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Leverage Your Networks To Recruit

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Leverage Your Networks To Recruit World Class Talent

You take the time to create strong professional networks. You continue to build, nurture and maintain them. This is a skill many recruiters have mastered and successfully continue to leverage as they recruit world-class talent. You too need to be sure to leverage your networks as you go through the recruiting process to identify, qualify and present candidates to your clients.

Did you know that recruiting from your professional networks is actually one of the most effective best practices for recruiters to recruit world-class talent? Well, it is! Let this be your reminder to use your networks as you search for qualified talent for your clients. The number of professional networks you have is not important, but what is important is the fact that you have a wide network of connections. Such connections should include clients, former co-workers, industry figures, business owners, previous candidates, professional acquaintances, and others  who also act as hubs for access to secondary connections.

A great advantage of recruiting from within your own networks is that you are virtually recruiting from a “screened” community of talent that is all ready engaged. Another advantage of tapping into your professional networks for recruiting is that often times your contacts respond to the call, try to help and don’t dismiss the importance of the call. This being said, as people in your networks reach out to you,  you too, must be ready to act and assist as best you can. As I was once told by my father, networking is the key to success in any business. He continued to say that is important to build intimate, sincere relationships which can be mutually beneficial. 

In closing, let me say that any and all solid networks will serve you well today and for years to come. As a recruiter, allow your professional networks to become an additional tool in your recruiting toolbox. Recruiting is all about networking and relationships. Therefore, continue to build upon your networks and keep them strong. Leverage your networks to recruit, and success will follow.

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Sheila Greco’s Personal Approach To Social Networking

Face-to-Face Networking has Many Benefits

My Personal Approach to Social Networking

Last Wednesday I co-hosted our third Recruiting Networking Event In New York City with InTalent Consulting.  This invitation only, intimate event is all about one-on-one sharing of information to include recruiting trends, hiring issues, retention and many other issues facing decision makers in today’s ever changing talent acquisition and talent management areas.

The advantage to events such as this is the ability to network amongst your peers.   Many of our guests were openly discussing problems, successes, ideas and many were passing along business cards to continue the conversations.   It was a real hit!

The discussions were lively, interesting, informative to say the least.   At this time I wish to share with my readers the discussion topics I personally was involved in:

1. Companies Are Hiring – Actually 77% stated their company plans to and is currently recruiting senior level and individual contributors, a trend they see will continue at least through the third quarter of 2012.

2. Companies are continuing to build internal recruiting teams.

3. Using Social Media To Recruit continues to grow.

4. Great recruiters are still in high demand – especially those who know how to develop relationships, network and are proactive in their recruiting efforts.

5.  The frustration of having to sift through many resumes that are received from vendors that are not a match.

6. The value of on target research and the importance of  emails for connecting with passive candidates.

7. Companies are being a bit cautious  and taking their time bringing new hires on board.  They want to be assured these are the best candidates for the roles. Putting some pressure on the recruiters to say the least.

I want to thank my Co – hosts Mary Clair Ryan and Cindy Lubitz!  Two great ladies  you need to know.

Lastly we will be having more of these events in New York (again), Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and somewhere out west.   If you want to be part of the next one email me at or

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco