SGA Talent-Sheila Greco Associates LLC Announces Re-Launch of SGA ExecutiveTracker LIVE










Celebrating a decade of excellence this enhanced version allows users to more quickly access and intuitively understand the professional backgrounds of potential candidates and networking contacts of interest.

SGA Talent –Sheila Greco Associates LLC today announced their launch of SGA ExecutiveTracker LIVE.     Originally launched in 2005, this enhanced version is the company’s response to the industry’s needs.   Recognized as a premier on-line research tool, this “go to tool” once again is being praised by recruiters who hunt, source and identify passive candidates not just found on the Internet.   “The re-launch of SGA ExecutiveTracker LIVE is just another way our company continues to evolve, listen and react to the changes in the recruiting industry,” said Sheila Greco, President of SGA Talent.

Enhancements include the ability to view public profiles and data as it relates to each contact from within the tool.  “The more user-friendly interface allows users to quickly find information that can help them decide if the professional is someone they want to connect with.   It also allows users to directly connect via email and LinkedIn with those professionals of interest,” said  Sheila Greco.   The result of these enhancements is to create greater recruiting efficiency compared to other tools. SGA ExecuitveTracker LIVE is used as a stand-alone research/recruiting tool and a complimentary tool for some. Either way it continues to speed up the recruiting process which in turn filling the candidate pipeline faster.

Pricing starts as low as $139.00 per month per user. SGA ExecutiveTracker Live should be part of your recruiting toolbox.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, New York, SGA Talent, Sheila Greco Associates LLC is one of the leading recruitment research and recruiting firms specializing in synergy services.

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