Bad data slows down the recruiting process….

Telephone Sourcing

Name generation  gets you to the right people!

Share what’s interesting to you Just looking for a few responses to gauge what is REALLY going on out there.

First I want to say thank you to all of you who privately and public ally commented about the Telephone being a social networking tool. It stirred the pot but seems to be resonating more and more…the importance of the telephone as part of recruiting top candidates.

Here is what I am interesting in hearing….

As of late we have been hearing that sorting through lots of bad data is actually slowing down the recruiting process as it compares to high quality data. Data being names in this case. Social networking is wonderful and will never go away but the ROI and understanding the importance of fresh and accurate data (contacts) is becoming of great importance. Yes we need both, but I think we all need to rethink what a recruiter is responsible for doing which is recruiting and uncovering the best in a timely fashion. So what works for you? Please let me know. Would you rather have a name or a few names (4) to network with of those who are either a great potential candidate or a great networking contact? Or 10 names of people who may or may not be on spec as you wait for a return call/email and continue to reach out to those folks who may or may not be someone who is worth the wait? Or in other words having 40% hit ratio with your efforts or 85-100% with validated good contacts? I await your responses.

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