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Organization Charts of Competitors Can Be Used For Recruiting & Diversity Data

Recruiting from competitors and best of breed companies often times results in identifying great talent. Once again it requires stealth research, organization chart development, mapping, identifying passive candidates, call it what you want, but it is a necessary step in the recruiting process. Another benefit of this activity is that it can also identify diverse talent within those organizations of interest. This often times requires another step in the process, but none the less, it results in obtaining critical information.
Below is a simple process to follow when identifying talent that can be used to recruit and identify talent within the companies. Depending upon the assignment, the information can have as little as just a name, title and telephone number but it can also contain, emails, direct dials, biographies and more. The results are priceless! Again this information needs to be part of your recruiting process.

Think about the possibilities of having access to such data. Having organization charts of the companies that matter most to your organization provides such insight and can be used in many ways. If you are not taking part in this activity you should because your competitors probably are….just saying!

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Sheila Greco

SGA Talent Creates A Private Human Resources Community To Help Clients Find Talent


SGA Talent (Sheila Greco Associates LLC) integrates Work Market Platform into its company service offerings launching SGA HR Talent.  

Amsterdam, New York / New York, New York, May 15, 2013SGA Talent, a leading research, recruiting and data company announced today that it has partnered with Work Market to create an exclusive global on-demand network of premier contract recruiters and human resource professionals.

“My vision is to build premier Human Resource talent communities for both contractor and full-time professionals, so when clients need talent, they come to us for a rate that fits their budget and fees much lower then the average for full-time recruiting assignments. The contractor has the freedom to control their own workload and the full-time professional has the opportunity to review positions offered within the community. Unlike the job boards or other social communities, the talent will be prescreened ensuring quality candidates are part of the candidate pipeline. A bit of traditional recruiting and the use of new technology creates a successful recruiting process. Additionally by offering this type of service, it allows our client organizations access to a scalable network of contract and full-time resources”, said Sheila Greco, President and Chief Executive Officer of SGA Talent”

SGA Talent has worked extensively over the past six months to create this enhanced Work Market gateway that allows jobs, job status, job notes and ratings of the contractors and full-time professionals ensuring only the best talent is chosen each and every time.

Work Market co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wald added, “At Work Market we have built a market leading product that has shown its effectiveness in serving over 250 clients, including some of the country’s largest enterprises.  We are honored to collaborate with a market leader in human resource management like SGA Talent.  Sheila and her team will be able to utilize the Work Market Platform to manage an on-demand labor force and provide the right labor solution for their clients.  SGA joins market leaders like Omnicom, Lockheed Martin, NCR and Adecco as users of the most advanced contingent labor platform.”

“Work Market and SGA Talent both provide excellent solutions for employer and service business management, respectively.  Together these two companies are creating a labor platform with an “eBay type – name your rate” alternative for the employers.  Today’s economic conditions are creating change in the workforce and why not be the one’s innovating. This new service will help build efficiency and cost savings effecting bottom line for SGA’s clients”, said Sheila Greco.

SGA’s suite of products and services include Passive Candidate Research, Pre-Screening and Recruiting, Customized Competitive Intelligence, SGA ExecutiveTracker database and now SGA HR Talent.


About SGA Talent:  An industry leader for more than 23 years, SGA Talent takes great pride in partnering with our clients to provide them with data, research used for sourcing passive candidates and recruiting when needed.  SGA also provides a unique database (SGA ExecutiveTracker) for corporate and search firm clients to find talent within 15,000 top corporations starting with the C-Suite through individual contributors. It provides accurate direct dials, email and biographies, a great resource for anyone interested in quality, compiled information. To learn more about our suite of services, please visit us at

About Work Market:  Work Market is the leading enterprise-class freelance labor platform and marketplace. Businesses of all sizes use the Work Market platform to manage the complete life-cycle of their freelance labor, including the selection and hiring of contracted resources, the deployment and ongoing management of labor at scale and all associated payment and legal compliances. This allows businesses to increase labor productivity and enhance work quality while dramatically reducing costs. For more information, visit

To become part of these human resources communities go to

Organization Mapping – A Great Way To Learn About The Competition And Be Aware Of The Talent

Where Is The Talent? Who Is On The Team?

