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Recruiting It’s All About Your Networks & Creating Strong Engaging Talent Communities

From the desk of Sheila Greco, Chief Executive Officer SGA Talent

As a talent advisor, networking needs to be part of your long-term success strategy.  It needs to be an activity that is part of your total recruiting effort. Just like creating a talent pool and reaching out to potential recruits to build strong candidate pipelines, asking professionals to be part of your networks or talent communities should be part of what you do too. I traditionally ask people to join my network in my initial outreach because I believe it is a nice way to end a message or note. You too can try that.  But if they don’t connect right away, and you really want them to be part of your talent communities/networks, circle back later, after the hire is made, letting them know your interest in them being part of your network. Also, as you build your talent communities be sure to choose your connections carefully, requesting only those who make sense as well as those who you believe will see the value of the connection. Please take note that building strong networks takes time—- some take weeks, months or years. But, whatever the timeframe, the time to start is now. Long term, if you want to be successful in our industry, it’s all about who you know and who knows you.

The Value Of Your Networks

Business networking and more specifically recruiting networking involves making connections not only with likely recruits or potential clients, but with those who you feel will be good for referrals for both people and business. Basically, it is all about creating trusting relationships and friendships with other businesspeople that can be mutually beneficial. It is also a great way to continue your education because you can learn from others as well as exchange ideas. Often these open discussions result in building strong bonds and trust.

Staying Connected & Being Accessible

Staying connected means to personally interact with your connections with outreach and responding to their inquiries- remember it is a two-way street. Engaging with your connections can be as easy as asking them to network with you, answering their requests, sharing relevant meaningful information or simply just catching up. It truly depends upon the existing relationship as well as how much engaging you want to do to stay connected, but it must be done. Engagements can be done on an ad hoc basis, scheduling a face to face meeting or call. Reaching out on average 3-5 times per year is typically more than enough allowing one of the touchpoints to be during the holiday season. Staying connected and accessible should not be a full-time job but part of it!

Building Talent Communities To Help Build Your Own Brand

It is good to be mindful that your talent communities were not created just to fill roles but a chance to highlight you as an expert, a thought leader as well as a resource for career advice, career movements and potentially business. Networking amongst your community has been proven to be linked to many measures of professional success. In building your brand, feel free to show the world you are an expert by sharing what you have learned during your daily activities. Sharing can be simple— It can be done in an email, with a call, a text and of course through social media. Compared to years ago, where there were limited networking mediums, social media today actually amplifies the ability to network endlessly and authentically. As I do use social media, I still prefer to send email messages, even pick up the telephone or shoot a text to share some highly relevant content. Be sure to share intelligence with your connections, it will be well worth your time.

Build, Cultivate, Engage  

You And Your Networks Are Your Best Recruiting Tools

Creating and cultivating engaged talent communities are a must for those yearning for a long-term successful career in recruiting. Tapping into your networks as you begin to fill your open roles is a great place to start your search and a great way to stay connected as well as engage with your connections. Employing this strategic approach to recruiting can shorten the time to present qualified candidates as well as cultivate, maintain and grow your talent communities. Once someone agrees to join a network most understand and have agreed in some form to be open to networking, listening as well as potentially moving for the “right” position so please don’t hesitate to reach out to them as often as it makes sense. As you continue to build, cultivate and engage I encourage all of you to use your networks as you recruit top performers.

I See The Value Of Building Networks and Being Part Of Them

Having been in the recruiting business for many years I have been fortunate enough to have built many networks and talent communities as well as being asked to be part of just as many, in both scenarios, I discovered as well as experienced the many benefits of doing so. With that said, I thank my early mentors for setting the mission to make networking part of my daily routine to build my personal brand and to showcase our company. Today it continues as I try to be there for my inner circle networking members for support, to listen, react and to be a valuable resource. I encourage all of you to make networking efforts part of your daily activities.

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Fortune, Forbes, Best Of Breed Marketing Executives Featured Today by SGA ExecutiveTracker




SGA ExecutiveTracker is more than just a research & recruiting tool.   It is a compiled database of  names, titles, emails, biographies and direct dials.   It complements many Daas competitors and LinkedIn. It is not limited to just senior level executives either!

