Something funny happened today at work…..

Accuracy Counts

Information is 100% the day it is presented!

When we conduct research or name generation, we like to produce organization charts. We KNOW that it is accurate the day we send it to our clients.

Just today a client called us up about his presentation regarding last weeks research and asks, how accurate is this research. I go on to say well when we sent it last Tuesday it was 100% accurate and today we would like to say 95%, but we will go back to double-check the information.

Anyway, when we went back, we had to make one change, and it just so happened that change made it 95% accurate until we went back to make it 100%….lesson learned…here today, gone or changed tomorrow so stand behind your research and it is only 100% the day you get it. Things change and people change.

Any way our client went on to say….thanks and I am glad you can say with 100% confidence, today’s work is 100% accurate.

Research is only as good as the people giving us the information on the other side of the telephone. I tell people to double-check the information prior to sending the work. This includes dialing the telephone numbers (direct dials) and checking the emails again. Although you may say this is time consuming….it is a best practice method to follow…so our teams do this.


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