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SGA Talent Releases Our Latest Study”Who’s Who in Big Data & Robotic Process Automation”

We at SGA Talent conduct studies and reports to learn as well as to stay ahead of the competition.  Due to our multiple service offerings, it has become necessary for us to continuously research and gather data in a variety of industries because of the nature of businesses constantly subject to change. As for this industry and because of the very nature of it, changes tend to be more frequent, more rapid and often more dramatic. As talent intelligence and recruiters in this space, it is our obligation to our clients, candidates and of course our team to be in the know! As we do, we gain important knowledge that puts us far ahead of our competitors. It is our goal to continue to be aware of not only the talent in this space but also the many changes that occur company by company. Sometimes changes are simply talent related, driven by transformations happening in their own customers’ environments, internal industry related or the result of new technology developments. One thing is for sure: the need to follow, track and stay informed of these changes is a must. Our answer to this is to continuously gather intelligence, recruit, connect, network and be advisors to both our clients and potential candidates. As Talent Advisors our goal is to be sure both our clients and our candidates make the right choices! For our clients we want to be sure they get the best candidate and for our candidates we want them to be sure they join a company that is right for them! We are passionate about doing the right thing!

Our Report & What We Learned

  1. More Women Leaders Are Needed In This Space . As a leading diversity recruiting partner to a number of companies, we often take a look at the women leaders in everything we do. So today we want to share with you the exceptional women leaders in this space. Not a comprehensive list of exceptional women leaders in this industry, but only those who are leaders in the companies we researched. See the list below.
  2. Men Continue To Secure The Chief Executive Officer Spot. Surprisingly 100% of The Chief Executive Officers From the Companies In This Study Are Men.
  3. Consider a career in this industry….its hot! As part of our information gathering stage we discovered a few hot jobs in this space; Data Scientists, Developers, Top Performing Sales Executives, RPA Architects and Engineers, Developers, Consultants (all levels), Business Intelligence Developers, Business Analysts and overall many strong leaders .

We hope you find value in our findings. To download a copy of our full report, click on the link below.

Before you download a copy of our report, let’s congratulate these successful women leaders in this space. 

Melissa Ribeiro: Chief People Officer, Actian

Emma McGrattan: Senior Vice President Engineering, Actian

Pamela Fowler: Vice President, Global Support and Managed Services, Actian

Olivia Duane Adams: Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx

Ashley Kramer: Senior Vice President, Product Management, Alteryx

Emma Beaumont: Chief Marketing Officer, ANTWORKS

Vikki Sly: Chief People Officer, blueprism

Stacey Goff: Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer, CenturyLink

Lisa Miller: President Wholesale Indirect Channels & Alliances, CenturyLink

Maxine Moreau: President of CenturyLink’s Consumer Markets Division, CenturyLink

Laurinda Pang: President of International and Global Accounts Management, CenturyLink

Britt Sellin: Senior Vice President, Human Resources, cloudera

Cate Lochead: Chief Marketing Officer, Datastax

Christina Monzon-Le: Head of Global People Operations, Guavus

Dr. Silvia Veronese: Senior Vice President Global Customer Success, Guavus

Marie-Rose: Vice President of Finance & Planning, Guavus

Eva Andres: Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Juniper Networks

Kathleen Delaney: Chief Marketing Officer, KOFAX

Julie Shafiki: Chief Marketing Officer, Kryon

Michal Gershon-Sobol: Vice President Human Resources

Lynne Scheid: Senior Vice President of Human Resources, KOFAX

Marge Breya: Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Microstrategy

Sangeetha Mohan: Marketing & Communications, Mu Sigma

Debra McCowan: Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, NetApp

Beth Gaspich: Chief Financial Officer, NICE

Shiri Neder: Executive Vice President, Human Resources NICE

Adriana Bokel Herde: Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer, Pega

DeLisa Alexander: Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer, Redhat

Kirsten Kliphouse: Senior Vice President and General Manager of North America Commercial Sales, Redhat

Lori Spence: Chief Human Resources Officer, riverbed

Rebecca Hazard: General Counsel, riverbed

Jenn Mann: Executive Vice president & Chief Human Resource Officer, SAS

Rebecca Blank: People Operations, Softomotive

Tendu Yogurtcu: Chief Technology Officer, Syncsort

Lisa Crawford: Chief Human Resource Officer, Syncsort

Laura Nyquist: General Counsel & Chief Human Resource Officer, teradata

Reema Poddar: Chief Product Officer, teradata

Marie Myers: Chief Financial Officer, UiPath

Amy Fliegelman Olli: Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, VMWare

Terry Pauzer: Chief People Officer, 1010DATa