The Latest Trend Reveals Much Needed & Wanted Information

There are tools such as SGA  ExecutiveTracker,  LinkedIn, Google,  Passive Candidate Research, Social Networking and niche ones that assist with peeling back the onion, but the best way to Map an Organziation and capture this information is by speaking with people on the inside and those in the “know.”

Mapping competitors, best of breed organizations and back yard warriors are super hot right now. Organization Mapping provides a cross functional picture of an organization. Pictures speak in volumes (organization charts) and can help with making recruiting decisions, talent management strategic planning and is widely used for competitive intelligence purposes. Today, smart companies are moving toward strategically aligning recruiting with competitive intelligence teams. Should you be doing the same? Or have you been using recruiting as a way to gain information about your competitors for quite some time. If you have you are not alone.

Where Is The Talent

Organization Mapping  shows how  the target companies are organized, where the teams fit within the organization, the size,  unique titles, if there are any,  and much more.

Who Is On The Team?

Now you know where the team is, you want to know about the players.   You want to know who are the stars on the team, their backgrounds, education, years with the company, diversity, greatest accomplishments. What you can do with this information can be endless! Can this help with current & future challenges!

Building competitiveness these days requires more than just your brand name, your product/services, and customer service just to name a few. It’s about talent too. You need the right people, doing the right things! You need the best talent on the market. You need superstars. As you continue to build your teams you need to be aware of who is out there. We have heard the phrase, “people are our company’s greatest asset,”  I agree! There is a lot of truth to this, but  I sometimes wonder if companies really mean this and believe enough in this that as they recruit they sincerely look to hire the best available.  If you believe in this you need information that helps get you there. Please read this interesting article written by Jennifer Blanchard | Business Writer.

Organization Mapping is the current trend. I believe in it and can see the value it has.  Be in the know! Know your competitors, know the talent and create the strongest team you can so you can win!!! Having top talent on the team creates at a minimum competitive teams and often times winning ones! But you can only do this if you are aware of the best players out there.




Recruiting Women In Technology SGA’s 2011 Study Sneak Peek Preview

Since 1993 we have been specializing in recruiting and conducting passive executive research in the I/T World

The fact is that there are still fewer Women than men In Technology to Recruit!


Our results for just the Fortune 100 are in.  For 2011 there are 17% Women In Technology Leaders in comparison to 15% in 2004 and 12% in 2007. Finding top notch women in technology is becoming less difficult, there are just fewer out there.   No wonder why women in technology continue to encourage young women in high school and college to major in technology. These professionals are mentors and active in multiple related associations and organizations.   As most technology recruiters are aware, recruiting technology professionals can be challenging within itself and women in this space are considered “a hot commodity”.

For the next few weeks my staff and I will begin to once again analyze women in technology and release our findings to all of you and the world.  FYI it consists of 1000 Companies.  Stay tuned for the results of SGA’s Women in Technology Study.  This particular study is so much fun!

The 17 We have identified from The Fortune 100

1. Charlene Begley President and CEO of GE Home & Business Solutions and Senior Vice President and CIO for GE

2. Linda Sanford, Senior VP, Enterprise on Demand Transformation & Information Technology, IBM

3. Patricia Morrison EVP & CIO – Cardinal Health, Inc.

4. Beth M. Jacob, Executive Vice President, Target Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

5. Kim Hammonds, Chief information Officer of The Boeing Company

6. Nancy Davis, Vice President and Chief Information Officer UTC

7. Maria R. Morris,Executive Vice President, Technology & Operations MetLife, Inc.

8. Linda Gooden is Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s  (IS&GS)

9. Diane M. Bryant,Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Intel

10. Rebecca Jacoby Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Cisco

11. Barbara G. Koster Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Prudential Financial

12. Susan O’Day, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer The Walt Disney Company

13. Twila M. Day, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at SYSCO Corporation

14. Eileen Slevin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, New York Life

15. Linda A. Mills Corporate Vice President and President of Northrop Grumman’s Information Systems

16. Theresa Wise  Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Delta Air Lines

17. Noel Brown Williams
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer HCA Information Technology & Services

This is it for now, but stay tuned..

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