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Women You Need To Know From The Leading Online Trading Platforms & Stock Research Companies

SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Team Would Like To Acknowledge The Women Leaders You Need To Know In The Industry


As we prepare to release our latest report : “Who’s Who Amongst The Leading Online Trading Platforms And Stock Research Companies” we would like to acknowledge these inspiring women in the industry. Please take the time to click on each name to recognize each of their achievements. 

We also invite you to download a copy of our full report…


Congrats to all who made the list!

Fidelity Abigail Johnson: Chief Executive Officer

Fidelity Maggie Serravalli: Chief Financial Officer

Fidelity Mary Beth Romero: Head of Employee Relations 

TD Ameritrade Karen Ganzlin: Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

TD Ameritrade Kim Hillyer: Managing Director, Corporate Communications

Tastyworks. Kristi Ross: Co-Chief Executive Officer & President

Charles Schwab Catherine Casey: Executive Vice President, Human Resource

Charles Schwab Catherine Golladay: Executive Vice President, Workplace Financial Services

Charles Schwab Neesha Hathi: Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer

Charles Schwab Lisa Kidd Hunt: Executive Vice President, International Services and Business Initiatives

TradeStation Jessica Pione: Vice President, Human Resources

RobinHood Gretchen Howard: Chief Operating Officer

Nasdaq Adena Friedman: President and Chief Executive Office

Nasdaq Stacie Swanstrom:Executive Vice President, Corporate Solutions

Nasdaq Karen Snow:Senior VP and Head of Listings and IR Intelligence Sales for the Eastern Region

Dow Jones Kamilah Mitchell-Thomas, Chief People Officer

Dow Jones Natalie Cerny, Chief Communications Officer

Dow Jones Nancy McNeil, Chief Revenue Officer

Dow Jones Suzi Watford:Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer

Dow Jones. Tracy Corrigan: Chief Strategy Officer

S&P Global Martina Cheung: President

S&P Global Courtney Geduldig: Chief Public and Government Affairs Officer, S&P Global

S&P Global Nancy Luquette: Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer, S&P Global

S&P Global Dimitra Manis: Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer, S&P Global

S&P Global Ashu Suyash: Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CRISIL, S&P Global

Bloomberg Elizabeth Mazzeo: Chief Operating Officer

Refinitiv Debra Walton: Chief Revenue Officer

Refinitiv  Emily Dimiceli: Chief Customer Operations Officer

Refinitiv Eileen Lynch: Chief Marketing Officer

Refinitiv Andrea Remyn Stone: Chief Customer Proposition Officer




Thomson Reuters Mary Alice Vuicic: Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

OTC Markets Kristie Harkins: Chief Marketing Officer

OTC Markets Lisabeth Heese: EVP Issuer and Information Services

OTC Markets Bea Ordonez: Chief Financial Officer

Fox Business Suzanne Scott: Chief Executive Officer, FOX News Media

Fox Business Lauren Petterson: President, FOX Business

Fox Business Lily Fu Claffee: Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Head of Compliance

Morningstar Bevin Desmond: Head of Talent & Culture

CNBC Deirdre Bianchi: Senior Vice President, Program Strategy and Acquisitions

CNBC Tricia Pomeroy: Chief Financial Officer

CNBC Angi Seitzer: Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Etrade Kelly Geerts: Director & Advanced Solution

Etrade Bevely Lowe: Vice President, Business Operations

Etrade Kate Winget: Senior Vice President, Head of Gradifi

Wells Fargo Muneera Carr: Executive Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, and Controller

Wells Fargo Mary Mack: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer of Consumer & Small Business Banking

Wells Fargo Amanda Norton: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Wells Fargo Ellen Patterson: Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Wells Fargo Julie Scammahorn: Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor

News Corp Susan Panuccio: Chief Financial Officer

News Corp Antoinette Bush: Global Head of Government Affairs

News Corp Tracey Fellows: President, Global Digital Real Estate

News Corp Anoushka Healy: Chief Strategy Officer

News Corp Dana Ritzcovan: Chief Human Resources Officer

Merrill Deb Ruick: Head of Merrill Edge Client Services

Merrill Tracy Mazzoni: Head of Merrill Edge Client Management

Ally invest Andrea Brimmer: Chief Marketing & Public Relations Officer

Ally Invest Jennifer LaClair: Chief Financial Officer

Ally Invest Diane Morais: President, Consumer & Commercial Banking Products, Ally Bank

Ally Invest Kathleen Patterson: Chief Human Resources Officer

Ally Invest Stephanie Richard: Chief Audit Executive

Ally Invest Alison Summerville: Business Administration Executive

Vanguard Martha King: Managing Director – Strategic Partnerships

Vanguard Karin Risi: Managing Director – Retail Investor Group

Vanguard Anne Robinson: General Counsel

Vanguard Lauren Valente: Managing Director – Human Resources Division

The Motley Fool Kerra McDonough: Chief Financial Officer

Atom Trang Dao: Vice President, Growth

Seeking Alpha Avishag Baruch: Chief Technology Officer, Vice President, Research & Development

Google Ruth Porat: Chief Financial Officer

Google Lorraine Twohill: Chief Marketing Officer


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Sheila Greco


SGA Talent Introduces The Women In The Medical Device Industry You Need To Know


Since inception, SGA Talent has been helping organizations build more inclusive work places by continuously promoting and emphasizing the need to require both talent pools and candidate pipelines include diversity. We believe part of our responsibility to our partners is to continuously remind them that workplace diversity starts with hiring and the importance of including diversity as part of their overall recruiting strategy. That said, as we continue with our mission we carry on with building and maintaining engaged talent communities that include diversity. Part of doing this includes building our knowledge base of industry leading companies and the talent in the many industries in which we compete, always highlighting women. Part of our strategy is to create monthly industry reports to help with achieving our goals. This month’s report focuses on the Medical Device Industry and will be released next week so stay tuned.

Prior to this report’s release, today we would like to introduce the highly-accomplished women you need to know in the Medical Device Industry. If you click on their name, it will take you to their public profile. Thanks to all of you for paving the way for the women coming up the ranks behind you!! And Congrats!


