SGA Talent – Celebrating 28 years in business. Thanks for your support!

SGA Talent- Proud To Be Celebrating 28 Years!

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SGA Talent is well known as a pioneer in the recruitment/research industry and we are proud to say we are now entering our 28th year.  Since 1989, due to our clients we have long enjoyed a position of leadership in this research arena and most recently in the On-Demand Recruiting world as well.  I want to take this time to thank my team, our friends, family and of course our clients, to whom we continue to have trusting relationships with.

But of course, I must say that SGA Talent’s success is also due to the passion of our team. It was the passionate belief of our first employees to make our company, the company of choice by always putting the client first.  These very same people today continue to lead, mentor, build teams and satisfy our client’s needs quickly and cost effectively.   Just as we believed in 1989,  we continue to believe and live by today; our clients are always right and only charge for what we did! We only want to satisfy our clients, keep them as clients and build a strong win-win continuous relationship.

But, 28 years ago, even before we became a leader, we recognized that to maintain and sustain a successful company we had to truly become not just a strategic vendor but a value- added partner to our clients.  Part of our evolution is due to that fact that we listened to what our clients needed and did so by expanding our service offerings from just recruitment research to recruiting, customized competitive intelligence and in 2005 created a telephone verified Research/Recruitment Database SGA ExecutiveTracker.  Building off of our leadership in recruitment research, we set our sights on becoming a full service recruitment company. Today still servicing corporations and executive search firms our goals remain the same, deliver what you promised, do is quickly, cost effectively and be the strategic partner our clients want to work with.

As we continued to evolve and as we listened to our clients by offering recruiting services, it became part of our offering to provide all of the data gathered during the recruiting process to our clients, it also includes data analytics. The recruitment research almost always at the core of this service and to this day without question our greatest strength as well as our advantage.

As today sets a milestone for SGA Talent, we will continue to push the boundaries, challenge our team and if necessary get outside our comfort zones to deliver the best services and results to our clients. It remains our mission to be the very best at what we do.

As I believe, our success can be measured, in part, by the adoption of our continued evolution, new service offerings and the many projects not to mention deliverables that we have spawned and contributed. But it goes beyond that too. It is all about our clients. Without them we would not be celebrating 28 years.

As I continue to say to our team, we are playing in a very competitive space that continues to transform with new technologies, new tools, and the competition is getting stronger we must stick to our roots and be the value added strategic partner our clients need. Go beyond what is expected and be the expert and share with our clients what we know.

Thank you everyone who I have had the privilege of working with and I so look forward to celebrating our 28th year. We are proud of what has been accomplished thus far, yet it is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing our strong relationships with our gold clients and ready to assist our new clients. We are here for you always.
Happy New Year and happy hunting.

Sheila Greco



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