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SGA Talent Acknowledges These Highly Accomplished Women Leaders In Artificial Intelligence

As we prepare to release our latest study, “SGA Talent Takes A Look Inside the Top 46 Artificial Intelligence Companies”, we wish to acknowledge the very talented women leaders who were identified during our research efforts.

As with all our studies, the information gathered includes industry leaders, key players, specific company information to include management teams, live links to profiles, as well as other valuable information. This particular report contains all the above as well as, investor information, top 7 industries using Artificial Intelligence, hottest jobs, highest paying roles, and stock reports of the companies which are traded.

We invite you to click on the link below the map to download a copy of the report. Enjoy!

Download a copy of this report by clicking on this link.

Now it is time to say Congrats to the following women leaders and professionals that are highlighted in our AI Industry report. We wish you continued success!

Milan Lee: Chief Strategy Officer – AIBrain

Milan Lee: Chief Strategy Officer – AIBrain

Amy Holtzman: Senior Vice President, Marketing – AlphaSense

Jenna Heasley: Head of Talent Acquisition – AlphaSense

Beth Galetti: Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Amazon

Laura Safdie: Chief Operations Officer – Casetext

ML Maco: Chief Revenue Officer – Cognitive Scale

Jennifer Crowe: Chief Financial Officer – Cognitive Scale

Patricia Prince Taggart: General Counsel – Cognitive Scale

Kendall Collier: Vice President, People – Cognitive Scale

Yinglian Xie: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer – DataVisor

Fang Yu: Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer – DataVisor

Priya Rajan: Vice President, Marketing – DataVisor

Kathleen Avery: Head of Talent – DataVisor

Lila Ibrahim: Chief Operating Officer – DeepMind

Abigail Bates: Head of People & Culture – DeepMind

Ruth Porat: Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer – Google

Eileen Naughton: Vice President, People Operations – Google

Lorraine Twohill: Chief Marketing Officer – Google

Sally Mortimore Doherty: Vice President, Marketing – Graphcore

Ingrid Burton: Chief Marketing Officer – H20.AI

Virginia Rometty: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – IBM

Michele Browdy: Senior Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, General Counsel – IBM

Diane Gherson: Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer – IBM

Michelle Peluso: Senior Vice President, Digital Sales, & Chief Marketing Officer – IBM

Claire Dixon: Corporate Vice President, Chief Communications Officer – Intel

Michelle Johnston Holthaus: Executive Vice President, General Manager, Sales, Marketing & Communications – Intel

Sandra Rivera: Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer – Intel

Anita Schjøll Brede: Chief Executive Officer – Iris.AI

Maria Ritola: CCO – Iris.AI

Olga Egorsheva: Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder – Lobster

Maria Iontseva: Design Director & Co-Founder – Lobster

Kathleen Hogan: Executive Vice President, Human Resources – Microsoft

Amy Hood: Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – Microsoft

Cassidy Shield: Vice President, Marketing – Narrative Science

Jennifer Haroon: Chief Operating Officer – Nauto

Heather Ames: Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer – Neurala

Tanya Miller: Vice President, Research & Delivery – NextIt

Jen Snell: Vice President, Product Strategy & Marketing – NextIt

Jane O’Donnell: Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources Officer – NextIt

Colette Kress: Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – Nvidia

Jamie Strnisha: Director of Operations & Customer Success – One Model

Victoria Peppiatt: Chief Operating Officer – Phrasee

Michelle Davies: Vice President, People – Phrasee

Marianne Slamich: Head of Marketing – Pointr

Amy Weaver: President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, General Counsel & Secretary – Salesforce

