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Women You Need To Know From The Leading Online Trading Platforms & Stock Research Companies

SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Team Would Like To Acknowledge The Women Leaders You Need To Know In The Industry


As we prepare to release our latest report : “Who’s Who Amongst The Leading Online Trading Platforms And Stock Research Companies” we would like to acknowledge these inspiring women in the industry. Please take the time to click on each name to recognize each of their achievements. 

We also invite you to download a copy of our full report…


Congrats to all who made the list!

Fidelity Abigail Johnson: Chief Executive Officer

Fidelity Maggie Serravalli: Chief Financial Officer

Fidelity Mary Beth Romero: Head of Employee Relations 

TD Ameritrade Karen Ganzlin: Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

TD Ameritrade Kim Hillyer: Managing Director, Corporate Communications

Tastyworks. Kristi Ross: Co-Chief Executive Officer & President

Charles Schwab Catherine Casey: Executive Vice President, Human Resource

Charles Schwab Catherine Golladay: Executive Vice President, Workplace Financial Services

Charles Schwab Neesha Hathi: Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer

Charles Schwab Lisa Kidd Hunt: Executive Vice President, International Services and Business Initiatives

TradeStation Jessica Pione: Vice President, Human Resources

RobinHood Gretchen Howard: Chief Operating Officer

Nasdaq Adena Friedman: President and Chief Executive Office

Nasdaq Stacie Swanstrom:Executive Vice President, Corporate Solutions

Nasdaq Karen Snow:Senior VP and Head of Listings and IR Intelligence Sales for the Eastern Region

Dow Jones Kamilah Mitchell-Thomas, Chief People Officer

Dow Jones Natalie Cerny, Chief Communications Officer

Dow Jones Nancy McNeil, Chief Revenue Officer

Dow Jones Suzi Watford:Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer

Dow Jones. Tracy Corrigan: Chief Strategy Officer

S&P Global Martina Cheung: President

S&P Global Courtney Geduldig: Chief Public and Government Affairs Officer, S&P Global

S&P Global Nancy Luquette: Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, S&P Global

S&P Global Dimitra Manis: Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer, S&P Global

S&P Global Ashu Suyash: Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CRISIL, S&P Global

Bloomberg Elizabeth Mazzeo: Chief Operating Officer

Refinitiv Debra Walton: Chief Revenue Officer

Refinitiv  Emily Dimiceli: Chief Customer Operations Officer

Refinitiv Eileen Lynch: Chief Marketing Officer

Refinitiv Andrea Remyn Stone: Chief Customer Proposition Officer




Thomson Reuters Mary Alice Vuicic: Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

OTC Markets Kristie Harkins: Chief Marketing Officer

OTC Markets Lisabeth Heese: EVP Issuer and Information Services

OTC Markets Bea Ordonez: Chief Financial Officer

Fox Business Suzanne Scott: Chief Executive Officer, FOX News Media

Fox Business Lauren Petterson: President, FOX Business

Fox Business Lily Fu Claffee: Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Head of Compliance

Morningstar Bevin Desmond: Head of Talent & Culture

CNBC Deirdre Bianchi: Senior Vice President, Program Strategy and Acquisitions

CNBC Tricia Pomeroy: Chief Financial Officer

CNBC Angi Seitzer: Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Etrade Kelly Geerts: Director & Advanced Solution

Etrade Bevely Lowe: Vice President, Business Operations

Etrade Kate Winget: Senior Vice President, Head of Gradifi

Wells Fargo Muneera Carr: Executive Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, and Controller

Wells Fargo Mary Mack: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer of Consumer & Small Business Banking

Wells Fargo Amanda Norton: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Wells Fargo Ellen Patterson: Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Wells Fargo Julie Scammahorn: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor

News Corp Susan Panuccio: Chief Financial Officer

News Corp Antoinette Bush: Global Head of Government Affairs

News Corp Tracey Fellows: President, Global Digital Real Estate

News Corp Anoushka Healy: Chief Strategy Officer

News Corp Dana Ritzcovan: Chief Human Resources Officer

Merrill Deb Ruick: Head of Merrill Edge Client Services

Merrill Tracy Mazzoni: Head of Merrill Edge Client Management

Ally invest Andrea Brimmer: Chief Marketing & Public Relations Officer

Ally Invest Jennifer LaClair: Chief Financial Officer

Ally Invest Diane Morais: President, Consumer & Commercial Banking Products, Ally Bank

Ally Invest Kathleen Patterson: Chief Human Resources Officer

Ally Invest Stephanie Richard: Chief Audit Executive

Ally Invest Alison Summerville: Business Administration Executive

Vanguard Martha King: Managing Director – Strategic Partnerships

Vanguard Karin Risi: Managing Director – Retail Investor Group

Vanguard Anne Robinson: General Counsel

Vanguard Lauren Valente: Managing Director – Human Resources Division

The Motley Fool Kerra McDonough: Chief Financial Officer

Atom Trang Dao: Vice President, Growth

Seeking Alpha Avishag Baruch: Chief Technology Officer, Vice President, Research & Development

Google Ruth Porat: Chief Financial Officer

Google Lorraine Twohill: Chief Marketing Officer


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Sheila Greco


SGA Talent Presents The Highly Accomplished Women Leaders in the “World of Anaplan.” 

As a minority owned business, SGA Talent continues to a leader in both the recruitment research and recruiting industries with an expertise in the professional services. For quite some time our focus has been to identify, pipeline and recruit top talent with experience in Analplan, Workday, Hyperion, AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Google, Mulesoft and SAP. As we continue our efforts, we also continue to emphasize the importance of diversity in each talent pool and candidate pipeline. We are also proud to say we have been awarded by several of our partners as their #1 Diversity Recruitment Research and Recruiting Partner.

In keeping with our mission,  today we are excited to acknowledge the highly accomplished women leaders in the “World of Anaplan.” Congrats to all who made the list and thank you for paving the way for the many women you all continue to advise as well as mentor. For now we invite you to click on each of these highly successful professional’s name to learn about each of their journeys. Again congrats!

Ana Pinczuk: Chief Development Officer, Anaplan

Marilyn Miller: Chief People Officer, Anaplan

Klarissa Marenitch: Chief Information Officer, Anaplan

DeAndra Jean-Louis: Vice President Partner Strategy and Programs, Anaplan

Sue McKinney: Senior Vice President, Cloud Platform Engineering and Development Transformation, Anaplan

Linda Moss: Vice President, Anaplan Academy, Anaplan

Julie Sweet: Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

Amy Fuller: Chief Marketing Officer & Communications Officer, Accenture

KC McClure: Chief Financial Officer, Accenture

Ellyn Shook: Chief Leadership & Human Resource Officer, Accenture

Amy Cochran: Managing Director- North American Finance & Performance Analytics Lead, Accenture

Michelle Turner: Senior Manager-Finance & Enterprise Performance, Accenture

Michelle Parmelee: Chief People and Purpose Officer, Deloitte

Penny Stoker: Global Leader of HR Services, EY

Suzanne Bouhia: Americas Chief Communication Office, EY

Tony Clayton-Hine: Chief Marketing Officer, EY

Colleen Pietrobono: Principal, EY

Nicolina Saporito: Managing Director, EY

Julie Ziemer: Solution Leader, Akili

Joyce Sellers: Solution Leader, Akili

Sara Lee McLindon: Solution Architect, Akili

Tracey Baxter: Partner/Global Alliances Executive, Allitix

Kerry Veitch: Human Resources and Talent Management, Cervello

Susanna Lenox: Finance Director, Cervello

Barisa K. Johnson: Director, Cervello

Andrea Vaughn: Director, Cervello

Wendy Wen: Senior Manager, Impetus Consulting Group

Emily Salter: Director, Lionpoint Group

Lucy Hur: Chief People Officer, Slalom

Michele Bleser: VP, Information Technology, Slalom

Sarah Katz: Partner, Spaulding Ridge

Elizabeth Schaffer: Director, Spaulding Ridge

Jill King: Founder & Chief Financial Officer, Twelve Consulting Group

Elizabeth Ward: Director of Delivery, Twelve Consulting Group

Megan Henderson: Head of Internal Operations, Twelve Consulting Group

Aarial Ferguson-Henderson: Senior Business Solutions Consultant, Voiant

Patricia Hoerig: Senior Consultant, Accelytics

Monique Rupert: Vice President, Supply Chain Planning, Barkawi Management Consultants

Andrea Vaughn: Director, Barkawi Management Consultants

Michele Tezer: Principal, End to End Analytics

Marietta Harvey: Vice President & Global Head of Human Resources, Enquero

Heather White: Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Genpact

Stacy Simpson: Chief Marketing Officer, Genpact

Christine Lattanzio: Communications and Change Leader, PwC

Shannon Schuyler: Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer, PwC

If you are interested in downloading a copy of our latest report: “SGA Talent Presents Anaplan’s Partners & Leadership Teams, please click  here

As you know, we continue to be here for all of you.

Best regards,

Sheila Greco