SGA Talent & Sheila Greco Celebrating 25 Years of Service

SGA Talent & Sheila Greco Celebrating 25 years of ServiceSheila Greco 518 843-4611

January 2014

1989 what a great year for many. The cost of a postage stamp was $0.25,  the annual median household income in the United States was $28,906.00, after 28 years, the Berlin Wall becomes open to the West, George Herbert Walker Bush was inaugurated as 41st United State’s President, the Kentucky Derby Champion was Sunday Silence, Rain Man was recorded the best Picture, and the song of the year was Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Most of these have become distant memories and have faded into the past, yet Sheila Greco Associates LLC today SGA Talent has weathered the test of time and has become known as an industry leader in the passive candidate research and recruiting world.

SGA began in 1989 as a small company of one employee with a big vision. Sheila’s mission was to  set out to provide the highest quality, name generation services in the world. Within 2 years the company grew to 5 employees, in 1993 the company added recruiting services to the mix, in 1998 Customized Competitive Intelligence was added to the company’s service capabilities and in 2005 SGA ExecutiveTracker was born. A company with vision, a company that acts and a company that is clearly all about innovation and change often times in response to listening, understanding and responding to customer needs.
Along the way the company started in a one room office, grew to 11 employees sharing a 3,500 square feet building and in 2001 due to explosive growth the company moved to a 9,000 sq ft building whereby Sheila created a state of the art, employee friendly office environment. Today the company continues to employ more than 75% of its employee base, dating back to 1999. This means the company’s experienced team cannot be matched in our industry.

From the very beginning Sheila Greco, President  and CEO  has had a firm commitment to doing things the right way and living by “the client is always right” attitude, thus creating a history whereby 99.9% of new business is referral based. Greco believed early on that if the business was going to succeed they had to develop a good reputation by consistently satisfying the needs of each and every the customer, alway! One of the ways that SGA has sought to build this into their DNA is through applying what Greco refers to as the seven principles to live and grow by;

Do what the clients says
Provide Services that the client asked for and more
Continue to innovate
Stay ahead of the competition
Be results driven
Grow as a team player and as an individual
Never give up

The leadership style that defines SGA values are  character, strong work ethic, strong competencies, results driven behaviors, in-depth knowledge and learning daily. The organization has a very solid internal leadership team with strong executives at the helm always asking its team, “How may I help you”. Sheila along with its sector leaders are always in the trenches with their team members and on the front line with their clients. Their example of servanthood is one that has come to define SGA in all aspects of the organization from internal affairs to the needs of the client and has consequentially led to loyal employees and customers.

In addition to expanding their service lines, the company has made strategic investments to remain on the cutting edge with regards to technology. SGA has created 7 internal databases, all of which were done internally by the technology team and are enhanced when needed. Having these capabilities provides each employee with state of the art tools that help with day-to-day activities resulting in cost-effective, quality services the clients have come to know and expect. This has enabled SGA to enhance their already strong ability as a research and recruiting provider.

The Future
Upward and Onward!  SGA intends to continue to be the leader in the industry as they seek to provide excellent and innovative solutions to help meet each clients needs, with integrity.  Their 25 years of industry experience, knowledgeable employee base, will enable SGA to continue to offer a cost-effective recruiting solutions.
Because SGA has consistently implemented these principles over the years, they have formed partnerships with some well-known companies who have come to count-on the excellent service and dependability of SGA.

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