Hundreds of our clients have reaped the benefits of this powerful tool. Unlike many B2B contact competitors, SGA ExecutiveTracker’s claim to fame is if the information is wrong, it is corrected  at no additional cost! How is that for 100% client satisfaction?

SGA ExecutiveTracker is not a technology company and does not use web scraping or data dumps to obtain contacts. All our contacts are verified  exclusively by one of   Sheila Greco Associates in-house research teams.

SGA ExecutiveTracker can be segmented by functions, industries, Fortune rank and has many frequent highlights as part of the solution. We track over 14,000 Companies that are part of such lists as  Fortune, Forbes,  Fastest Growing Companies and those that are leaders in their industries. We do not track every company, but many of the major ones. We go deep into companies with information that is difficult to obtain and maintain!

For those clients who buy packages to our other services, SGA ExecutiveTracker  costs  as low as  $10.00 per day!  Check out  SGA ExecutiveTracker now.

Let’s take a look  inside  SGA ExecutiveTracker’s  senior level marketing executives from a few Fortune 100 Companies.

1. Stephen F. Quinn Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wal-Mart U.S.

2. A.J. (Alan) Kelly replaces Hal Cramer  as Hal retires, President Exxon Mobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialty Company.

3. Shariq Yosufzai, President, Global Marketing at  Chevron

4. W.C.W Chiang,  Senior Vice President, Refining, Marketing, Transportation and Commercial ConocoPhillips

5.  Kelli Parsons Senior Vice President Chief Communications Officer Fannie Mae

6. Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer General Electric

7. Berkshire Hathway Inc Marketing Done by Divisions

8.  Joel Ewanick   Vice President& Global Chief Marketing Officer General Motors

9. Anne Finucane,  Global Strategy & Marketing Office at Bank Of America

10. James D. Farley Jr.   Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales & Service Ford Motor Company

Lots of Executives In Between….Don’t Wait! Sign up today for SGA ExecutiveTracker to have access to all this great information!! Yes, depending on the package you buy, you could have access for as low as $10 per day! Call us 518 843-4611 ext 221 or email Sheila at

93.   Roger Starnes,  Vice President of Food Service Marketing Tyson Foods Inc

94.  Nancy Brennan Lund,  Senior Vice President Marketing Altria (Philip Morris Marketing is done by Division US Smokeless Tobacco Brian W.  Quigley.

95.  Jeffrey Hirsh, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Residential Services Time Warner

96. Judith Sim, Chief Marketing Officer   Oracle

97. Ian Hardgrove, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales   3M

98. Frances Emerson, Vice President,  Corporate Communications & Global Brand Marketing Deere & Company

SGA ExecutiveTracker, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who We Know!

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Sheila Greco


The Art Of Listening & Learning!

The Art of The Conversation!

Do We Really Listen & Learn When We Converse!

You need to.  In Chapter 4 we take you through the Evaluation & Selection process.  As we begin to make decisions as to who the “A” Players are, conduct deeper dive interviews, have the candidates tell us why they should be considered, it is also important to compare and contrast the potential candidates to each other.  The only way we can do this well is to really understand who the candidates are and how they will not only perform in the role but how they will do as a whole within the organization, with the team and will it be a win-win situation for all involved.  I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to listen to what the candidates are saying. Conversations will take you back to college, learn about where they grew up, why they went to a certain college, chose the career they did, and the moves they made in their career. Then you talk to them about their own long and short term strategies, where they see themselves in five years, seven and ten years in the future. Learn about what they do when they are not working. What are their hobbies and interests just to name a few. As you are doing this you need to listen, digest, understand and learn about each  candidate. This in turn will help you the recruiter to make the tough choices as to who you will be filling the pipeline with.

Have fun and learn, listen, evaluate and select!

Telephone Sourcing Tip of the Day

Only 1 out of 2 people tell you what you need!

Telephone Sourcing

Fresh Passive Candidates for your next searchLooking for someone specific? The perfect title? Just pick up the telephone and with a positive attitude as best you can on the telephone, ask for the leader of the team and to be connected to that person. When you get there, ask for the team members. If they give you the names, don’t stop asking.If they don’t try again another way. Our experience shows that 1 out of 2 people talk. Good luck and happy hunting!!!