Barbara Humpton: Chief Executive Officer – Siemens

Ann Fairchild: General Counsel & Secretary – Siemens

Liz Kozinski: Vice President, People Operations – Sift

Chi-Chi Liang: Vice President, Marketing – Sift

Karen Cambray: Chief Financial Officer – Tamr

Melissa Campbell: Chief Revenue Officer – Tamr

Colette Freeman: Chief People Officer – Tempus

Vanessa Rollings: Chief Financial Officer – Tempus

Audra Evans: Vice President, Marketing – Tempus

Jane Xu: Director, Human Resources & Operations – Tencent

Karyn Smith: General Counsel & Corporate Secretary – Twilio

Sara Varni: Chief Marketing Officer – Twilio

Jasmine Phua: Director, Human Resources, Visenze 

Judy Ho: Business & Finance Controller, Visenze 

Liying Iris Wang: Chief Operating Officer – X.AI

Einat Eckstien: Vice President, Human Resources – Zebra Medical Vision

Shari Salomon: Vice President, Products – Zebra Medical Vision

Aicha Evans: Chief Executive Officer – Zoox

Judy Gilbert: Chief People Officer – Zymergen

Enakshi Singh: Vice President of Finance – Zymergen

Again congratulations to each of you on your success and journey!

About SGA Talent:

  • We look forward to hearing from you. 518 843-4611

It’s No Secret – Recruiting Requires The Use Of The 3 T’s – Telephone, Tools & Technology

These 3 T’s  offer the powerful solution to identify, connect and recruit mission critical talent!

Boston City Flow

Once again we are setting the bar high for the industry. If you are not using the 3 T’s to create the potential talent pool, provide ways to connect with these folks, offer biographical information and of course presenting qualified candidates that are needed by your clients, then in my opinion you have not reached your full potential.


Telephone – It almost always ensures completeness. It provides such information as direct dials, emails, reporting relationships and current titles. It is accurate! This method also builds organization structure around professionals of interest and is certainly used to connect with potential candidates.

Tools – Recruiters love tools and as we all know there are many benefits associated with using tools. Such tools are SGA ExecutiveTracker, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. So be sure you are using the ones appropriate for each assignment but do not rely only on these tools to recruit.

Technology – The computer, the telephone (smart phone) and any other device that can help with identifying, connecting and recruiting the candidates.

Recruiting requires results and the 3 T’s can and do help with producing results.

Recruiting requires knowing the potential talent pool.

Recruiting requires the ability to have a number of ways to connect with people and knowing you need to use all of them.

Recruiting requires someone who believes that time is of the essence and knowing that you can never stop recruiting until the hire is made. No one said this job but it can be very rewarding!

Use the 3 T’s because recruiting requires it!

By using the 3 T’s there is no limit that can’t be reached. Check out an example of our research deliverable that produces a strong pipeline of candidates. example



Happy Hunting!


Sheila Greco


Last Week’s Top 5 Recruiting Email Subject Line Descriptions

We know recruiting emails work!

Statistics show recruiting emails need to be part of the recruiting process.


Last week while recruiting here are the top 5 recruiting email subject lines that produced the best results.

1. I am interested in networking with you regarding a systems engineer role. Let’s connect.

2. As a thought leader I am interested in speaking with you regarding a role you may be interested in.

3. As a sales superstar I am interested in speaking with you regarding your next career move.

4. Heard you are exceptionally talented. I am a recruiter, let’s connect.

5. We are recruiting sales professionals and you have been identified as a star. Let’s connect.

We compete for talent daily and the need to have access to top talent is only part of the success equation. In order to start conversations with those professionals of interest you need to get their attention from all the noise out there. We have discovered that by creating effective recruiting email subject lines actually increases the response rate. Be sure you have what you consider a good recruiting email subject line so you too can get the results required to fill the pipeline with exceptional candidates and of course it needs to be done yesterday. What recruiting email subject lines work for you?


Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco




What’s In Your Recruiting Bag?

Not all jobs are created equal.  Not all tactics or methods are created equal.  Building relationships and talent pipelines are still critical to reaching out to passive candidates and engaging them effectively.
Building talent pipelines, conducting research and sourcing will not be disappearing any time soon, due to social networking or utilization of the Internet. Technology along with tools that utilize smart technology is not replacing people or high touch recruiting techniques. SGA Talent believes there are limitations to all of these and a mixture of the resources produce the best results.

And yes certain methods and tools work better for some roles while others not so much.  Make sure you track and know which sourcing strategy and tactics will get you the best talent in the most efficient way. We agree some roles are in multiples and transaction oriented while others require a personal touch and require building relationships while networking. Know the difference and choose the method that is most successful to complete the task.

Data remains king.  There are many methodologies on how to collect and access data.  Data can also create blocks as time is of the essence and sometimes sorting through too much data slows the process.

