The Best Advice I Ever Got

In our business we are constantly being asked for advice and always listening to the advice we are given! I must say that my mother always said to listen and digest the advice being given, even if you don’t do everything that you were advised to do, because you may need to look back at it someday and use it. To me, that is the best advice I ever got and it forever helps me.

Here are my Top 10;

1. In high school I was told if you are going to play softball, any sport, or just be successful in life, always be prepared, ready and give it 110% the moment you step on to the field.

2. In college, you play like you practice!

3 While on vacation with my dad he said ( my first one in my first job), when you work, you work hard,  when you have vacation time you take it and enjoy it!

4. In first job, I was mentored by 2 Procter & Gamble hot shot sales guys, who said in order to succeed, you need to set your individual goals vs what the company has set for you…….

5. My accountant always says……you can love your peers, your clients, your competitors etc, but business is business and you are in business to make money.

6. It is what it is!!! And don’t forget that.

7. Before you speak, be sure you think ……you cannot take back what you said or what was heard!

8. A friend, an advisor and mentor continues to say, you can take one of two roads….. the one which is planned and strategically created or the road that has no direction which can lead to disaster

9. Allow your team to dream, be creative, think out of box AND make mistakes The results are usually the development of new services, enhanced methods and a positive workplace.

10. Don’t forget you are a mother first!

Obviously there are so many more. What are yours. Please let us know. Tag you are it!

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