Talent Pipelining – Think of It As An Insurance Policy


Candidate Pipelining – Saves money and time not to mention allows you to hire from a prequalified, vetted and engaged talent pool.

Most companies are experiencing recruiting challenges due to low unemployment, lack of skilled talent, competition in the marketplace, the fact that candidates now have options and the list goes on. With that said, think about employing talent pipelining as part of your long-term recruiting strategy and keep you recruiting efforts continuous! With the war for talent front and center your company really can’t afford not to include talent pipelining as part of the plan.

Don’t wait for mission critical roles to become vacant. Be prepared. Proactive candidate pipelining is one way to stay ahead of the talent game and offers a variety of benefits to include: hiring the ideal candidate versus the best candidate, shorten the recruiting cycle and reduce hiring costs. By maintaining an engaged, vetted, candidate pipeline your company is prepared to respond to critical roles that unexpectedly become open or when a hiring spike occurs. Think of talent pipelining as an insurance policy- an investment into the future to protect the company from a potential unexpected talent crisis or occurrence. You never know when your best talent may walk out the door. I like to think of talent pipelining or proactive hiring as an effort that allows a company to preemptively put a plan in place before a hiring manager experiences a problem.

Beyond the obvious – talent pipelining has shown proven value far beyond cost savings, time to hire and obtaining the ideal candidate versus the best. It also allows you to:

  1. Evaluate skilled talent who is part of a vetted, engaged talent pool
  2. Beat the competition and have access to talent that is so very sought after
  3. Make opportunity hires or use this information for succession planning
  4. Compare and contrast to your company’s internal talent
  5. Reach talent outside of your company’s network
  6. Have access to and proactively recruit diverse skilled talent

Just fill one role and I assure you it will prove to be well worth it.

Just saying…..

Sheila Greco







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