Ashley McEvoy Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chairman, Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson
Jennifer Taubert, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson
Kathryn Wengel, Executive Vice President & Chief Global Supply Chain Officer. Johnson & Johnson
Shannon Thyme Klinger, Group General Counsel, Novartis
Susanne Schaffert, Ph.D., President of Novartis Oncology
Marie-France Tschudin, President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Natacha Theytaz, Global Head, Business Assurance & Advisory and Head of Internal Audit, Novartis
Lisa Earnhardt, Executive Vice President, Medical Devices, Abbott Laboratories
Mary Moreland, Executive Vice President, Human Resources., Abbott Laboratories
Andrea F. Wainer, Executive Vice President, Rapid and Molecular Diagnostics, Abbott Laboratories
Karen L. Parkhill, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Medtronic
Carole Surface, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Medtronic
Laura Angelini , ​General Manager, Renal Care, Baxter International
Stacey Eisen, ​Senior Vice President, Global Communications, and President, Baxter International Foundation
Heather Knight, General Manager, U.S. Hospital Products, Baxter International
Jacqueline Kunzler, Ph.D,. ​Senior Vice President, Chief Quality Officer, Baxter International
Karen Leets, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Baxter International
Jeanne Mason, Ph.D., ​Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Baxter International
Ellen McIntosh, ​Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Baxter International
Cathy Skala, Vice President, Business Transformation Office, Baxter International
​Clare Trachtman, ​Vice President, Investor Relations, Baxter International
Angela S. Lalor, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Danaher Corporation
Linda Boff, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Vice President, Learning and Culture and President, GE Foundation
Rachel Duan, Senior Vice President, GE President & CEO, GE Global Growth Organization, GE
Carolina Dybeck Happe, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, GE
Jennifer VanBelle, Senior Vice President, GE & GE Capital Treasurer, GE
Kristen M. Ludgate, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, 3M Company
Denise R. Rutherford, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, 3M Company
Karen V. Carroll. , Vice President and General Auditor, 3M Company
Theresa Reinseth. Vice President, Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer, 3M Company
Christina Spence , Director, Assistant Treasurer, 3M Company
Yin Becker, Vice President, Communications, Public Affairs and Corporate Marketing, Stryker
Jeanne Blondia, Vice President, Finance and Treasurer, Stryker
Irene Corbe, Vice President, Internal Audit, Stryker
Christine Z. McCauley, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources
Katie M. Szyman, Corporate Vice President, Critical Care
Kathryn Fink, Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Stryker
Katherine Owen, Vice President, Strategy and Investor Relations, Stryker
Jody Powell, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Stryker
Bronwen Taylor, Vice President, Compliance and Risk Management, Stryker
Betty Larson, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Becton, Dickson & Company
Ami Simunovich, Senior Vice President and Chief Regulatory Officer, Becton, Dickson & Company
Linda Tharby, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience, Becton, Dickson & Company
Dr. Myriam J. Curet, MD, FACS, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Intuitive Surgical
Gillian Duncan, Ed.D., Senior Vice President, Professional Education and Program Services Worldwide, Intuitive Surgical
Kellie Sears, Senior Vice President, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, Allergan
Rachel Stahler, Chief Information Officer
Wendy Carruthers, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Boston Scientific
Jodi Eddy, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Boston Scientific
Desiree Ralls-Morrison, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Boston Scientific
Meghan Scanlon, Senior Vice President and President, Urology and Pelvic Health, Boston Scientific
Rachel Ellingson, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Zimmer Biomet
Angela Main, Senior Vice President, Global Chief Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific, Zimmer Biomet
Keri P. Mattox, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Chief Communications Officer, Zimmer Biomet
Carrie Nichol, Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer, Zimmer Biomet
Pamela Puryear, PhD, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Zimmer Biomet
Katri,n Pucknat, President, ResMed Germany, ResMed
Nupur Bhushan, Chief People Officer, ResMed
Catheryn O’Rourke, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Smith & Nephew
Elga, Lohler, Chief Human Resources Officer, Smith & Nephew
Melissa Guerdan, Chief Quality and Regulatory Affairs Officer, Smith & Nephew
Myra Eskes, President, Asia Pacific, Smith & Nephew
Susan Swabey, Company Secretary, Smith & Nephew
Julie Coletti, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Align Technology
Jennifer Olson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Customer Success, Align Technology
Julie Tay, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Align Technology
Holly Sheffield, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, The Cooper Companies
Karen Boylan, Vice President, Global Strategic Projects, Teleflex
Gwen Chapman, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Teleflex
Michelle Fox, Vice President, Clinical and Medical Affairs, Teleflex
Maria Hendrixson, Vice President of Internal Audit, Teleflex
