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Sheila Greco The Importance of Training Your Employees 5/25



“People Are Our Greatest Assets”




Please note that before we hire, it is a must that we have identified a professional who can fit our company culture. To us, it is just as important as skill sets and educational background. Therefore, as you can imagine, part of the training includes committment and engagement into our culture.

As a small services company, our people are the company. Having said that, each professional needs to be engaged, committed, productive and add value. Therefore training new employees is important to the both new hire and the company. We take training seriously.

Today’s focus is on the training of a new research professional.

Training to us includes shadowing, on the job training and baptismal by fire! It starts with explaining what we do, the process, the methods used to do the job and why what we do is important to our clients. Once explained by the leader, the new hire spends the day shadowing the “best” on each team. For the next day the new hire sits, watches, listens, is taught how to use tools and shown our proprietary process. Day 2 is repeat Day 1. On the third day a project is given to them to run with while having an experienced SGA team member watch and teach. This step I believe quickly determines if someone has what it takes or not. On day 5, if they survive, the new hire is given a mentor.

Overall we try to create a positive learning environment that encourages development and employee confidence. We are all about positive feedback. We are not about any type of negativity. One of our slogans is, ” If you can’t do it here, you can’t do it anywhere.” We want people to do well. Our company is for the strong, the fearless, the results driven who are committed, passionate and understand the importance of providing superior services to our clients. We believe our training process and mentorship program is part of our success.

Lastly we have created an environment that continues to play on an individual’s strengths not weaknesses. Everyday the team is open to learning and navigating unchartered waters. Either way we have created a solid team and continuous training which has become part of our company’s DNA. I must say that it helps having experienced, engaged leaders, teams, and individuals who believe in achieving excellence.

In closing, research is not for everyone, nor can everyone do it well. We have focused our hiring efforts on keeping only those who are sponges for information, find it interesting, love to learn, find joy in getting the information requested while understanding the need for quality and speed. Needless to say many have come and gone, but we have maintained a great team throughout our 25 year journey. Now in a hiring mode, we will certainly be focusing on training to be ensured new hires are keepers. We are seeking those who are good for the company and our clients long-term.

Believe in training!

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


New Years Resolutions Are Goals & Commitments………

Resolutions, Goals and Commitments can be made at any time.

A New Year does not necessarily mean one suddenly becomes a new person or a company suddenly changes and all is well. New Years Resolutions are traditions to many, a goal intended  to help some become better people, better managers, healthier, thinner, more successful, so go ahead make the committment. Just keep in mind that change and achieving the resolutions on the list don’t just happen. As creatures of habit change may be slow but don’t let time get in the way. Success on many fronts comes to those who want it and work hard to get it!

I am a true believer that almost everyone wants to succeed at something. Having said that it wouldn’t be wrong for me to say everyone wants to succeed in life, and in order to do so, commitments, goals or resolutions must be put in place with the desire to achieve them. As a leader, coach and mom, I preach to all who will listen, that these committments and resolutions don’t just need to be at the beginning of the year, but whenever you want to. Additionally don’t forget these commitments can be tweaked or changed a bit to adapt to what is happening at a specific time. But goals need to be made! I encourage people to make a few resolutions, one for personal growth and the other for professional growth.

I say loud and clear, set your goals, set your commitments and go for it! Define success as it relates to you, your needs, your desires and don’t be afraid to make a reach goal if you are feeling it. As you make your commitments remember that you will need to incorporate whatever activities or duties necessary to achieve them into your every day life. Make them habits. Create habits that will make you better.

Lastly, as you make your commitment, say it loud and clear, print it out and post it on your wall, not Facebook but if you wish you can, but the wall you face every day at the office or home. This posting will be your reminder of the commitments you made to you!!! Good luck and go for it!


Sheila Greco


Corporate Culture Makes A Difference When It Comes To Recruiting


How does your company stack up?


Corporate Culture makes a difference when it comes to recruiting. Companies with happy employees, breed success. Companies with top talent naturally create an environment that recruits itself. Winning and successful teams result in a company’s success. A company’s success makes a difference when it comes to recruiting.

A company’s corporate culture is very important as one looks to make a move to a new organization. Yes the position, location, salary are part of the equation, but movers and shakers want to go to a company where they can soar, make an impact, be happy and of course succeed. In order to do so, these professionals want to be part of a company where employees come first and are respected. Creating a corporate culture where the best employees and management want to come to work, work hard, see the results and are respected will trickle down and among the other employees within the organization.

I have recruited for companies with a great reputation and others that do not have such a favorable corporate culture and there is a difference when it comes to recruiting. I must add that the leader of a team can make a difference too. If a leader believes in his/her people, that leader will have an easier time recruiting within the organization. Corporate culture can start with one or two individuals and quickly spread throughout the organization.

So pay attention to whom you hire. It will matter now of course but in the years ahead as well. Be a preferred employee company showing unfailing respect for all. Corporate Culture Makes A Difference When It Comes To Recruiting!

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco