Last Week’s Top 5 Recruiting Email Subject Line Descriptions

We know recruiting emails work!

Statistics show recruiting emails need to be part of the recruiting process.


Last week while recruiting here are the top 5 recruiting email subject lines that produced the best results.

1. I am interested in networking with you regarding a systems engineer role. Let’s connect.

2. As a thought leader I am interested in speaking with you regarding a role you may be interested in.

3. As a sales superstar I am interested in speaking with you regarding your next career move.

4. Heard you are exceptionally talented. I am a recruiter, let’s connect.

5. We are recruiting sales professionals and you have been identified as a star. Let’s connect.

We compete for talent daily and the need to have access to top talent is only part of the success equation. In order to start conversations with those professionals of interest you need to get their attention from all the noise out there. We have discovered that by creating effective recruiting email subject lines actually increases the response rate. Be sure you have what you consider a good recruiting email subject line so you too can get the results required to fill the pipeline with exceptional candidates and of course it needs to be done yesterday. What recruiting email subject lines work for you?


Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco




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