Recruiters Need To Know How To Play The Game!

It has been a while since I have written, but it is because I have been training recruiters, both experienced and those just learning the game. So I figured I will share with all of you what I have been sharing with my recent recruits and students. Enjoy!
Mediocrity does not exist in our industry. Recruiters are expected to be fast, efficient and dead on with results! If you are not a “performer” you will not be long for this profession. Therefore I suggest to all in our industry to know the rules, learn how to play the game and do it well.

We also understand that every one of our clients request is a priority and expectations are to be met, now! Yes we need to get to the exceptionally good candidates fast but the quality of the these candidates must be outstanding too. Therefore one will quickly see that speed, efficiency and results driven professionals succeed in our industry.

As I begin, I first explain that recruiting is a process and the importance of keeping it simple and never take any short cuts. Again, I explain the need to learn the game, know how to play it well, exploit it and make it your own.

I also spend some time talking about the need to be competitive in our industry, the need to want to win and most importantly do what it takes to be a winner! It is not a 9-5 job simply because we are dealing with people.  It is also about your passion! Those who are passionate often times are just more successful compared to those who are not. Lastly, arm yourself with all the resources that produce results; stick to a clear-cut method and process that produces results and efficiency while keeping your eye on the prize…. the great hire!

Let’s begin!

a. Know the job – Before you pick up the telephone, send out the first email and/or text, be sure you have anticipated almost every question a candidate or referral may ask. It is up to the recruiter to get this information from the client, BEFORE you begin working it. Clients want us to be armed with information, it creates efficiency for all, helps vet out the candidates and not to mention puts you “in the know!”

b. Know the client – This is a no brainer. How can you recruit for a company you don’t know? You can’t! When I was taught to recruit, my mentor taught me to say, “our company is looking to identify ……., meaning I not only represent the company, but I am a “member” of the recruiting team, the company’s recruiting team so to speak. Now I own it, not to mention that this also forced me to really learn about the client so I could professionally represent them.

c. Know the hiring manager and the types that succeed on his/her team – Part of recruiting is knowing who you are recruiting for really well. You need to know who this person really is. Get to know them either directly or through the contact at the client company. Don’t be afraid to ask such questions as; What types of people succeed on this person’s team and what types don’t? Tell me how he/she manages? What is their style? What does this person do when they are not working to include hobbies, interests, just to name a few.

d. Know where to look and who you are looking for – Recruiting 101. Put together a target list and list of titles of those of potential interest, so you know how to proceed with the research phase of the search. Compared to years past, today the first place recruiters look is LinkedIn. I must say I do it too, although sometimes it takes much longer then I would like, and does not always get me exactly who I am looking for with emails and direct dials, but none the less  I can’t argue the fact that it is a great resource. But not the only resource! Know this please and believe it please! Of course as you can only imagine, I am a big user and believer in customized research that includes going right for the jugular. It requires going right to the companies on the target list, obtaining the names of the appropriate professionals while obtaining emails and direct dials. That to me is “priceless” and creates recruiting efficiency second to none! Not to mention it forces the recruiter to proactive recruit. Unfortunately not as many are proactively recruiting these days, but this is changing, thank goodness!

e. Follow the process – Recruiting is a process, I caution all not to take any shortcuts. You can think about it, but don’t! I can recommend starting with the low hanging fruit, which are those who are in your network, but great recruiters need to have a process that they follow, all the time. Part of the process needs to include calling, texting, emailing, connecting any way you can with those who you believe would be a great fit for the job you are recruiting for. This again is recruiting 101. Don’t limit yourself to just in-mails, it might be fine for a quick fix, but long-term, it can be dangerous. I recommend having a minimum of 3 ways to reach each person to include, company email, direct dial and in-mail. Lastly it is okay to reach out 3-4 times before calling it quits and when you do, let them know this is your last attempt to reach them.

f. Set the date – The goal of presenting the first slate of candidates to the client. I recommend setting a realistic goal and a second one that pushes you. Mark it on your calendar, share it with the client and be sure you hit it!

g. Partnerships create successes – It is important to have a partnership with your client.

h. Do not just be a social recruiting recruiter. Sure use these resources but please don’t solely depend on them. You can quickly become a one trick pony! Just like job boards were 3-5 years ago, social recruiting has its own set of limitations and I am encouraging all of you to learn a variety of ways to recruit.

i. Don’t ever give up – There is someone out there to do the job. Of course there are variables that may get in the way, but for the most part the jobs we take on are viable and can be done successfully and efficiently.

Recruiting can be fun, exciting, and rewarding on many fronts. Good luck and remember recruiters need to learn from each other, share and play as a team. There is more than enough work out there for all, so be open to share what you know with each other. I will be there for you if you need me!

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco

518 843-4611 ext 221

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