SGA Talent clients utilize a number of our solutions to assist with their sourcing strategy, which include products that are not part of SGA Talent!  We agree LinkedIn, Sendouts, social media connections and networks are key to any sourcing strategy.  Including your own ATS  But the personal touch and effective communication still is a key role for any recruiter.

Therefore, don’t take to heart some of the recent articles/writings indicating that sourcing and research is no longer needed.

What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow but identifying talent utilizing all sourcing strategies (remember employee referrals!!)are still on the mind of our clients.The goal remains the same:  identify, engage, communicate, market, sell, assess objections and close the talent.  It’s a journey.

Happy Hunting and I look forward to your comments.

Best regards,

Sheila Greco




Using the right recruiting email to recruit. Customize the recruiting email each and every time!

The recruiting email!

There is the Direct Recruiting Email and A Networking Recruiting Email. They need to be different.

Who is receiving the email? Each message needs to be specific to that reader. In order to be successful when using email as part of the recruiting process you need to know who you are sending the letter to and the message that you believe will yield the most responses.  Yes portions of the letter can be the same, but it still needs to be customized.

Recruiters love to network and so do “smart” professionals. I love sending out recruiting emails because we have had much recruiting success using this type of method.   What I love most about it, is the fact that often times great referrals and candidates are the results of these efforts, as well as connecting with others who can potentially be future candidates and networking buddies!  Returned or forwarding recruiting emails are like presents to me! I can’t wait to see the goodies  inside!  In a recent study of our recruiters performances we discovered that on average 87% of our messages are answered within 24 hours. Wow staggering numbers that we all get excited about.

So obviously we are believers in this type of method. Although we are also believers in the fact that you answer any email within 24 hours as well.  Okay, Before we can begin our email recruiting efforts, we need to have superior data. Yes the information needs to be accurate. This includes having access to the right potential candidate pool with emails and direct dials to be used later, as well as having access to those we wish to network with.  You heard it here first folks, there is nothing worse than having a bounced email. I hate it!!! It slows me down and frustrates the heck out of me. Anyway, assuming we have the right contact and the right email associated with the contact the fun can begin! The following are a few email recruiting messages we use.  Enjoy!

Networking recruiting email subject line suggestions.

Subject line: As a thought leader in your industry I was hoping to network with you regarding a recruiting assignment we are embarking on.

Subject line: We are recruiting for a Vice President of Sales and I would very much like to network with you.

Subject line: I would very much like to network with you, as I have become aware of the fact that you are a well-regarded professional in your industry.

Subject line: We are recruiting best of breed professionals in your space, let’s connect and network!

Subject line: I am very interested in connecting with you to discuss an opportunity I am working on.

The Direct recruiting email subject line suggestions.

Subject line: We have come to recognize that you are a star amongst your peers. I am a recruiter and would like to connect with you.

Subject line: We are recruiting a sales superstar and we are interested in connecting with you.

Subject line: As a well-regarded professional in your space, I am interested in learning about you and your future goals.

Subject line: We have been asked by our client to find/recruit a superstar and we want to connect with you.

Email Examples. (Let’s assume we are recruiting a Regional Sales Manager for a Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing company located in Chicago. The recruiting email template that may be used:

Example of Networking Recruiting email.

Good morning Tom (always address the recipient), hope all is well with you. As a thought leader in your industry I was hoping to network with you regarding a recruiting assignment we are embarking on. ( I like to use what I stated in the subject line, but you don’t have to, I just prefer to). We have been asked by our client to identify a best of breed, super star sales person for the Midwest region and was hoping you may know of someone.

We are looking for a hunter, one who has a passion for selling, customer service, and is self motivated by the desire to exceed his/her own goals as well as the goals set by the company. The client is in the business intelligence and data warehousing space. (rarely do we say who the client is in this introduction email)

Realizing you are a busy person, would there be a date and time I may reach back out to you that may work? Otherwise please feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to it. Additionally, if you wish, you may also pass this email along to others you may think may have an interest. Again thank you and have a great day!

Example of Direct Recruiting email.

Good morning Tom (always address the recipient), hope all is well with you. We have been asked by our client to identify a best of breed, super star sales person for the Midwest region. We are looking for a hunter, someone who has a passion for selling, customer service, and is self motivated by the desire to exceed his/her own goals as well as the goals the company has set for them. Ideally this individual will have a minimum of 8 years experience as well as a bachelor’s degree. Our client is a highly regarded company in the business intelligence and data warehousing space.  (rarely do we say who the client is in this introduction email)

During the course of our research, we have identified you as being top amongst your peers and I would very much like to connect with you regarding this great opportunity. Not sure this may or may not be for you, due to timing or you may be doing very well  right where you are. Either way I would really like to connect with you to learn more about you and your career goals.

Realizing you are a busy person, would there be a date and time I may reach back out to you that may work? Otherwise please feel free to contact me directly at any time.  I look forward to our conversation. Additionally, if you wish, you may also pass this email along to others you may think may have an interest in this. Again thank you and have a great day!

That’s all for today folks but there is more if you want me to send them to you.

Happy Hunting!
Sheila Greco








Making Smart Recruiting Decisions – There is Great, There is Better ….

There is Great!

There is Better!

You only know you recruited the best when you know the potential talent pool. When you are in the know, it will assist with making smart recruiting decisions.


Making smart recruiting decisions can make or break the team, the company, market share, competitiveness  and much more.  Whether a company is recruiting a college graduate, experienced professional or senior level executive, each hiring decision needs to be a smart one.


When a company talks about branding they need to take into consideration that their people are their brand.  So as a company recruits talent,  it is imperative that they bring in the right talent, each and every time.   This means you need to know who is out there. You need to find greatness!

Yes, many will argue there is vast number of great people. Alexander the Great is a perfect example of that, however, would he really be the best fit for the particular job you are recruiting for? You don’t know until you compare him to the others, based upon your company’s requirements and needs.

Making smart recruiting decisions depends on knowing who makes up the entire talent pool.  Recruiters need to know who these people are. As I always say, you need to know where you are hunting for these professionals. This means taking 10-15 minutes to determine where you want these professionals to come from. Many companies do this for college graduates by recruiting from particular schools carefully chosen by the company.  This should hold true for companies as well.

So how do you know you have uncovered greatness? Or there may be someone else out there who is better than your top candidate? You don’t unless you have  accurately mapped out each company and people of interest in the specific group. Once this is complete determining greatness is easier and making smart recruiting decisions can be done.

How do you do this? You recruit, network and build a pipeline from the potential talent pool and compare and contrast  these professionals that you believe are on target. Then I suggest scrubbing the list again and choose the best of the best who closely  match the job specification, company culture, needs, wants and desires of the hiring manager.  How? Begin with their background.  What makes them so great? How does he/she compare to the others in the talent pool?  Does this person deserve merit as an individual contributor, team player, leader or all three? If managing a team, is he/she  great at assembling a successful team and a great leader or is it  a combination of both?  Recruiters and hiring managers need to be in the know. Making smart recruiting decisions requires information,  that can be obtained by mapping out the desired companies of interest. Remember the list will grow as you recruit purely by networking. When this happens it further confirms that the recruiter is in the right space. So recruiters know your targets, know your potential hires know who you are looking for and take the time to know the pool and the talent within it.

Let me repeat if I may. In order to obtain your next “Alexander the Great” you need to know where he is hiding and the talent pool he is competing amongst.  Great talent is out there, so is the better talent, be sure your recruiting decisions are based upon information.  Recruiting is a process and a major part of the process is knowing who to recruit and having access to the right talent. Not just talent.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to speaking with you and your comments on this topic.

Sheila Greco


Proactive Recruiting – Passive, Happy Where They Are Candidates, Need to Be Recruited!

Fresh Passive Candidates for your next search

Passive, Happy Where They Are Candidates Need to be Recruited!


Proactive recruiting requires seeking out the best of breed candidates for each search assignment as set forth by the client.  Recruiting needs to be the direct result of contacting people who are sitting at the companies of interest, in a role that may be similar to the client’s, are quite happy where they are and are not even thinking about making a move.

Until… has been made! The opportunity has been presented, the conversation begins, the professionals are engaged,  interests are peaked, questions are being asked and the once “passive candidate” is becoming an active one for the role the recruiter is recruiting for.

Passive candidates are not looking therefore in many cases don’t even know about  opportunities simply because no one has told them about it. They need to be recruited! So having said that, passive recruiters not proactive recruiters can be missing out on great candidates.

What is wrong with this picture? Recruiters need to be proactive. It is up to the recruiter to make the introduction regarding the opening.  Proactive recruiting efforts can result in recruiting passive,  happy where they are candidates. Makes sense.?Of course!

A major piece to proactive recruiting is getting the message and opportunity out there to the right people! Passive candidates are not thinking about looking for a new job, they are working hard for the next internal promotion! They want to be rock stars where they are!

My advice to recruiters, hiring managers and anyone looking to upgrade their team, and company, proactively recruit.  It is irresponsible to rely on sitting back hoping the right, qualified, best of breed candidates will come to you.

My advice today is to proactively recruit the top recruits before the competitor does!

Once again, Keep It Simple Silly! Recruit proactively!

Thanks for stopping by!

Best regards,

Sheila Greco 518 842-4611 ext 221


Recruiting Passive Candidates & Keeping It Simple Silly!

Recruiting Passive Candidates & Keeping It Simple Silly!




Recruiting Passive Candidates & Keeping It Simple Silly (KISS Method) has been my strategy for over 20 years.  The approach, as always is methodical and the process remains the same.  Whether recruiting for a President/General Manager , Java developers, Architects,  Regional Sales Managers ,  Account Managers (BI & Retail), Leaders and Consultants in I/T or Tax & Audit  the recruiting strategy remains the same.   It begins with research/name generation that provides the call/connect list which shows  the potential talent pool that is then used for recruiting and networking.  It doesn’t get more simple then this!

Recruiting passive candidates and keeping it simple silly is what I believe to be the tried and true way to successful recruiting.  I have tried, I must admit to just go for it, but it only works for the first 1-2 days, then I find myself stalling a little to regroup which I find to be a waste of time.  Call me old-fashioned, but the more organized I am the more efficient I can be.  I practice what I preach! If you want to hear me preach call me! If you want results call me too.

Here is my 10 Step Keep It Simple Silly Recruiting Process:

1. Kick Off Meeting With The Client

2. Target List Development (Best of Breed, Back Yard Warriors, Direct Competitors)

3. Research/Name Generation – Steps to Uncover the Potential Talent Universe

4. Create Call List/Connect List (in addition to the research, I  recommend using  SGA ExecutiveTracker, LinkedIn, as well as other useful tools to create a comprehensive list. Do not overlook previous recruiting call lists and research) 1-3 days

5. Carefully Create/Craft the Email  & Telephone Message

6. Proactively Recruit/Source & Network

7. Fill The Pipeline With Interested & Qualified Candidates – Present

8. Set Up Interviews

9. Conduct Reference Checks

10. Hire

Pretty simple!

Oh one last thing, you need to be organized in order to be successful. Just wanted to get that one in too.

Who We Are:

Sheila Greco Associates LLC is one of the oldest and most trusted company in the recruiting and research industry. We are able to quickly and cost effectively conduct research/name generation for clients who choose to do their own recruiting as well as recruit solid candidates for corporations and search firms.

I am a trained executive search and research consultant (Trained By Jim Mead & Stan Johnson) so I have personally trained everyone in our firm  just as I was 20 years ago.

If you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it call or email me at 518 843-4611 or

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco





Fortune, Forbes, Best Of Breed Marketing Executives Featured Today by SGA ExecutiveTracker




SGA ExecutiveTracker is more than just a research & recruiting tool.   It is a compiled database of  names, titles, emails, biographies and direct dials.   It complements many Daas competitors and LinkedIn. It is not limited to just senior level executives either!

Hundreds of our clients have reaped the benefits of this powerful tool. Unlike many B2B contact competitors, SGA ExecutiveTracker’s claim to fame is if the information is wrong, it is corrected  at no additional cost! How is that for 100% client satisfaction?

SGA ExecutiveTracker is not a technology company and does not use web scraping or data dumps to obtain contacts. All our contacts are verified  exclusively by one of   Sheila Greco Associates in-house research teams.

