The Importance of Engaging & The Art Of Conversation As A Recruiter & Recruit

As A Recruiter We Need To Engage

As A Recruit You Need To Engage

Whether you are a recruiter or recruit you do have a lot to say. Conversations allow us to share what we want and need to.  Just to be successful in life one needs to master the art of  conversation and  engagement! I believe that hands down those who engage and are great communicators in general have a huge advantage over those who are quiet, offer up one liners and only answer questions when asked. This can be true both inside and outside of the corporate world.

Let’s face it, as recruiters our job is to find the best of breed talent during the recruiting process. We need to stand out from the recruiting crowd. We want to be the ones the potential candidates call back  and want to connect with. We  need to engage a potential candidate, by creating an interesting story about the job we are recruiting for as well as how exciting the opportunity is and the importance of the role to the company. I always say, people will listen if you give them something good to listen to.

With recruiting,  a little teaser about the position can be a good way to engage. Personalizing the message adds a nice touch as well. You can do this even if you don’t know the person. It shows them you took the time and want to speak to them with regards to the position.  If the recruiter is engaging and a good conversationalist, it makes it easier for the candidates to tell their stories.

Candidates you need to be engaging and master the art of conversation. You have a lot to say. You need to tout your experiences, your successes, your achievements, your passion for what you do. You need to tell the recruiter why they want you and why you will be good for the open position. Talking about yourself is about the easiest thing to do. You know it, you lived it and you should be proud of your successes! So tell a good story. Take the time to create it. Prepare!

Over the next week or so, I will be discussing my experiences as a recruiter and the different types of recruits I have recruited over the years. Sharing this information I hope will help all of you. Lastly, I would love to hear your experiences…..


Have a great day!

Sheila Greco




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