It’s No Secret – Recruiting Requires The Use Of The 3 T’s – Telephone, Tools & Technology

These 3 T’s  offer the powerful solution to identify, connect and recruit mission critical talent!

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Once again we are setting the bar high for the industry. If you are not using the 3 T’s to create the potential talent pool, provide ways to connect with these folks, offer biographical information and of course presenting qualified candidates that are needed by your clients, then in my opinion you have not reached your full potential.


Telephone – It almost always ensures completeness. It provides such information as direct dials, emails, reporting relationships and current titles. It is accurate! This method also builds organization structure around professionals of interest and is certainly used to connect with potential candidates.

Tools – Recruiters love tools and as we all know there are many benefits associated with using tools. Such tools are SGA ExecutiveTracker, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. So be sure you are using the ones appropriate for each assignment but do not rely only on these tools to recruit.

Technology – The computer, the telephone (smart phone) and any other device that can help with identifying, connecting and recruiting the candidates.

Recruiting requires results and the 3 T’s can and do help with producing results.

Recruiting requires knowing the potential talent pool.

Recruiting requires the ability to have a number of ways to connect with people and knowing you need to use all of them.

Recruiting requires someone who believes that time is of the essence and knowing that you can never stop recruiting until the hire is made. No one said this job but it can be very rewarding!

Use the 3 T’s because recruiting requires it!

By using the 3 T’s there is no limit that can’t be reached. Check out an example of our research deliverable that produces a strong pipeline of candidates. example



Happy Hunting!


Sheila Greco


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