SGA Talent Believes In Team Work 6/25

business partners are posing against white backgroundSGA Talent is all about the team.

We at SGA Talent have proven that teams can move mountains.


We know our personnel. As we choose a team to work on a research or recruiting assignment it is our goal to pull together the best team for the job. We have discovered that this team environment over time has fostered a collaborative, effective, positive, productive and friendly environment. As our journey continues having a team focused corporate culture will remain part of our company’s DNA

SGA Talent Believes in Team Work.

Here is how we have worked and continue to work as a team at SGA Talent

1. First, we only hire team players. We believe strong teams need strong players. Therefore the need to be a productive and results driven individual is a must.

2. Our leaders set goals for the team and each individual right from the start. Additionally it is expected that each team player sets their own goals too. The individual’s goals are always in line with the team’s overall objectives.

3. Communication is key. We are sure to communicate with the team as often as needed. Typically there are 2 meetings per day, one in the morning and one right after lunch. We promote an open door policy whereby each leader is  accessible to anyone in need. We make every effort to try to keep the accomplishments or lack there of monitored to be sure the project objectives are being met as well as on schedule.

4. During the term of the project, we make sure we are promoting mutual respect and appreciation to all on the team. At SGA successful team accomplishments are recognized almost daily. We believe that when this is done, each team player comes to realize the importance of the team’s successes while at the same time the need to rely on each other is of utmost importance to the team’s overall success.

5. The goal of the project meetings are typically set to discuss the good and the not so good results during the life of the project. During these meetings if someone on the team is struggling another team member is asked to help in an attempt to achieve team success. We ask all to honest with their abilities to accomplish their set goals while being consistent and trusted.Teams depend on each other and each team player is well aware of that.

5. We all have a sense of humor at SGA Talent. We have discovered that a light-hearted environment is a good one since we are in a very intense, high pressure oriented industry. Therefore many of us laugh with each other, alongside each other and can laugh at ourselves….well most of the time.

Overall I am all about playing as a team. For us it has spurred innovation, efficiency for the company, growth for the team player.

As a company our journey continues focusing on team successes! It is amazing the amount of camaraderie it has created, especially when the going gets tough. We have proven that our team successes are often driven by the fact that when necessary all are willing to go beyond what may have been originally asked. We have come to realize we can rely on the support and encouragement of the team when needed. We never underestimate the significance of this in achieving results.

Happy Hunting….

Sheila Greco




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