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Use The Corporate Email To Recruit – It Works!

Don’t just post, recruit! Use the corporate email to recruit.
Don’t just tweet, recruit! Use the corporate email to recruit.

Using the corporate email to recruit gets results!

Use The Corporate Email to recruit, to get the results you are looking. Recruiting and connecting with emails seems to be in the best way to connect with recruits according to a recent study conducted by SGA Talent.

It was discovered that recruits respond quicker to a recruiting/networking email via a corporate email versus personal, text, twitter or making a connection via an in mail. But don’t forget the phone call either for over 50% still like the phone as a way to communicate. Our findings are the results of a study we conducted with 100 of our most recent recruits! Enjoy!

1. Corporate emails are traditionally read and responded to within one business day therefore the recruiting email is probably read within this same time period. Often times a response to this recruiting email for the active/interested recruits can be within hours of the email, yes hours. Otherwise it is typically the next business day. For the networking professionals it can be delayed a bit, but at least it is read.

2. Workers are always at work – Who do you know that is not constantly checking their emails these days? It is a given since there are a variety ways to remain connected, not to mention it is almost EXPECTED by many leaders that their work force be accessible. Over 90% of our respondents said that it has become a habit to check emails when they are away from the office. Many said they are obsessed and wished they could walk away, but can’t.

3. Texting a candidate is okay, but texting someone you don’t know is not! According to 68% of our respondents this way of an introduction can be annoying and intrusive.

4. Once connected, many candidates prefer an email 83% while 17% prefer texting.

This study was conducted with the sole intention of discovering the best and most efficient way to reach and connect with a potential candidate quickly. With our findings we will certainly continue to use the corporate email to recruit and you probably should too! Let us know how you do when you use the corporate email to recruit!

Happy Hunting!

Best regards,

Sheila Greco

SGA Talent