Do you need recruitment research fast?  Let our SGA Talent experts be deployed in a “pit crew” approach, to ensure your immediate needs are met quickly and on target.

Accurate & Targeted Talent Pool of Names Within 24 -48 hours

SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research On-Demand Express delivers a high quality, accurate targeted talent pool of names ready to be called, Emailed and InMailed. This service is often used when mapping and organization chart development is not necessary.


How Research On-Demand Express Works:

Research requests submitted online will be followed up with a call from one of our team members within 24 hours of the request. The purpose of the follow up call is to verify the research objectives.

Research is delivered in Excel format for easy import to your current ATS or CRM system.


Pricing is based on a per-contact basis of $20 each. Contact information included: Company Name, Headquarters and/or Office Telephone Number, Headquarters and/or Office Address, Contact Name, Contact Title, Contact Email (personal and/or work), Contact Direct Dial and public profile when available.

**Please note that we do not guarantee the ability to obtain direct dial telephone numbers and email addresses for all contacts.


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