SGA: the ULTIMATE “GREEN” company

The SGA team is very environmentally conscious. We’re doing everything we can to eliminate pollution and waste in our everyday environment. We started late last year making a team effort to do the right things at work and at home. First we are reducing paper waste. We are not using paper cups and plates, everyone has their own washable cups and utensils in the office. We only print out documents when necessary, keeping most of our info usage on corporate networks and avoiding the use of printing cartridges and paper whenever possible.

We are proud that our Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Research and Information industry is the ULTIMATE GREEN BUSINESS! Just think, we don’t manufacture anything toxic, don’t pollute, and our product is the one of the most reusable.

We are proud that OUR products: data and knowledge, are the ULTIMATE RECYCLABLES! Data and knowledge are some of the only resources that are essential to business growth which also can be used over and over without any additional negative impact to the environment.

We plan to accept our Nobel peace prize on behalf of SGA very soon…

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