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SGA Talent appoints New Management Team

Sheila Greco, Chief Executive Officer, SGA Talent appoints a new senior management team to lead the company through the successful conclusion of its transformation process. 

Amsterdam, New York, July 23, 2019— Sheila Greco, Founder of the global recruitment and research firm SGA Talent is proud to appoint SGA Talent’s senior management team to lead the company through the successful conclusion of its transformation process.  Upon the project’s conclusion, the new senior management team will also lead the company as a fully integrated recruiting solutions provider, maximizing the strength of the firm’s internal research team.

Ms. Greco says: “I am extremely pleased to make this announcement, and I’m confident that the new management team has the talent, experience, and expertise not only to deal effectively with the complex challenges we face today, but also to build a successful future for the company.”

Joseph Morse has been appointed President.   After over 24 years with the company, Joe has both the experience and vision needed to transform SGA Talent into a high-performing, industry-leading full-service recruiting company.   “As a leader and active participant in the day-to day operations of the company,” Ms. Greco continued, “I expect Joe to make an easy transition into this new role.”

Anthony Carbone has been appointed Partner, and, along with Mr. Morse, he will be tasked with managing and growing the firm by building the company’s compelling suite of recruiting and talent intelligence solutions. Having served the company for over 23 years, Sheila is confident that Tony will lead the team to be the best-in-class recruiting solutions provider in the industry.

Tere Masters has been appointed Partner of Corporate Development and Operations.  She will lead SGA Talent’s efforts to explore expansion and growth opportunities.  “Tere has been at my side for 22 years, supporting me in working through the company’s evolution, so this new role is a perfect fit for her,”stated Ms. Greco.

Mary Maines has been appointed Partner responsible for leading the company’s philanthropic activities and community involvement. Mary has had a successful journey with the company, working in research, sales and recruiting. Her commitment to excellence and her diverse background will round out the team. 

Steve Way has been promoted to Managing Director of Research.  For close to two decades his dedication, commitment, and hard work has contributed to the team’s overall success. Looking ahead, Steve’s continued enthusiasm and passion for accomplishment will undoubtedly be part of the company’s continued growth.

“The new leadership team brings a unique mix of fresh ideas and knowledge for the successful launch of the newly reorganized company,” said Ms. Greco. “The team’s experience, together with their many notable accomplishments, ensures SGA Talent is able to execute the final stages of the restructuring process and build value for all stakeholders going forward.”

Ms. Greco, who will continue as the Chief Executive Officer, is excited about these new appointments.  “It means a great deal to me to have the support of this management team to take us into the next chapter of the company.  Without our great team, excellent clients, mentors, friends, and family we would not be where we are today.  This new governing body will reflect the strategic importance of the company’s interaction with our team, clients, and its transformation ambition. 

About SGA Talent

At SGA Talent we know how much making the right hire matters and the importance data plays in making informed decisions. Backed by an in-house research talent team, we make recruiting simple, efficient, and cost effective. 

Privately held, 100% Women Owned, and with three decades of helping clients recruit, and achieve talent and business intelligence goals, we continue to be the go-to-partner for companies of all sizes within almost every industry. For more information on SGA Talent please visit

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SGA Talent – We believe in the power of teams. Since 1989 our team work approach and strong partnerships with our clients is why we continue to be the go to partner to both corporations & executive search firms. Take a look at how together our teams have won the war for talent and continue to do so. We look forward to helping you too.


Together We Win The War For Talent

SGA Talent – HERE FOR YOU CULTURE is one where people feel heard and supported so each can help both internal and external clients. It’s about making the team know they are valued.

Case Studies: Click Here For Full Report With All 5 Case Studies

#1 Global Marketing Company Case Study

Position: Software Sales Representatives


The new Executive Vice President of Sales inherited an under-performing team and needed to recruit “superstars”fast. This hiring manager used our services in the past and expected us to recruit sales professionals quickly and begin to fill a pipeline of qualified candidates who would require little training. It was necessary that each new hire be a hunter that could bring on new clients with little support as well as maintain existing relationships with long standing clients.  His target candidate would have experience selling software with a 3 – 9-month sales cycle and could exceed a minimum of $1.5 quota.


SGA Talent teamed up with the internal talent acquisition leader and within 10 days, the new Executive Vice President of Sales received 9 qualified sales candidates followed by 3-4 new candidates each week until the hiring manager believed he had met his goals. Our 2-person recruiting team along with our team of 2 recruitment research professionals could provide a constant flow of candidates right out of the gate. As our recruitment research team created robust talent pools, our recruiters were tapping into our significant network of software salespeople, allowing our recruiters to spend time connecting, recruiting, vetting and presenting quality candidates quickly.


SGA Talent was able to present qualified, ready to be hired candidates for bi-weekly interview days for eight consecutive weeks allowing the hiring manager to focus on what he needed to do in his new role.

Case Study #2

Client: Global Media Agency 

Positions: Chief Financial Officer, Account Director DTC,  Analytics Analyst, Insight Analyst, Director Digital Investment, SEO Executive


Our client is a fast-growing agency which needed additional recruiting support to assist its internal talent acquisition team to meet their hiring demands. With that said, the Talent Acquisition leader was not looking to replace the team but looking for a partner who could scale and was agile enough to work on multiple assignments with the goal of recruiting 3-5 qualified candidates per assignment and then moving on. The need for speed and quality was the goal. It helped that our team had worked with the leader before so she felt confident that we understood the mandate. However, initially the internal team was a bit reluctant and felt a bit threatened but quickly learned that we were acting as an extension of their team, available to do the heavy lifting and work alongside them so that they could hit their aggressive hiring goals


SGA Talent needed to pull together a team of recruitment research and recruiters with experience in this space as well as assign a project leader who would work directly with each of our client’s recruiters to ensure each job opening had a steady stream of qualified candidates in the pipeline. While doing so, our team had to be agile enough to stop working on assignments when 4-5 candidates had been presented and move on to the next to keep the flow of candidates moving forward. For some of the newly assigned roles that needed attention, or for those roles that were a bit challenging, constant communication amongst the team was imperative. Much to the team’s credit, together we could meet the hiring demands, fill the roles quickly and figure out a great recruiting process that continued to meet the demands. Our recruitment research team was very instrumental in keeping the recruiters flow of potential candidates moving by creating very specific talent pools that contained names, emails, telephone numbers and profiles providing recruiting efficiency.


SGA Talent could present a steady stream of qualified, ready to be hired candidates and agile enough meet the ever-changing recruiting goals. Today we continue to work with this team.

Case Study #3

Global Executive Search Firm 

Positions: Director of Business Intelligence, Director of Talent Acquisition, Vice President Sales, Vice President Analytics & Director of Purchasing


Our client is a well-established global executive search firm with limited resources in the United States and needed to partner with a company that could do both recruitment research and recruiting, as well as scale quickly. Their client was a consumer packaged goods company that was experiencing turnover due to new leadership. Never working with this client before, we met personally for the initial kick-off meeting to set the team’s objectives, goals, process and deliverables. As with many of our executive search partners, recruitment research is almost always a necessary step to the recruiting process and needs to be very accurate. With that said, our recruitment research team was tasked with creating comprehensive organization charts of competitors along with contact information as part of our goal.


SGA Talent pulled together 3 teams to accomplish these recruiting goals. Each team was assigned one recruiter and one recruitment research professional. Within 2-3 weeks each team presented 3-6 candidates and continued to fill the pipeline until each hire was a successful one. The relationship between SGA Talent and our client grew stronger and stronger each week creating a win-win partnership for all involved.


SGA Talent could present a steady stream of qualified candidates with over 90% of those presented were interviewed by our client. All of our research gathered was shared with our client who in turn shared it with their client. Since it was used for recruiting and to show organization structure, the deliverable was presented in both organization chart format and excel. This project lasted 3 months from start to finish with 5 successful new hires. Once this project was completed we were asked to remain on retainer to conduct a succession planning project.

We look forward to helping you win the war for talent together.

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Happy Hunting

Sheila Greco