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Are You Passionate About Your Work?

Are You Passionate About Your Work?

A Passionate Team is a Must for Managers.

Imagine a team of players with no passion for what they do.  Yikes – you may as well quit while you’re ahead if that’s the case. It is a proven fact that one bad egg can affect a team’s morale, results and ultimately affect the company and services the team provides.

With this in mind, when managers are taking a look at their next hire, one of the key questions should be “are you passionate about your work?”

Great teams are often comprised of people who are passionate about what they do.  These people don’t mind working hard, never feel entitled and respect and enjoy working with their teammates to create a cohesive/well-oiled machine.  Teams filled with passionate players feel a sense of success when the team wins and feels poorly together when the team fails. This is the type of team every manager dreams about.

I have been the proud owner of Sheila Greco Associates since 1989 and I am still passionate about what I do every day. I want to continue to create a strong work environment,  hire passionate team players and of course I want to surround myself with smart people who want to be part of our family and team.

I believe our success is because our players are driven by passion, the fear of failure and the desire to succeed.  Would I have done things differently as I built the business? Perhaps, but I must say the main reason our company is successful is because of the people I have on my team.

Below are a few tips that can either make you or your team more passionate and successful.

1.  First and foremost you must be self-motivated. If you are not, make yourself. You can do this! Passionate people whether doing something they love or not, can and do often succeed long-term!

2. Feel good about who you are, know your skill sets and be comfortable in your skin.

3. Don’t depend on everyone else, depend on yourself for success.

4.  Don’t be afraid to offer your 2 Cents in meetings. Participate, ask questions and offer suggestions.  Don’t just sit back, you can help create passion.

5. Try a new way of doing what you may consider redundant.  When it works tell your teammates about it.  Tweak it as a team and implement it. New ideas generate positive things.

6. Continue to learn something new everyday.

7. Find a piece of your job you enjoy the most and run with it.

Being passionate about your job can come to you if it doesn’t all ready exist.  We all definitely want to be able to say “I can’t wait to get to work. All I want to do is work, I love work” this may not be the case for everyone however passion is an emotion and emotions can be enhanced.

If you tried a few of my tips listed above and not feeling any better about your job, it might be time to reconsider what you are doing. If you love what you do, shout it out! Especially when you are asked by an internal manager or executive and of course if you are out interviewing!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sheila Greco