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Would You Survive The Recall Race For Your Position Within Your Company? Sheila Greco wants to know…

Do you have what it takes to survive the recall race?

Do you have supporters?  Those who believe in you and your abilities?


You are being evaluated every day. In order to survive the recall race, you need to first know your role in the organization, understand expectations of the role and how it plays out within the organization. Once you know this, you can help yourself thrive and survive the recall race within your organization.

For your self-evaluation of where you could possibly stand today, you may want to start asking yourself of few of these questions.

  • Have you recently been promoted?
  • Have you been given a salary increase lately?
  • Have you survived the company’s downsizing or right sizing activities?
  • Have you been asked to be part of a winning team?
  • Have you won a big or new account lately?
  • Have you exceeded company expectations as well as your individual ones?
  • Are you on the company’s “A”  list, known as a star amongst your peers, subordinates, company decision makers and executives?
  • Do you have the knowledge and skill sets needed to survive in your current role? How about the next role?
  • Were you passed on for a recent promotion opportunity?
  • Are you considered a “solid”employee, and not an exceptional one?
  • Have you taken a salary decrease due to poor performance or because you are not part of the “A’ Team or on the company’s “A” list?
  • Are  you considered a doer, not a leader?

Be honest with yourself. Would you survive the recall race?

Big Question; Would you hire yourself for the role you are in now? Do you have what it takes to fill the role you are currently sitting in? Do you possess the talent, skill sets and knowledge required for your role? Do you have what it takes to be exceptional in your role?

Who are you? Are you a good employee or a valuable one? Compare yourself to your peers. Others probably are. How are you perceived within the organization? Perception is reality. Isn’t it? Do you have a positive and winning attitude? Are you trustworthy? Able to get the job done when asked and when not asked? Are you considered a leader? Possess leadership skills? Are you a team player looking for the next challenge? How are you at team building and building relationships internally and externally? Are  you a passionate about your job? These are in my opinion a few key factors that are used when considering who can survive the recall race? Ask yourself, would my boss, team,  peers, subordinates support me in the role I am currently in or would they choose the other guy/gal?

Be honest with yourself. Learn how to survive the recall race. Re-evaluate what you are doing, how you are doing it, how you are perceived by others and do you really have the votes to survive the recall race? If you think you do, then great. If you think you may need to work on a few things then do. If you truly believe you may not win the recall race then try to change, but only if you want to. You can almost always take charge of your success or failure. It is never to late!

Additionally, the truth is that if you have any doubt about not surviving the recall race, others may be thinking the same about you therefore winning the recall race may become a concern of yours some day.

Helpful tips on how to survive the recall race.

  • Know your role and expectations of the role. Don’t just survive, thrive, go beyond and exceed expectations.
  • Remember your behavior, results, attitude and successes count.
  • It is advised to learn how to build relationships both internally and externally. You always need supporters.
  • Your success can and does affect the company’s success.
  • It is important that the powers that be, at all levels like what you do, stand for,want to be on your team and want to be like you.
  • Be a leader or at least act like one. Be the best you can. Be known as an expert or as the expert of knowing how to get to the answers.
  • Inspire others, show passion, show the need and desire to succeed. Be able to make tough decisions.
  • Be a great listener. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is widely accepted these days to ask for help if you do not understand something. When you do ask the questions, know who to go to. Go to the expert and learn.
  • Learn from successful people. Choose a mentor who is knowledgeable, has what it takes to be the best. Begin to emulate their behaviors, attitudes and values. Often times these are the ones who could be helping you survive the recall race. These could be your supporters.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to your comments.


Sheila Greco