Sheila Greco Partners With Marketfish and recently attends LIST Con 2012

Sheila Greco Partners With Marketfish

Marketfish’s LISTCon Event is a great example of how innovation, great partnerships and great people can and do many great things…….


Hats off to the folks at Marketfish for sponsoring a super event! Thank you for such an enlightening event with fantastic speakers.

Marketfish  is the only 100% self-service lead generation platform that offers free access to permission-based email and postal marketing lists as well as the ability to build and execute marketing campaigns, all in under thirty minutes.

Can you imagine that this exists! Well it does. The company’s President Dave Scott along with the team’s stellar staff has successfully launched this company that will take the industry by storm. I believe that within 12 months companies will begin relying on Marketfish to do a bulk of their marketing campaigns. I will give them 2 Thumbs up!

For what it is worth, I attend, speak, sponsor, and host a variety of events annually but this event has been one of the best events of 2012 ! The event started with a meet and greet, which was very lively, informative and fun! Who attended? Marketfish employees, partners, future potential partners and industry thought leaders. I think it was well orchestrated from start to finish.

Speakers were:

Charlie Stryker, CEO Venture Development Center – I wish I knew half as much as he does……

Steve Longley, CEO TPG, an Omnicom Agency – Incredibly engaging!

Don Hinman, SVP of Data Strategy – Epsilon – Often referred to as “Dr. Data”

Ken Magill, President – The Magill Report – if you are not getting his newsletter you should be.

David Fowler, Chief Privacy and Deliverability Officer  Marketfish – We all need to know what David knows about email privacy and laws around it!

Again I am introducing to my readers Marketfish! Look them up,  give them a try and let me know  your thoughts.

Again, thank you Marketfish for a great event!

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