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Companies Who Employ Proactive Recruiting Strategies Will Win The War For Talent!

Fresh Passive Candidates for your next searchBack to Recruiting Basics!

Proactive Recruiting Strategies Include the Process of Knowing the Potential Talent Universe Before the Recruiting Activity Begins.

So you think you recruit –  but are you really recruiting or just think you are? Proactive Recruiters actively  recruit, search, hunt, seek out professionals who are employed by companies of interest, looking for those who can be enticed by a better opportunity and quite frankly just follow a methodical recruiting process utilizing  back to basics recruiting strategies.   I firmly believe that unless you know who is part of the potential talent universe before you recruit,  you cannot say with confidence that you have actively recruited, presented and hired the best-qualified candidate for the job!

Presenting candidates and filling the pipeline of candidates with only those who come to the recruiter, the company, found on job boards, the internet and are active is a very limited way to recruit. Wouldn’t you agree?  I think that by only filling the pipeline of candidates with these types of recruits is what I call reactionary recruiting or passive recruiting. Recruiting in such a manner, in my opinion can be doing  a disservice to the company and clients.

I am not negating the successes that do come from passive recruiting or reactionary recruiting I am suggesting that recruiters need to take a step back, take the time to learn about the potential talent that could be available to the organization and clients. Recruiters really need to proactively use methodologies that uncover or identify potential talented recruits and then go recruit them.

Recruiting defined by Business sums it up…. The process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost-effective manner. So you need to identify – know who you are recruiting by using research/name generation/traditional telephone research as part of the recruiting process.

Proactive Recruiting and returning to  Back To Basics Recruiting Strategies is  a long-term strategy and can be well worth it if a company truly believes people are their best assets.  No one will disagree with the fact that having top talent, breeds winning teams, that win and can compete on many fronts.

Ask yourself, did I recruit the best available talent during the recruiting process? If the answer is yes, than share your knowledge with the corporation and the client. It will speak volumes.  Winning the talent war does require employing a winning recruiting strategy and it does include research/traditional telephone research, passive candidate research as part of the process. My recommendation is “to be in the know” and to really know who  is part of the potential talent universe before you recruit. I always say, “go get them before they get you! Be proactive in finding the best of breed talent.

Hope you enjoy my Back to Basic Recruiting Presentation and download it now.  I will be scheduling workshops in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Chicago and Pennsylvania discussing Back to Basics Recruiting Strategies.  So if you are interested, please let me know by emailing me

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Sheila Greco

Below is an interesting article.

Interesting article in Forbes

Presenting Passive Candidates With Knowledge

Successful Recruiters Are Knowledgeable Ones!

Having Knowledge about The Candidates & The Potential Target Universe Makes You The Expert!

Chapter 5

Presenting With Knowledge. It says it all. You are totally aware of the potential talent pool! You sourced, networked, recruited and can say with confidence to your clients, we recruited the best from the companies you wanted! As you present the candidates you present the knowledge you gained during the recruiting process. You share with your clients the passive candidate research, organization charts, the top 7 and the 3-5 you believe are the best. Having the knowledge allows you, the recruiter to show that you listened and you are the expert.

Happy Hunting!

Recruit! Go After The Ones You Want!

Be Proactive!

The Art of The Conversation!

Chapter 3, The Recruiting Campaign.

The Passive Candidate Research created the list, presented the recruiter with the lay of the land by showing WHO is at the right level, company and just awaiting our network and recruiting call. Begin to Network, Network, Network!!! It does get you many potential candidates to review, compare and contrast! So take advantage by calling, texting, emailing, talent your client wants, not the ones who are actively looking! I am not saying to dismiss the active candidates, I am saying that to proactively go after the passive ones! As we make a way through the list, we cannot forget to use such tools as SGA ExecutiveTracker; Linked In & SGA Live.

The recruiting campaign ultimately provides us the pipeline of candidates we will be presenting during the life cycle of the search. So you need to be giving it 100%.

Happy Hunting!

My Predictions for Recruiting in 2010 and links to others….

I think the unemployment rate will be around 9 all year. I think if you have been out of a job for 6 months or less you have a great chance of getting back.  If you have been out for over 1 year try to get back in the game. Things are changing and they are changing quickly! We need everyone to get back to work!!

Since late 2009 until here is what we are seeing…

Folks are either very busy or remaining slow. Not seeing too many in the middle. All I can say is keep on keeping on if you still believe in the business…success is right around the corner. Go find the business and service it like you never have before. I think the recruiting world has come full circle; you need technology, you need databases and tools, but you need the TELEPHONE TO IDENTIFY, RECRUIT, NETWORK AND DECIDE WHO IS YOUR NEXT BEST HIRE!

My predictions…drum roll please…

Growth by segments again my opinion!

Telephone Research/name generation/candidate identification – 10-15 %There is the need to go after the passive candidates and network! Everyone has the active one!

Recruiting/candidate sourcing- 15-20% Corporations are smarter have a lot of smart and superb in-house recruiting leaders who know the drill. Many worked in our field and are now on the corporate sides. Helps us and corporations.

Customized Competitive Intelligence -20% growth possibly more. You need to know now what the competitors are doing!!!! From talent to bench strength to new products roll outs, manufacturing capabilities to anything that keeps you ahead of the game. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON INSIDE YOUR ORGANIZATION AND AT THE COMPETITORS!!

SGA EXECUTIVETRACKER….having lots of fun!!! Everyone needs a telephone verified database where there are granular titles, bios, emails and direct dials.

My prediction is that overall those who made it through 2009 will grow by at least 10%. But it remains important to partner, listen, consult, and give more than what was asked for. Good luck to all in our industries!!!

We at Sheila Greco Associates want to hear from you!! What do you think 2010 will bring? 

Again, we are here to service our clients along the way, from just choosing one of our services or having us help you by providing all of our services. Each project is approached independently that is WHY we succeed with our partners. And YOU CAN TOO!

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