SGA ExecutiveTracker can be segmented by functions, industries, Fortune rank and has many frequent highlights as part of the solution. We track over 14,000 Companies that are part of such lists as  Fortune, Forbes,  Fastest Growing Companies and those that are leaders in their industries. We do not track every company, but many of the major ones. We go deep into companies with information that is difficult to obtain and maintain!

For those clients who buy packages to our other services, SGA ExecutiveTracker  costs  as low as  $10.00 per day!  Check out  SGA ExecutiveTracker now.

Let’s take a look  inside  SGA ExecutiveTracker’s  senior level marketing executives from a few Fortune 100 Companies.

1. Stephen F. Quinn Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wal-Mart U.S.

2. A.J. (Alan) Kelly replaces Hal Cramer  as Hal retires, President Exxon Mobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialty Company.

3. Shariq Yosufzai, President, Global Marketing at  Chevron

4. W.C.W Chiang,  Senior Vice President, Refining, Marketing, Transportation and Commercial ConocoPhillips

5.  Kelli Parsons Senior Vice President Chief Communications Officer Fannie Mae

6. Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer General Electric

7. Berkshire Hathway Inc Marketing Done by Divisions

8.  Joel Ewanick   Vice President& Global Chief Marketing Officer General Motors

9. Anne Finucane,  Global Strategy & Marketing Office at Bank Of America

10. James D. Farley Jr.   Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales & Service Ford Motor Company

Lots of Executives In Between….Don’t Wait! Sign up today for SGA ExecutiveTracker to have access to all this great information!! Yes, depending on the package you buy, you could have access for as low as $10 per day! Call us 518 843-4611 ext 221 or email Sheila at

93.   Roger Starnes,  Vice President of Food Service Marketing Tyson Foods Inc

94.  Nancy Brennan Lund,  Senior Vice President Marketing Altria (Philip Morris Marketing is done by Division US Smokeless Tobacco Brian W.  Quigley.

95.  Jeffrey Hirsh, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Residential Services Time Warner

96. Judith Sim, Chief Marketing Officer   Oracle

97. Ian Hardgrove, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales   3M

98. Frances Emerson, Vice President,  Corporate Communications & Global Brand Marketing Deere & Company

SGA ExecutiveTracker, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who We Know!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco


Building Relationships help with recruiting!

Sheila Builds Relationships


It doesn’t Matter Where I Go or What I do…….
I love the art of conversation and building relationships.
I enjoy getting to know people and who they really are!


As a recruiter and Monster networker, as I was most recently referred to as being, I believe every conversation counts.  Why? The reason is that at any time I could be recruiting for my company or for a client.  I also don’t want to forget about others who may be looking for talent tomorrow and will be calling me to ask me who I know. It is beneficial on multiple levels to build long-lasting relationships and it’s also my personality to try to help people.   I can’t help it – it’s just my nature! Should this be yours? Many of my conversations have deeper meaning and yours should too.

Like some professionals who are trained to understand who we are or profile us, I am trained to match people with companies and people with people.  How do I do this?  I have achieved this through conversations.   I get to know the person.  I ask lots of questions about who they are, who they want to be, what they like to do, and try to stay clear of who they think they are. Sometimes this is not so easy.

I believe that conversations and engaging people can lead to many recruiting successes. Whether these conversations take place on the golf course, dinner, event, or any type of face to face social interaction, you never know it could be a great time to put on your recruiting hat and if you are looking to further you career, it could help you get the job you are looking for. For me, the truth of the matter is that once people know I am a recruiter, many, almost always will start off the conversation with, “how is the recruiting business?”  Many of these conversations center around the job market, the people themselves, how they may be able to better themselves, position themselves for the future and many other topics that relate to their careers.  Will these conversation turn to a recruiting one? Maybe yes – Maybe No. At a minimum it is a networking conversation. In order for it to be a good one for all, you need to listen and engage. 

 Building Relationships help with recruiting! Remember it is not what you know, but who you know! The continuous effort to network and network with the right people can always be a benefit. Don’t be afraid to network….Don’t be afraid to start a conversation.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Just do it!

Let’s not let recruiting or networking ever get in the way of having fun, developing friendships or making it an obnoxious passion…. you must know the art of networking and conversation. You will know when the time is right…

Just thought you would like to know…

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco