YOUR CLIENTS!

I have been in the recruiting world for over 20 years and have experienced highs and lows along side the industry, and there are a few things that continue to stand the test of time; the relationships that the recruiter develops with clients, the successful reputation that results from satisfying the clients’ ever changing needs, and the historical knowledge base that the recruiter brings to the table regarding the clients’ industry and talent pools available for each assignment.

This year I have made a concerted effort to bring traditional research to the forefront of recruiting and communicate how important it is to the future of recruiting.  Most would agree that without great research a search for the "best of the best" cannot be accomplished.

Time and time again I hear that fully employed professionals are NOT looking for jobs, these top notch "passive candidates" are too busy working to put their information on the internet. So, having said that, why not use the powerful combination of Traditional Research AND the internet to best serve your clients?

What is traditional research? It is simply a recruiting methodology used to uncover potential candidates from a talent pool requested by the client. By using traditional research *you* build the knowledge and can know that when you are presenting a pipeline of candidates that you are not only presenting the best, but choosing them from the specific targeted list your client requested. 

Please respond and comment, and let us know how you feel. I would love to have you blog with us.

If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our team leaders directly.

Thanks again and happy "head hunting".

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