Gwendolyn A. Watanabe, Vice President of Global Corporate Development, Strategy and Strategic Partnerships, Teleflex
Suzanne Foster, President, at-Home Solutions, Cardinal Health
Michele Holcomb, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Cardinal Health
Jessica L. Mayer, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Cardinal Health
Tiffany Olson, President, Nuclear & Precision Health Solutions, Cardinal Health
Ola Snow, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cardinal Health
Debbie Weitzman, President, US Pharmaceutical Distribution, Cardinal Health
Sarah, Willis, Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Cardinal Health
Monica Aguirre Berthelot, Chief of Staff, Hologic
Alison Bebo, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Hologic
Karleen Oberton, Chief Financial Officer, Hologic
Trish Torizzo, Chief Information Officer, Hologic
Annette F. Favorite, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, West Pharmaceutical Services
Cindy Reiss-Clark, Senior Vice President, Global Market Units and Commercial Solutions, West Pharmaceutical Services
Kolleen Kennedy, President, Proton Solutions and Chief Growth Officer, Varian Medical Systems
Terilyn Juarez Monroe, Chief People Officer, Senior Vice President, People & Places, Varian Medical Systems
Vy H. Tran, J.D., Chief Compliance Officer, Varian Medical Systems
Kathy Conner, Vice President, Global Corporate Marketing, Varian Medical Systems
Lisa Yankie, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Communications, Dentsply Sirona
Karen Mahoney, Head of Global Human Resources, ABIOMED
Barbara W. Bodem, Chief Financial Officer, Hill-Rom
Amy Dodrill, President, Global Surgical Solutions, Hill-Rom
Mary Kay Ladone, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Strategy and Investor Relations, Hill-Rom
Deborah M. Rasin, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Hill-Rom
Ilana Shulman, Chief Compliance Officer, Hill-Rom
Irene Fogelson, Head of Digital, Hill-Rom
Michelle Basil, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Haemonetics
Anila Lingamneni, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Haemonetics
Jacqueline Scanlan, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Haemonetics
Kimberly Weatherbee, Vice President, Information Technology, Haemonetics
Shacey Petrovic, Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Insulet
Deborah Gordon, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Insulet
Dr. Trang Ly, Senior Vice President and Medical Director, Insulet
Kelly G. Huller,, Esquire Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Globus Medical
Elizabeth Gasser, Executive Vice President Strategy and Corporate Development, Tandem Diabetes Care
Julia Kensick, Vice President, Quality, Tandem Diabetes Care
Susan Morrison, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Tandem Diabetes Care
Leigh Vosseller, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Tandem Diabetes Care
Carrie Anderson, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Integra LifeSciences
Andrea Caruso, Corporate Vice President, Business Development, Integra LifeSciences
Lisa Evoli, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Integra LifeSciences
Barbara McAleer, Corporate Vice President, Global Quality, Integra LifeSciences
Judith E. O’Grady, R.N., M.S.N., R.A.C., Corporate Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Integra LifeSciences
Alison Bauerlein, Founder, CFO and Executive Vice President, Finance, Inogen
Niamh Pellegrini, Chief Commercial Officer, NEVRO
Lori Ciano, Chief Human Resources Officer, NEVRO
Virginia Sanzone, Corporate Vice President, General Counsel, ICU Medical
Julie Dewey, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, Wright Medical
Jennifer Walker, Senior Vice President, Process Improvement, Wright Medical
Julie Andrews, Senior Vice President, Global Finance, Wright Medical
Aviva McPherron, Vice President, Information Technology, NuVasive
Suzanne Hatcher, Vice President, Internal & External Affairs,. NuVasive
Heather Cohen, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, CONMED
Johonna Pelletier, Treasurer and Vice President, Tax, CONMED
Sarah Oliker, Assistant General Counsel, Assistant Secretary, CONMED
Louise Bott, Vice President, Global Human Resources, Merit Medical Systems
Nicole Priest, MD, Chief Wellness Officer, Merit Medical Systems
Christine Sacco, Chief Financial Officer, Prestige Brands
Mary Beth Fritz, Senior Vice President, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Prestige Brands
Michele M. Allegretto, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Glaukos
Jane E. Rady, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Glaukos
Judy F. Gordon , D.V.M., Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Glaukos
Gabriella Szekely, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development, Combination Pharmaceutical Products, Glaukos
Tonya Austin, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Atricure
Caren Mason, President and Chief Executive Officer, STAAR Surgical
Deborah Andrews, Chief Financial Officer, STAAR Surgical
Denise McEachern, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, STAAR Surgical
Rhonda Robb, Chief Operating Officer, Cardiovascular Systems
Sandra Sedo, Chief Compliance Officer, Cardiovascular Systems
Amy Browne, Vice President, Information Technology, Cardiovascular Systems
Nancy M. Fairchild, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Luminex
Kendel B. Martin, CPA, Vice President, Accounting, Luminex
Sherry Buck, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Office, Waters Corporation
Elizabeth Rae, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Waters Corporation
Keeley Aleman, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
Tracy Miller, Vice President, Human Resources, Masimo